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  1. Ep 726: Namco Museum Collection 2 (Evercade)
  2. In this video, I open a 2008 hobby box of Donruss Americana II, and pull the autograph of a TV legend!
  3. Don't know if I can come anywhere near to 800k (wow), but I'm going to try to live stream it in a few minutes. I put the link here, so you may be able to watch it live in the thread. Final Best Score from the Stream: 128,280
  4. Ep 725: Pat Riley Basketball (Genesis)
  5. Ep 724: Atari Collection 2 (Evercade)
  6. Time for some polygonal racing in my latest Sega Genesis review. Ep 723: Hard Drivin'
  7. Back to the Evercade with a look at one of the early releases. Ep 722: Interplay Collection 1
  8. I decided to treat myself to a Video Games Monthly subscription for my birthday month, and I'm glad I did.
  9. New Giveaway & High Score Challenge on my Discord Server.
  10. Checking out the Dirt Track Go Karting Tiger LCD Handheld game from 1992.
  11. FYI, I finalized the score on the first page. If @DegasElite wants to continue on, that is fine, but since the month is up, I will no longer be keeping score. If someone wants to keep track of it, or if people just want to continue the game for fun, feel free. Thanks to everyone who played and congrats to @RickR for winning this round!
  12. Getting funky with my latest Patreon Pick Review. Ep 721: Toe Jam & Earl (Genesis)
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