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  1. I mentioned this in another topic, but wanted to post here as well. I modified the TI-99/4A 40 column version of Mass Transfer (MXT) so that it would use the TIPI. With it, one could connect to telnet servers. In another topic here for Telnet BBS's, I list those BBS's that I am currently aware that support the TI-99/4A. With Mass Transfer, you can download files from these BBS's and save those files to any device, including a TIPI. For users that may have minimal equipment, a TI-99/4A with a sidecar TIPI with either 32K or SAMS memory setup, this opens many doors to using software fro
  2. Creating this topic for users to post the URL for Telnet accessible BBS's. Two BBS's are currently running the AfterHours BBS program with the TIPI allowing Telnet access. Both of these boards have approximately 3000 files that can be downloaded via Xmodem such as using the TI-99/4A MXT TIPI client at http://ftp.whtech.com/TIPI/MXT if using the URLx. capability of the TIPI. The two BBS's are: TheKeep.net at Port 9918 MyTbox99.ddns.net at Port 61643 (this BBS is predominantly German) There are also three other BBS's supporting the TI-99/4A and Geneve. Heatwave r
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