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  1. Any updates of what you took out @chas10e?
  2. It's been awhile since I've reviewed a plug n play, so how about a Street Fighter II Sega Genesis one? Ep 560: Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition PnP
  3. Updated List: Trek CG @chas10e (should be getting it soon) Rick Willie!
  4. Check out this awesome $4 bag of toys I bought from my Goodwill. It has some of the BEST Happy Meal toys of all the time!
  5. Nice haul! @chas10e is next. He was a last second addition due to an error on my part and got randomly inserted on the list right after you.
  6. Unga Bunga!**Ep 599: Chuck Rock (Genesis)
  7. I could be wrong, but if your other carts have no sound issues, it sounds (pun intended) like the issue is with cart and not the system.
  8. @chas10e!!!!!! I am so sorry! I somehow missed your post until now! Of course you can be in. I added you via a similar but not really randomizer and you would be right after CG. Is that ok? New order: Trek CG Chase Rick Willie!
  9. If it's a large, wet sponge, you are in sooo much trouble! 😂
  10. Congrats! You won the drawing! Please send me your address withing 24 hours to claim your prize!
  11. Don't forget to take a pic/video of what you took out (to share now) and the cool stuff you put in! (to share when the box is done). Once you are ready to ship the box, let @correagonzalez know to see if he is ready to receive it and get his address. Thanks!
  12. That's a relief! Looking forward to see what you take out!
  13. No worries about replacing the box. Hopefully the inside is ok, but it was insured if there is significant damage. But it was so stuffed, that most of the stuff inside should be ok. Sorry about the rain.
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