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  1. Alien Ambush Atari 8-Bit Computers Difficulty: Game Speed 0 High Score: 3,400 February 18, 2020
  2. I could see how someone would prefer Jungle Hunt, as it offers more variety in a sense.
  3. Also, a friend of the podcast made a graphical updated version of Tank Command.
  4. Owned, covered and reviewed both.
  5. Q*bert Atari 8-Bit Computers Difficulty: Game 1 High Score: 30,195 March 2, 2020
  6. Getting ready to work on a review of this one and noticed the sticker. Never been to a Murphy's before. After inflation,this would cost around $88 today.
  7. Here's one for the not-so-great John Elway's Quarterback (I reviewed this in Ep 89)
  8. I've actually done a few of those, if I'm catching your drift correctly. For instance, after reviewing 100 games, I made a video of my then ranking. I also did a top ten hidden gems list And some theme based lists, like games to celebrate back to school season I do plan to do more in the future as time permits
  9. I don't recall what causes it, but there seems to be minor variations on every revision. Occasionally they affect certain games. I believe the Food Fight one is pretty rare, so I wouldn't get too concerned about it. Choplifter is the more common one. If you ever want to make sure you avoid that one, get a Choplifter cartridge with a 1988 copyright year on it, not the 1987.
  10. I'm totally cool with that, although I find there are several gamers who look at you weird if you don't always agree with their opinions and sometimes even take it personally. It's sad that that happens sometimes.
  11. Welcome! I used to live in Central FL as well, in between Tampa & Orlando.
  12. I find that the more games I review, the harder it is to find new Top 10 games. This is most likely because some of the best games were best sellers that I've already reviewed. Many of the games I have left to review are the more obscure games. I'm still hoping to find some hidden gems that challenge for a top spot!
  13. Over on my facebook & twitter, I like to post ads I scan from old comic books and magazines. I figured I'd start sharing some of them here! Here's the first for NES Sports Games by Konami!
  14. Atari 2600 Paddle Games Month continues with a look at this quirky game. Ep 641: Picnic
  15. Patreon Supporters can now vote for Septembers theme.
  16. That's pretty high praise and you're very welcome. I wish I could have half the reach of CGR! While I do have a Patreon account (The small amount of money I do earn allows me to make as many video as do and do contests), I try not to "beg". You're welcome and enjoy your new system. Yeah, most of my reviews don't last ten minutes as I talk kinda fast, and the just don't need. However some games (especially Intellivision titles) go far beyond the 10 minute mark out of necessity. The only videos that are regularly 10 minutes are incomplete gameplay videos that actually last longer. I shorten them to ten as I figure they really don't need to be longer than that, unless I was able to complete the entire game.
  17. While it may have mattered to some, I'm going to largely agree with you. I would say Nintendo's market share, head start, Tetris, lower price point, marketing power, game selection and third party support are all bigger reasons why the Game Boy beat the Game Gear, Lynx and Turbo Express. Besides, battery conscious gamers like myself bought AC adapters for home, recharable batteries for on the go and this for long car trips:
  18. I grew up with a model 1 and power base converter. Probably my favorite system of all time. If you ever do get one, get a 6-Pak too! 6 great games on one cart.
  19. Pin-Bot Nintendo Entertainment System Difficulty: Default High Score: 5,531,920 July 14, 2020
  20. Harbor Escape Atari 2600 Difficulty: Default High Score: 14,250 May 28, 2020
  21. Sky JinksAtari 2600Difficulty: Game 1, Difficult Switch BHigh Score: 0:38.69August 16, 2020
  22. Tron: Solar SailerIntellivisionDifficulty: DefaultHigh Score: 97,425July 20, 2020
  23. I don't enjoy playing nearly as much as when we have Squad Challenges. Challenges such as these can make even bad games more enjoyable (see Tax Avoiders). 😀
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