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  1. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    Today is the last day to enter!
  2. nosweargamer

    Arcade USA

    Sub Scan. Atarileaf did a video on it.
  3. nosweargamer

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    All wrapped and ready to go! (The Styrofoam peanuts makes it look like my gifts are playing in the snow) Check your mail on Monday everyone 🎅😉
  4. nosweargamer

    Squad Challenge - F-ZERO (Super Nintendo)

    2:15:90 (ARGGGGHH, only 0:00:02 behind Lauren!!! 😄)
  5. nosweargamer

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    Wasn't it a crown? And wasn't Jack buried with it? Come on man, where's your sense of adventure!
  6. nosweargamer

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    I know you like homebrews, so might I suggest your secret Santa at least get you a gift certificate to the Atariage store?
  7. nosweargamer

    Atari I/O Secret Santa 2018!

    I'd like to change my list: 1) Stadium Events NES, sealed 2) Authentic NES World Championship Cart, Gold 3) Any of the Swordquest grand prizes
  8. nosweargamer

    Was the Atari 2600 Video Touch Pad a mistake?

    I believe the driving paddles turn all the way around where the paddles stop at a point. And only Indy 500 could use the driving controller (and maybe some Homebrews/hacks)
  9. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Ep 510: Tennis (Atari 2600)
  10. nosweargamer

    Was the Atari 2600 Video Touch Pad a mistake?

    I think it was a mistake to market the same controller under 3 names. Growing up, I had no idea they were the same thing! I'm sure others were confused too. Also, for the touchpad, I did like how low the keys were. It made it hard to use it with an overlay. I like the idea of the touchpad and wish more games utilized it, such as Space Shuttle and Tomcat F-14, but the reality is that it is very hard to succeed with secondary controllers, especially if they didn't come with the system. Even the NES Zapper, which might be the most popular secondary controller of all time, failed to get 20 games out of 700 released for it. BTW, I bought my Star Raiders on clearance in Meijers in the late 80s.
  11. nosweargamer

    NSG's Christmas Giveaway

    NSG is giving away a mystery box of retro goodness for Christmas! Watch the video below for details and enter at his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thenosweargamer
  12. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    I wished I could go beyond the US, but the shipping gets crazy once it crosses the border. Maybe someday though.
  13. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    I'll look into that when I can get back on the desktop. I can't see how to do it on my phone.
  14. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    It would be great if it was someone from here...especially if they showed what they got!
  15. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    So I've been doing monthly giveaways on my Facebook page, and wanted to make sure everyone here has a chance to take part in them too! They're completely free to enter, but you must live in the US and you must follow the directions in the giveaway video (usually reply in a special way under the video on my fb page). Here's my latest one. In it, you can win a mystery box full of retro goodness!