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  1. Happy New Year! We are now only 63 years away from the great robot takeover...


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    2. HDN


      I’m looking forward to 2084. I’ll be 79 years old then. I’ll be sitting in my backyard patio, looking at the birds at the feeders and my domestic geese and chickens doing their things. By that time, I would probably have an Odyssey 2 and a Channel F, and hopefully a Crystal Castles cabinet. I’d just be sitting outside, enjoying the nice weather with a cup of Breakfast Blend coffee and a plate of plums and honeydew melon when BOOM! One of those annoying brainy guys beams me in the backside. Ouch.

    3. DegasElite


      I would be 110. If I make it that far.

    4. Justin


      OH NO haha! 🤖

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