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  1. @intellicolecovisonary Ahh i see, thats also a good option , very high tech! 😂My passion for collecting grows ever more stronger. by the way, i have a bunch of intellivison games and nothing to play them on, have any collecting tips??
  2. I went ahead and bought that one you sent me! $20 is a steal in my opinion, ive shopped from retrobit before and they are a pretty quality company. I didn’t know they made a VGA cable tho, im glad you told me about it. @intellicolecovisonary
  3. @intellicolecovisonary I appreciate that! My goal was to be informative , but not put you to sleep at the same time. I actually have heard of the VGA output and ive heard its amazing! Do you have a certain product you recommend? Im definitely interested in covering to VGA.
  4. @HDN It just went up , thank you so much for taking an interest 😁
  5. It would mean a lot to me if anyone would like to check it out, and let me know how I did! Im slowly starting to build more and more courage up as I make these videos. yall have a wonderful day. -Lee
  6. @RickR Sweet suggestions! I got Crazy Taxi recently and A Seaman Kit. Im in for a wild ride😂
  7. My dreamcast finally came in! My video will be going up sometime during this coming week! What are some of the best Dreamcast games???
  8. So far super breakout and Kaboom are catching my attention! But ill try the star-wars one first. Im on my lunch break at work just nerding out looking at gameplay videos on YouTube.
  9. @RickR Ill test them out when I get home from work. Im pretty comfortable taking things apart. So ill check it out. I wish i had started my Youtube sooner because, ive taken and rebuilt all sorts of consoles and retro items. I recently Modded a Jvc boom box from 83’ to play blue tooth music from my phone and added a rechargeable internal battery. Im planning on making an episode over it soon.
  10. @intellicolecovisonary This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks you so much!
  11. @intellicolecovisonary This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks you so much!
  12. @chas10e Im jealous of your poster, that looks so amazing 🤩
  13. @HDN Thanks for the suggestions! I appreciate your offer! Im definitely gonna give these bad boys a cleaning, they are filthy! Also I was wondering More just for collecting and playing them myself purposes😂 ill look into your suggestions and let you know what i think!
  14. @Justin The art is amazing, I would love a poster like that, in my nerd cave. Ill check it out. Thanks!
  15. @TrekMD Sweet! Im gonna look into these! Thank for the suggestions! Time the kill some time and relax. 😎
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