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  1. Get out your rubber band! Ep 563: Knuckles' Chaotix (Sega 32X)
  2. Ep 562: Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 (Sega 32X)
  3. Looking at the 71 Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever by Hot Wheels.
  4. One of the all time classic handheld games: Coleco Electronic Quarterback
  5. Opening some pop-culture filled packs of 2015 Panini Americana. Will I find Hulk Hogan & Paula Abdul?
  6. Ep 561: Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck (Sega CD)
  7. Time to play some Spin Ball from the Epoch Book Game Series.
  8. I really dig the opening rap and attract mode in Radical Rex for the Sega CD.
  9. My new giveaway is taking place on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenosweargamer/status/1158792021907247104
  10. Here's my first video from my new channel, Lions Guy 20!
  11. I didn't see who took them, but Young Justice was a solid show.
  12. The Box Has Finished It's Journey! Here's what I put in, and what was in the box when it came back: Thank You @TrekMD @correagonzalez @chas10e @RickR @Willie! !!! Please post pics or a video of what you put into the box.
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