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  1. Not at all. I suppose a "serious" game would fall in the 50M to 100M range. Try some of the tactics shown in the video. Youll roll the score in no time 😉
  2. One of the things I enjoy doing is revealing tactics so that even first-time players can observe and achieve success by utilizing them. I appreciate the "fun" aspect of the Squad Challenge, thus, the intentional tilting of remaining balls at around the 55-minute mark, rather than continuing for multiple hours. I save the multiple-hours long games for the "take it seriously sites". It would be a thrill for me if a few people or more were able to take what's here and use it to experience the excitement of their first time rolling the score, if not multiple times 😉
  3. Video Pinball 3A - 10,111,115 The first objective should always be to get the extra ball. Second, clear the diamonds to boost the bumper values to 900. Third, spam the bonus lane. Pardon the cat.
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