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  1. I followed the instructions found here to get MAME up and running the first time. It was very helpful for me. Worked like a charm! https://www.ti99iuc.it/web/index.php?pageid=homepage&artid=196#.YHHroCjYrrc
  2. Saving you from the google search it is available if you look here it is.. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/209718-funnelweb-and-dsku-fix-cf7nanopeb/?do=findComment&comment=2863672
  3. Yes I do have the F18A...80 columns I dont know about. Thats for word processing I guess....I play Parsec.
  4. 80 columns? I don't know anything about that...I use it to load EA/ games from my CF7+. It's brilliant for that. Reads the directory and loads and runs from regular extended basic. . I will find the link or upload the file. It is on my CF card... edit: found the link for Funnelweb for CF7+/NanoPeb..Vorticon made it work...not real sure of the protocol concerning linking stuff...don't want to get in trouble on my first day...
  5. I consider the CF7+ / NanoPEB indispensable. Combined with the FinalGROM it makes my TI99/4a the system I could only dream of as a young teenager when I couldn't afford the official PEB with all the bells and whistles..only took 40 years!
  6. First post, been lurking for a while. Seems like a nice and friendly forum! Anyway, here is my 32k "In the console" F18 equipped CF7+ Raspberry Pi 400 Mickey Mouse time keeping work and play station. It looks like they were meant to be together. Lol! A quick press of a button on the TV remote and I get full access to the Atari I/O forums and all other Googley stuff. It works for me!
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