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  1. I was curious how the dome ones worked, lol.
  2. Time for another giveaway! This giveaway contains a plug n play, an NSG Card Pack & a piece of Bazooka Joe Gum, complete in wrapper with a mini comic! GIVEAWAY RULES Must have a US Address. Not responsible for lost or damaged mail. Must reply to this post by telling your favorite wrestler growing up, real or fictional, by Friday, September 4th 2020 @ 11:59 pm est. One entry per person. After the winner is selected at random and announced on this thread, they will have one week to give me their US address through the forum messenger. If they don't respond in time, I can select another winner. Watch this video for more details:
  3. QuickShot Joysticks & Controllers Over 15,000,000 sold! Did you have one?
  4. I really like both, but Zelda gets the nod. Is basically plays like Super Adventure! BTW, did you ever notice the similarities between the two games?
  5. Appparently 2600 Space Invaders would end up selling more copies of the game than systems that had been sold before it's launch. So I'm guessing Atari figured that other hot games would produce similar results. Selling home video games was uncharted territory, so I can give them a little leeway. After all, both ET and Pac-Man where huge sellers (just not as much as they hoped) and if they made more Space Invaders than systems at the time, they would've looked smart. However overproduction in a market that would become super-saturated did lead to the downfall of Atari and the video game crash. You live and learn...and sometimes take an entire industry down with you. I think the differences between 2600 and 5200 pacman can be chalked up at least in part to the freedom the individual programmers had. On one hand that freedom led to some great games. On the other hand, it threw a moldy Creamsicle onto the background of Pac-Man. Oh well.
  6. Hi @Duckie25! You picked a great game for your avatar! 🏒
  7. One of my pet peeves is YouTubers, podcasters and such who complain about games without learning how to play them. I am not saying they need to master the games, but at least take a minute or two to skim the manual. This was more understandable before internet. I bought several used games without manuals and had no idea what I was doing. (Try playing Swordquest or Raiders of the Lost Ark without one! 😆) But now almost every manual is a 10 second web search away. Ok, I'll get off of my soapbox now...
  8. Recently, Hasbro Gaming re-releasd four Tiger Handheld Games from the 90's: The Little Mermaid, Sonic 3, Transformers G2 & X-Men: Project X. They retail for $15 and play just like the originals. They seem to be pretty devisive, as some gamers can't stand old LCD gaming style. Me, I'm excited and hope they release another wave with some of my favorites like Baseball, Simons Quest, Double Dragon and Shinobi. What do you all think? Are there any Tiger handhelds you'd like to see ressurrected? Or should these be left in the past?
  9. SSSSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Actually, it's something I've been meaning to do for a while, but your post inspired me to take it off of the back burner. I'll try to have it finished within a week.
  10. Yeah, as a kid, I had no idea you could do that, or that the tunnels work as shortcuts.
  11. Hmm. I don't think I do. That reminds me of a project I want to finish. Let me get back to you on that.
  12. I only had cable in college growing up. It was included with campus dorms and apartments!
  13. How about some American-Japanese crossovers? While I prefer the original theme song, the Japanese version of X-Men features some rockin' music and cool custom animation. I also prefer the US Rock the Dragon DBZ theme song. I was also a fan of Big O when it premiered on Cartoon Network and dig the theme.
  14. Yes, that packaging is very iconic to me, with the grid and rainbow on top, that reminds me of Breakout. And now that you mention it, I recall some of their switch boxes and such. One day I'd like to try their paddles to see how they compare to Ataris. I can't think of many other 3rd party paddles.
  15. I heard about it, and was curious, but I've only seen it on VHS, and snippets of it when it's been on TV. It's not my favorite movie, but I do like it and wouldn't mind seeing that cut one day.
  16. Honestly, I never remember it being bad. Actually, it was one of my favorite 2600 games growing up. It wasn't until many years later that I was 'enlightened' by the interwebs that it was THE WORST GAME EVER, and the single cause for the demise of Atari, the Y2K panic & the overblown budget of the motion picture, Waterworld*. Thank you interwebs! What would I done without you... *Like 2600 E.T. , Waterworld has also gotten a worse rap than it deserves.
  17. I prefer the comfort of the standard 6 button version.
  18. I just finished up my Atari Day review, and will post it on my YouTube channel at 7 pm EST. Here's a pixelated preview, that will probably give it away to a lot of you!
  19. Depends on the game. Some 7800 games that only require one button play fine using button B on a Genesis controller without the Seagull 78. It's been a while, but I think all three of these games only use one button to jump, so might work with just the controller.
  20. Pick one Which Nintendo arcade port was the best on the Atari 7800? By the way, my favorite way to enjoy playing Nintendo games on the Atari 7800 is using a Sega Genesis controller! 😁
  21. Nights into Dreams for the Sega Saturn I reviewed this game during my first year on YouTube
  22. Atari 2600 Paddle Games Month continues with a trip to the Cosmic Carnival! Ep 643: Demons to Diamonds
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