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  1. I'm finally back, ladies and gentlemen! Enjoy this brief trailer for my upcoming re-launch.
  2. At long last....I'm baaaacckkk! :) (New teaser video)

  3. I'm not sure if I can get in on this one, but I'm interested...
  4. Hello fellow users. My apologies for not listing this sooner, but the Atari Party hits Davis this Saturday! I plan to dig out my modded Falcon setup and my 800xl & bring em out! My buddy, Lou is bringing his IDE emu setup to hook up (most every 8-bit Atari game there), along with some CX-40 joysticks. Its a fun time, lots of cool classic gaming for all...I hope some of you can make it! Here's the info: http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/atariparty/2015/ Happy gaming!
  5. Awesome Justin, I just watched your video! Wow, those repro CX-40 Joysticks look great! I was discouraged, a friend of mine & myself were talking about the planned rebuild of a bunch of "junk" CX-40s at our Commodore Meeting last Sunday, and he informed me that Best (a local Atari parts house) is now out of stock on some of the parts, with others (handle) on a strict 1-item per customer (not per order)! Once I get my gaming/computer "museum" up & running, I'll probably have to get a bunch of those.
  6. Man, I had totally forgotten those awesome "CYOA" books! I recall one actually had you write in the isbn code on the spline (which every book has, sort of like a serial #), with a cool name for it (using "isbn" as it's acronym)! I need to add some of those to my collection, my kids would get a kick out of those, as well.
  7. Wow, thanks Arena! I just subbed as well!
  8. I wish I could find this game, I played it a couple of years ago @ Atari Party. It's awesome (and apparently quite rare, unfortunately).
  9. Man, how cool...I loved this one too, when I was a kid! The guy I got my Asteroids, Neo Geo, Track & Field & Super Breakout from had a mint one of these, but he didn't want to let it go. Oh well, maybe someday:)
  10. I already have my awesome Atari shirt, now I know which day to wear it!. Also, every day I rock my, "I'd rather be playing Atari games" license plate frame on my Prius (commuter car, Cobras don't get 40mpgs).
  11. Man, I wish I had the space for this, I could probably afford it! http://sacramento.craigslist.org/ele/4879413194.html Heck, I could probably get Owen Rubin to autograph the cp or marquee, if he shows up @ California Extreme again.
  12. Cool, another youtuber on here:). Thanks for the tip. I was so excited when my brother and I discovered the first (?) one of these in "Adventure"!
  13. Yeah, my oldest brother used to have friends over, he was usually the DM. I still remember the cool dice.
  14. Wow, this brings back memories!. I'll try to get in the chat, sounds fun.
  15. What an awesome game. Rich & Kendra from This Old Game bring there's down every year for California Extreme, I love playing this. I would really like to add this to my collection, if I could ever find one for sale!
  16. Since I'm too sick to drive 90 miles to Fresno this morning for my Commodore Club meeting (me and my friend still bring Atari stuff into the meetings, too...but I do love me some Commodore stuff, too!), I guess I'll take some measurements and try to work on my "retro" game room today. Man, I need to find "Miner 2049'er" and toss that in my 5200, when I get it all set back up. Does anyone else remember how popular that game was, back in '82 or '83? It was a HUGE deal, front of magazines, sold out everywhere, etc! Yes, of course it looks "dated", now, but it's still a very fun platformer. T
  17. Man, this looks awesome! I'll need to search this one out, thanks for posting!
  18. Man, what awesome news! I guess I had better scoop up that Dragon's Lair soon, before he raises the prices (supply vs. demand, etc.)!? Same goes for the NIB Atari games at 4Jays, etc...
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