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  1. Yeah the controls are weird. You have to hit up twice to accelerate. And the specials are strange too. I cued up my review where I start talking about some of the controls. Still, a cool find for $4
  2. My wife and I recently finished the series. I didn't keep a list of favorite episodes, but generally speaking I enjoyed anything with the Borg or Q. I also thought the the finale was extremely well done, as was The Inner Light. My wife might include the episode where Yar dies, simply because she was happy to see her go. 😄 (Funny story: I once bought a Star Trek comic book at a yards sale, and a autographed picture from the actress who plays here was inside 😲) As for the worse, some of the early episodes were rough, but so were some of the last. I guess they were running out of ideas. One that stuck out was Journey's End, which brought Wesley back and ended up being my least favorite episode with him (and honestly, I didn't mind him as much as some do)
  3. Atari Paddle Games Month continues with a rare game in Ep 638: Guardian
  4. Today I look at the MAGNETARGET Tomy Pocket Game from 1980.
  5. That's awesome! I would like to get a tape deck for my 800xl, but I hear a lot of older tape decks in general no longer work as the rubber bands inside have either broke or melted. Back in Junior High & High School, I tool several years of French, mostly because I heard it a lot on TV, living near the Canadian border. I can't remember much, since I rarely used it much after High School, but I do remember some words and phrases like "The frog is green" & "I would like a Coke". Honestly I wish I would've chosen to take Spanish instead, as it seems more useful to know as a second language in the US.
  6. Atari 2600 Paddle Games Month continues with Ep 636: Breakout!
  7. All this month I plan to review Atari 2600 Paddle Games on my YouTube Channel. My hope to to review at least ten of them! It all starts with Night Driver!


    1. Justin


      Looking forward to it @nosweargamer‼️ I just got a new set of paddles in the mail over the weekend, I'm looking forward to pulling out some of these games and giving them a try!

  8. Atari 2600 Paddle Games Month begins with Ep 635: Night Driver!
  9. After reviewing the other three, I look at the final of the four Tiger Handheld Game re-releases: Sonic 3.
  10. Very cool. Star Fox is one of those games I'd play on demo kiosks in stores while my mom was shopping in other departments. I wish I had time to find my copy, hook up the SNES and take part, but I'm super busy on my channel this month. I'm celebrating Atari 2600 Paddle games and am trying to review as many of them as possible before the month ends. Good luck to all who take part!
  11. I really dig the purple light over the 7800. An orange light over a TG-16 would be perfect!
  12. Welcome back from a recent returner! lol
  13. I know I'm late, but from a former mid-Floridian, Welcome!
  14. Looking at the just re-released Transformers: Generation 2 Tiger Handheld Game
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