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  1. Whooo I haven't been in here in a long time. My wife got it for me for Christmas. Took a second try to get to Oregon, but the second trip was very successful, I think only one broken leg. Very fun, but I'll never play it again, so I neatly put it all back in the package and put it on the shelf.
  2. HALO 2600 rules, I like princess rescue (if you can still find it anywhere) and Packrat is pretty cool, there are so many good ones. Explosive Diarrhea I had to own just for the name.
  3. Bruce Lee Commodore 64 Difficulty: Default High Score: 54,000 June 13, 2016
  4. This seems like code for something else.
  5. I love halo 2600. I paid way too much for it years ago on ebay, but I think it is one of the best games I have for the 2600.
  6. AtariBrian

    Your first car

    Ha, but sadly I would have lost...............
  7. Sooo awesome, diggin out my trackball right now!
  8. AtariBrian

    Your first car

    [/url]">http://http://s129.photobucket.com/user/lettuceb0y/media/Mustache.jpg.html'> 81 Firebird, Long hair and bad mustache not required, but recommended.
  9. This is awesome! Is it ever going to be put on cart?
  10. I really love H.A.L.O. 2600, oh and what about princess rescue on the 2600! Adventure 2 on the 5200 is pretty awesome also. Explosive Diarrhea while not the best game, must have the best concept and name.
  11. Oh happy birthday arenafoot, mine is tomorrow.
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