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  1. Congrats @AtariSphinx, your goal to get more Atari 2600 games has won you a Qbert mini arcade! You have one week to send me your address through the messenger here or risk losing your treasure to another desert falcon!
  2. I don't think you have much to worry about. From all accounts, transmission from surfaces is very unlikely and the virus does not last long on surfaces anyways. Here's the survival rate on surfaces that may relate to buying games on ebay according to WebMD. Exposure to warmer temperatures and even the sun can reduce this. Plastics Examples: milk containers and detergent bottles, subway and bus seats, backpacks, elevator buttons 2 to 3 days Cardboard Examples: shipping boxes 24 hours Paper Examples: mail, newspaper The length of time varies. Some strains of coronavirus live for only a few minutes on paper, while others live for up to 5 days. Long story short, in the unlikely event that the virus comes in contact with your package, it most likely won't survive the trip to your home. If you want to take extra precautions, you could do any of the following: Wipe package and games with a disinfecting wipe After receiving the box, allow it to set in an isolated area before opening for a few days Wash hands after touching the box and contents for the first few days I suppose a UV light may also be used on the box in contents. So I would say, don't be afraid to buy games through the mail and take extra precautions if it gives you peace of mind.
  3. I did not get that message yet, but it may be a matter of time. Ebay used to own Paypal, but no longer and are looking to pocket some of the money paypal was earning. A quick Google search shows that several sellers hate it. They don't like giving ebay all that info, the money isn't available as quickly, they can't use the global shipping program anymore and it makes it easier for ebay to side with buyers in disputes. In the past if you had a problem, you could also ask paypal for help. The bright side is that the fees may be lower than paypal (ebay will still charge a processing fee) and you don't have to deal with another party, as in Paypal. It looks like I may need to add and extra savings account. I really liked paypal and it's a bummer that this is being forced on sellers to do business with ebay. I suppose I could also look into selling on amazon instead, but some items would be harder to move and amazon has a lot of fees iirc. FYI, with you Soc, ebay may issue a 1099, but right now only if you make $20,000 in sales.
  4. So from my understanding, sellers can still accept paypal for payment. Also, I think ebay is not forcing every seller to do this at once. How were you notified Rick? Do you get a e-mail and a message through ebay or just e-mail? If you don't mind me asking, what was the subject line. I may search my e-mail to make sure I didn't miss something.
  5. Time for another giveaway! This giveaway is for a Q*bert Mini Arcade by Basic Fun, which was inspired by the current Q*bert Atari 2600 High Score Squad: GIVEAWAY RULES Not responsible for lost or damaged mail. Limit one entry per person. Must reply to this post by telling me your retro related New Year's resolution by Monday, January 25th 2021 by 11:59 pm EST. After the winner is selected at random and announced on this thread, they will have one week to give me their address through the forum messenger. If they don't respond in time, I can select another winner. Watch this video for more details: If you are new to the site, also feel free to introduce yourself here: https://forums.atari.io/forum/59-introduce-yourself/ This is a great site full of interesting threads and friendly people!
