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  1. MUSCLES figures! I was a big fan of those as a kid. I rember the 10 packs coming in plastic trash cans, lol. That is cool! That bowling bag looks like it has an Atari Fuji symbol too. @chas10e, do you know the origins of the bag? Is it a custom deal or some sort of promo item? FYI I will post a video of what I put in a little later.
  2. I remeber working in a toy/game department around 1999 and how there seemed to be a flood of racing games with a mix of straight up racing games and Mario Kart style racing games. My wife even bought me a Smurf kart racing game for the PS1 that I might still have. While something like Gran Turismo would rise to the top, it seems that most racing games simply got overlooked. I think I'd like those games you shared.
  3. Hmm. I think my current top ten qualifies, so I will go with that: 1) Adventure - Ep 268 2) Pitfall! - Ep 150 3) Yars' Revenge - Ep 318 4) Ice Hockey - Ep 319 5) Haunted House - Ep 25 6) Ms. Pac-Man - Ep 138 7) River Raid - Ep 192 8 ) Dig Dug - Ep 189 9) Demon Attack - Ep 446 10) Space Invaders - Ep 327 FYI, Space Invaders & Demon Attack have co-op modes for multiplayer games. Other mulitplayer possibilities would include Boxing and Wizard of Wor.
  4. Odyssey 2 Month continues with a trip to the casino. Ep 672: Las Vega Blackjack
  5. Today I posted a picture a Zelda planter at Target, and Target actually had an awesome response! (Feel free to share you similar stories below)
  6. Judge Dredd for the SNES, Game Boy, Genesis & Game Gear Featuring bonus comic book levels!
  7. Finally made it to the top spot. I don't know if I can do much better though. It really gets tough. Gotta love arcade quarter eaters. 95712
  8. Thanks for all you did @StormSurge and congrats on all you raised!
  9. Odyssey 2 Month continues with a look at another popular Imagic game brought to the system. Ep 671: Atlantis
  10. Checking out the new 2020 Hot Wheels Batplane from the animated series.
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