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  1. nosweargamer

    NSG's Handheld Game Reviews

    Here's my review of the new Galaga mini arcade by Basic Fun.
  2. nosweargamer

    Beamrider: Atari 2600 vs Intellivision

    Yes, I will definitely try to do that one when I get to it. My current plan is to do this whenever I have multiple versions of a game to review. I may try to do this with some previously reviewed games too.
  3. What are your thoughts on these two versions of Beamrider? The recent High Score Squad for Beamrider on the Intellivision inspired me to share my thoughts in my very first Vs comparison video!
  4. nosweargamer

    Star Trek

    I think its cool that you can take selected posts from one thread and turn them into their own thread! (Although I didn't mind the Star Trek tangents at all) I really got into Next Gen when they started airing reruns at night after the 10pm local news (on WKBD 50 Justin). Due to simple math, most the episodes I saw where after Riker's beard, which is considered the opposite of jumping the shark for TV shows. We just started the first season. I've told myself that it's supposed to get better after season 1, but some of the early episodes aren't that bad. My wife also told me she doesn't care for Yar, but I informed here she wouldn't be around for long. But she does seem to like Data. DS9 didn't appeal to me when it first aired. I didn't like the idea of the show focused on a star base rather than exploration. And the theme song seemed boring and lacked energy compared to Next Gen. So I never really gave it a chance. But I've heard many praises of the show, so I look forward to giving it a real try once we finish Next Gen. I watched the premier of Voyager on UPN with a lot of excitement, but the premier ended up boring me to the point I never gave it another shot. The story didn't do anything for me and the cast lacked the great chemistry found in TOS and Next Gen. I still have no desire to revisit it. ST: Enterprise also never drew me in. The "hip" theme song felt so out of place and overall, the show just didn't "feel" like a real Star Trek show. I don't know why, but this is another I have no desire to see. BTW, on a side note, I really enjoyed the animated series!
  5. nosweargamer

    Star Trek

    Yeah, I was excited to see this first movie and thought it was fine, saw the second and thought it was decent, but I have yet to see the third, and really don't have a big desire too. Looking back, I guess I didn't find the first two films that memorable,since I can't remember much about them now, lol. In other Trek news, my wife and I recently completed watching the original series and have moved onto Next Gen.
  6. nosweargamer

    NSG's Plug n Play Reviews

    Looking at the another recent plug n play by MSI. Ep 525: WWE Wrestlemania Steel Cage Challenge
  7. nosweargamer

    NSG's Toys & More Tuesdays

    Taking a look at the Star Trek USS Vengeance by Hot Wheels:
  8. nosweargamer

    NSG's Handheld Game Reviews

    Reviewing the Asteroids mini arcade by Basic Fun.
  9. nosweargamer

    Integrity Games on eBay

    I just listed all of these Complete in Box games for the 7800 individually. You can buy them on ebay, or, I am open to trades. You can also buy them through the forums instead of ebay and I will give you 10% off the item price (shipping not discounted, but if you combine shipping, I will see if I can save you some money). Contact me if interested so I can pull them off ebay.
  10. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Beam Me Up, Intellivision!Ep 524: Beamrider
  11. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Taking a look of one of MSI's newest Plug n PlaysEp 523: Namco Classic Vol 1
  12. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Ep 522: Beamrider (Atari 2600)
  13. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Icky Spiders!Ep 521: Crackpots (Atari 2600)
  14. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    How about this current picture from my entertainment center!
  15. nosweargamer

    NSG's Plug n Play Reviews

    Taking a look of one of MSI's newest Plug n Plays Ep 523: Namco Classic Vol 1