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  1. My game collection cleanup continues.
    Recently I reorganized my Atari 8-bit games. Turns out I have a lot of copies of "Left Cartridge"! 😉
    I also have 3 games without labels. I'll be posting a video soon showing what they turned out to be.
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    2. nosweargamer


      @socrates63, Some of the Atari 8-bit game boxes are way too massive. Usually I like to have complete games, but for those big boxes, I'm ok without them.


    3. socrates63


      😁 I actually have 9 of the big oversized boxes. I thought all Atari games were in the oversize boxes but apparently not. I recently picked up from ebay Computer Chess thinking it was in the big box because it had the same box art design style, but it came in a small box, about the size of a 2600 game box.

    4. nosweargamer


      My guess is at some point, they reduced the box sizes. I wouldn't be surprised if some games came out in large boxes that later got shrunk.

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