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  1. Just bought a crazy nice lot of boxed Atari XE games!


    1. Justin


      What an amazing collection! @nosweargamer I was blown away the other day when I saw this on YouTube. That must've cost a pretty penny! I don't even know where someone could find that sort of an XE blue box collection. I have some new in the box but nothing like what you just got your hands on. As 7800 guys the XE always seemed like an alter ego, the other side of the moon 🌖

    2. nosweargamer


      Totally @Justin! It was very lucky to get it, although not cheap (still cheaper if I bought them individually). I got a chance to talk a bit with the guy I bought them from. He used to be a MASSIVE 8-bit collector.  Honestly, I wasn't even looking for boxed XE games, but I couldn't resist when I saw it. It'll be interesting to compare these to their 7800 counterparts.

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