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  1. Got paid for an item on Friday, money was in by bank account on Wednesday. Takes awhile, but at least I paid.
  2. Very cool to hear an open minded, honest opinion. I am making a discord for my channel. Can I share it there? (Or you can too if you want to join. I'm still working on it, so I haven't revealed it on my channel yet https://discord.com/invite/KDR3w6Z5 )
  3. Really excited about this one. Features four games, including Zelda 1 & 2, and will retail for $50.
  4. There was an Intellivision Amico presentation at E3 today: Here's my reaction and takeaways:
  5. Really excited to get this lot of Atari 8-bit games in the mail today.
  6. Had fun live streaming Alien Crush last night.
  7. Well, I was finally forced to switch over. I sold one game as a test, and just got paid today. Now to wait and make sure the money comes in before I list more.
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