  6. Magnavox Monday returns with a trip to space to take on not Tie Fighters. Ep 687: Cosmic Conflict (Odyssey 2)
  7. Massive thanks to @Willie! from ArcadeUSA for sending me this awesome surprise package in the mail!
  8. I've often been asked if I have a place where I post my rankings of the games I review, so in order to both serve my viewers and help introduce others to the site, I will be sharing them here at Atari I/O.Here are all the Intellivision games I've reviewed and ranked.These rankings are based on my own personal enjoyment of games when playing as a single player. (So a game can be well made, but ranked low simply because I don't enjoy it that much)I will try to update this list as I continue to review games over at my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChtJuo040EOCTVziObIgVcgIf you'd like to see a review of an individual game, simple go to YouTube and search for No Swear Gamer and the episode number. Reviewed Intellivision Game Rankings 1) Tower of Doom - Ep 663 2) Thunder Castle - Ep 473 3) Burgertime - Ep 294 4) Cloudy Mountain - Ep 512 5) Treasure of Tarmin - Ep 614 6) MOTU: He-Man - Ep 577 7) Shark! Shark! - Ep 500 8 ) Pac-Man - Ep 586 9) Space Spartans - Ep 632 10) Beauty & The Beast - Ep 612 11) Diner - Ep 658 12) River Raid - Rp 549 13) Sub Hunt - Ep 485 14) Lock n Chase - Ep 428 15) Blockade Runner - Ep 434 16) Worm Whomper - Ep 460 17) Dig Dug - Ep 533 18) Beamrider - Ep 524 19) Thin Ice - Ep 657 20) White Water - Ep 303 21) Space Battle - Ep 310 22) B-17 Bomber - Ep 631 23) Pinball - Ep 490 24) Body Slam - Ep 613 25) Super Cobra - Ep 610 26) Astrosmash - Ep 547 27) Buzz Bombers - Ep 407 28) Night Stalker - Ep 378 29) Venture - Ep 440 30) Bomb Squad - Ep 630 31) Atlantis - Ep 575 32) Tron Deadly Discs - Ep 532 33) Demon Attack - Ep 447 34) Frogger - Ep 468 35) Q*bert - Ep 487 36) Commando - Ep 661 37) Space Armada - Ep 408 38) Donkey Kong Jr - Ep 342 39) Ice Trek - Ep 546 40) Kool-Aid Man - Ep 410 41) Star Strike - Ep 483 42) Tron Maze-A-Tron - Ep 497 43) Hover Force - Ep 660 44) Skiing - Ep 417 45) Mission X - Ep 454 46) Empire Strikes Back - Ep 392 47) Popeye - Ep 358 48) Dracula - Ep 377 49) Turbo - Ep 502 50) Tron: Solar Sailer - Ep 634 51) Space Hawk - Ep 544 52) Learning Fun I - Ep 542 53) LV Poker & Blackjack - Ep 655 54) Carnival - 481 55) Sewer Sam - Ep 421 56) Tutankham - Ep 611 57) Congo Bongo - Ep 352 58) Donkey Kong - Ep 341 59) Math Fun - Ep 538
  9. Look what came in the mail! (not including the 3 games that came with the premium pack) I was extremely blessed to find someone selling all the 11 games I was missing in a lot on the bay. They ended up costing around $15 per game, which was a great deal considering that they normally go for $20, some of the games are currently unavailable on Amazon, and for some reason the Namco games are now going for $30. Originally I was just going to buy the games one at a time. Now I can start reviewing them, starting with cart 01, and working my way through the library. So far I am pleased with the system. I also noticed Evercade gave away a black system, so I wouldn't be surprised if they started selling the systems in black.
  10. Ok, here's a real one from a last second live steam I put together! 35,500
  11. Wow! I was just playing this today! 51,965 Wait....that's the wrong Qbert game! I'm sorry, I'll rescind my score. I'm so embarrassed😨. (However, I was playing this earlier today and will be featuring it in a review this month 😁)
  12. So I decided to make the Evercade my first new system purchase in nearly 10 years. The big reason was the price mixed in with all the cool compilations. $99.99 for a system with 3 cartridges containing 36 games is pretty hard to beat. I didn't mention this anywhere else, but I got an even better deal. I found a guy on eBay selling a new premium pack on ebay for asking for $85. He said he already had one and was given a second as a gift, hence why he was selling it. I was hesitant, I prefer buying new systems from retailers, but I sent him an offer for $75 and he took it! Today I finally opened up the box. You can see all the contents here: I plan to do more Evercade reviews in the future, and even have more games on the way.
  13. Magnavox Monday returns with a look at a Combat inspired game. Ep 686: Armored Encounter! Sub Chase! (Odyssey 2)
  14. Rare Atari 2600 Games Month continues with a fight against unicorns! Ep 685: Mr. Do's Castle
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