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  1. While on a technical level it's one of the best looking games on the system, the 3D tower effect is very cool, I simply don't care much for the gameplay itself. But hey, if someone thinks it's great, I have no problem with that. 🙂
  2. My Vs. series returns, comparing the Atari 2600 & Intellivision ports of Commando!
  3. Only a couple more hours until I can watch the newest episode of Mandalorian!

    1. RickR


      I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this show. 


  4. Tonight I check out at a Funko Pop Baby Yoda I got at 5 Below.
  5. I found a Mr. Bean Matchbox Car at Dollar Tree!
  6. I am super happy to see the next Squad Challenge being mentioned as well! It gives me a chance to potentially dig out the game if I own it. I would be totally happy if this becomes the norm. 😉
  7. Rick is right about sticking up for the system you own, but the Genesis might be my favorite system of all time. To be clear, I also like the SNES, and I agree SMW is better than Sonic 1 (Sonic 3 gives it a run for it's money). And games like Sim City and Super Metroid are great and aren't on the Genny. But let me highlight some of the advantages of the Genesis over the SNES (and yes the SNES has advantages over the Genesis in other areas). Genesis did it first - The Genesis came out TWO YEARS before the SNES. In that time it was able to already build up a nice library and 3rd party support from the likes of EA. It may not matter today, but it's still amazing that despite not having the most up to date technology, the Genesis went toe to toe with the SNES. Expandability - I owned both the Sega CD and Power Base Converter and really enjoyed being able to play both last-gen and next-gen games on my Genesis. The Controller - I will fight anyone about this one (not really). The Sega Genesis 6 button controller is better than the SNES controller, especially with fighting games. The Look - I simply prefer the sleek black Genesis look of the blocky gray SNES look. Blast Processing - Blast processing is real. The Genesis ran faster than the SNES. This made games like Sonic work, but where it really shined for me, was the sport games. The Madden & NHL series are two of my favorite of all times, and they played silky smooth on the Genesis. Their SNES counterparts, not so much. Better Games Than The SNES Counterparts - Of course this is subjective, but Aladdin, Batman & Robin, Jurassic Park, Captain America and Mickey Mouse Illusion games are typically regarded as better on the Genesis, and in general, so are sport games and shooters. The Exclusives - This works both ways, but series like Sonic, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Phantasy Star, and Toe Jam & Earl were only on the Genesis. Wonder Boy & Space Harrier had fun Genesis installments and the Oasis series got it's start here. Ghostbusters, Moonwalker, Quackshot, Comix Zone and Gunstar Heroes are some other Genesis exclusive worth playing. In the end, both the SNES and Genesis are great systems with some great games. Want to play Super Metroid? Play the SNES. Want to play Revenge of Shinobi, Genesis Does. Want to play an RPG? SNES is probably best. Want to play a shooter or sport title, go with Genesis.
  8. Absolutely. I do want to review Game Gear games, and even made that game an option for Patreon supporters, but it didn't get the votes this time around.
  9. Pac-Man Month begins with my first Neo Geo Pocket Color game review! Ep 675: Pac-Man (NGPC)
  10. My son is really into Roblox, so as a favor to him, I made an NSG Plays video of the only Roblox game I've really been able to get into: Arsenal.
  11. Time for another giveaway! This giveaway includes an NSG Card Pack featuring trading cards that can range from sports to movies to TV shows to games & more, a piece of Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum w mini comic, and 3 wrapped mystery items! GIVEAWAY RULES Must have a US Address. Not responsible for lost or damaged mail. Must reply to this post by telling me what one retro gaming related item you'd like for Christmas (valued at $100 or less) by Monday, December 7th 2020 @ 11:59 pm est. One entry per person. After the winner is selected at random and announced on this thread, they will have one week to give me their US address through the forum messenger. If they don't respond in time, I can select another winner. Watch this video for more details: If you are new to the site, also feel free to introduce yourself here: https://forums.atari.io/forum/59-introduce-yourself/ This is a great site full of interesting threads and friendly people!
  12. The bright side is that no one was hurt. Still amazing they couldn't save it.
  13. They just announced the price, $129, which is too high imho, and opened the orders, which may not arrive in time for Christmas 😲👎
  14. I got another request to update my rankings, so I just did that. I now have 240 games ranked 😲
  15. Odyssey 2 Month concludes with the last game Magnavox released for the system. Ep 674: Power Lords
  16. Hi @Funkmaster V and welcome to the forums from a fellow 7800 fan! I have a couple suggestions that might help: 1) When creating a thread, include content and not just links that redirect to your site. For instance, go ahead post your whole review here and include a link to where you originally posted it. Just saying "Go check out my new review at my site" is something better suited for status updates. 2) I checked out your review on your site, but when I did, I got stuck on that page and found no way to explore more of your site. I'm guessing you just forgot to add a Home link/button. Hope this helps and feel free to introduce yourself here: https://forums.atari.io/forum/59-introduce-yourself/ This is a super friendly site and I think you'll get a warm welcome there!
  17. Commando Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default High Score: 31,100 September 26, 2020
  18. Thin Ice Intellivison Difficulty: Default High Score: 15,750 September 26, 2020
  19. Commando Intellivison Difficulty: Default High Score: 43,700 October 20, 2020
  20. Diner Intellivison Difficulty: Game 1 High Score: 31,550 September 30, 2020
  21. Hover Force Intellivison Difficulty: Cadet High Score: 41 Enemies Destroyed October 15, 2020
  22. I bought these from an Atari engineer on ebay a couple years ago. These may have been used at the 84 winter CES, when the Mindlink was announced. You may recognize some of the images from catalogs and such.
  23. In my latest review, I check out my first Jakks Pacific Game-Key. EP 673: Black Disney 2 Game Gamekey
  24. I suppose this is ironic, considering the thread topic. For some reason, Tim Schafer, famous for his work on Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango & other games, started following me a little while back on Twitter and this was the first tweet of mine I've noticed he liked. Thanks Tim!
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