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  1. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    For my 36th review & ranking of an Intellivision game, I try to find out if Math Fun is really just that.
  2. nosweargamer

    Football Card Fridays

    In Ep 3 of Football Card Friday, I open a 2018 Contenders Draft Picks Blaster Box.
  3. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Here are some recent pickups I made, including a huge trade.
  4. nosweargamer

    NSG Giveaways!

    I'm doing another giveaway! Check out the video to see what's in the prize pack and how to enter ( https://twitter.com/thenosweargamer ) :
  5. nosweargamer

    Football Card Fridays

    Last week for Football Card Friday, my son made his debut, opening a box of Gunslingers.
  6. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Here's me review of the upcoming Brett Weiss book, The SNES Omnibus Vol 2!
  7. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    For my 201st Atari 2600 game review and ranking, I cover a rare, mail order only title. Ep 537: Chase The Chuckwagon
  8. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    For the 200th Atari 2600 game I've reviewed and ranked, I went with a childhood favorite. Ep 536: Superman
  9. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer

    Reviewing and ranking my 199th Atari 2600 game.Time to pour some ice cold Mountain Dew!Ep 535: Tapper
  10. nosweargamer

    Football Card Fridays

    I decided to start collecting football cards after my son got into them. So on Fridays, I will be doing a new series of videos called "Football Card Friday", where I open up new packs of cards. Here's my first one from last week, opening up Championship Collection, which contains 20 packs of cards!
  11. nosweargamer

    The No Swear Gamer Atari 2600 Reviews

    Ep 537: Chase The Chuckwagon
  12. nosweargamer

    NSG's Rankings of Over 200 Atari 2600 Games!

    Update: I have now passed 200!
  13. nosweargamer

    The Creeps Play Things

    I really liked MUSCLE as a kid. I even had a wrestling ring for the figures that I ended up breaking from using so much.
  14. nosweargamer

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    My apologies for being late to the party on this one, especially since I may have suggested the game awhile back. I had a score to post, but after being out of town last weekend (with no internet) and then dealing with a stomach bug upon my return, I am only now ketchup-ing (or is it catsup-ing?) My single life run score wasn't super, but I did do something I never have done before: I beat the game! It's not a hard game to beat, and I was close before and didn't realize it (only 4 worlds? wow), but this was the first time I actually tried some serious playthroughs.