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  1. Diner Intellivison Difficulty: Game 1 High Score: 31,550 September 30, 2020
  2. Hover Force Intellivison Difficulty: Cadet High Score: 41 Enemies Destroyed October 15, 2020
  3. I bought these from an Atari engineer on ebay a couple years ago. These may have been used at the 84 winter CES, when the Mindlink was announced. You may recognize some of the images from catalogs and such.
  4. In my latest review, I check out my first Jakks Pacific Game-Key. EP 673: Black Disney 2 Game Gamekey
  5. I suppose this is ironic, considering the thread topic. For some reason, Tim Schafer, famous for his work on Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango & other games, started following me a little while back on Twitter and this was the first tweet of mine I've noticed he liked. Thanks Tim!
  6. I had a similar experience about 7 years ago or so. I started listening to the Retro League Podcast. I geeked out the first time they read my email on the podcast and even more when they invited me to guest host. Funny thing was, one time when I guest hosted, one of the hosts told me how weird it was that before the recording they were listening to me on my Atari 7800 podcast, LOL. For some reason we make some people larger-than-life when they gain any form of popularity when in reality we're all just people. We all have our faults and challenges. Of course sadly some people allow their own popularity to go to their heads.
  7. NBC's 1986 Saturday Morning Lineup The best part is Papa Smurf and Punk Brewster having a conversation...plus One to Grow On!
  8. Lately I've been including Bazooka Joe gum with my card packs. Some of you have even shared your comics you got with the gum from the pack. So how about we share them here! I'll start: This one wasn't cut correctly, but it's still kind funny Wasn't this the truth growing up, lol. Focus on the positive! My son has comebacks like this sometimes... groan
  9. Someone responded to my tweet saying they would donate. Here's Oscar's response. Breaks my heart.
  10. This video shows what I passed on and what I put in. (If you just want to see what I put in, start at the 2:20 mark.) After I made the video, I also squeezed in a MAD Magazine about election turmoil (I thought it was fitting) and Q*bert for the Atari 8-bits.
  11. Thanks for sharing this @GRay Defender I shared all this info on my Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.
  12. MUSCLES figures! I was a big fan of those as a kid. I rember the 10 packs coming in plastic trash cans, lol. That is cool! That bowling bag looks like it has an Atari Fuji symbol too. @chas10e, do you know the origins of the bag? Is it a custom deal or some sort of promo item? FYI I will post a video of what I put in a little later.
  13. I remeber working in a toy/game department around 1999 and how there seemed to be a flood of racing games with a mix of straight up racing games and Mario Kart style racing games. My wife even bought me a Smurf kart racing game for the PS1 that I might still have. While something like Gran Turismo would rise to the top, it seems that most racing games simply got overlooked. I think I'd like those games you shared.
  14. Hmm. I think my current top ten qualifies, so I will go with that: 1) Adventure - Ep 268 2) Pitfall! - Ep 150 3) Yars' Revenge - Ep 318 4) Ice Hockey - Ep 319 5) Haunted House - Ep 25 6) Ms. Pac-Man - Ep 138 7) River Raid - Ep 192 8 ) Dig Dug - Ep 189 9) Demon Attack - Ep 446 10) Space Invaders - Ep 327 FYI, Space Invaders & Demon Attack have co-op modes for multiplayer games. Other mulitplayer possibilities would include Boxing and Wizard of Wor.
  15. Odyssey 2 Month continues with a trip to the casino. Ep 672: Las Vega Blackjack
  16. Today I posted a picture a Zelda planter at Target, and Target actually had an awesome response! (Feel free to share you similar stories below)
  17. Judge Dredd for the SNES, Game Boy, Genesis & Game Gear Featuring bonus comic book levels!
  18. Finally made it to the top spot. I don't know if I can do much better though. It really gets tough. Gotta love arcade quarter eaters. 95712
  19. Thanks for all you did @StormSurge and congrats on all you raised!
  20. Odyssey 2 Month continues with a look at another popular Imagic game brought to the system. Ep 671: Atlantis
  21. Checking out the new 2020 Hot Wheels Batplane from the animated series.
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