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  1. Whooo I haven't been in here in a long time. My wife got it for me for Christmas. Took a second try to get to Oregon, but the second trip was very successful, I think only one broken leg. Very fun, but I'll never play it again, so I neatly put it all back in the package and put it on the shelf.
  2. Ahh heck, change is bad, I still wish it was the 80's! Kidding aside, can't wait to see the new digs.
  3. This is cool, but I wonder why someone made it? It's even talking about the game on the back of the box.
  4. I just got a little mirrior projector and am awaiting delivery of a 100 inch screen. I'll be hooking it all up this week and trying it out, I'll keep you posted if it work well.
  5. Ok I came up with a solution. I set up my raspberry pi with stella, a nes, snes and arcade emulator. Loaded a bunch or roms and now I wait till tomorrow for the big screen delivery. Is the only upscaler that is any good is the framemeister? I think mine was like 20 bucks..... but hey I guess I can use it to convert VHS to hdmi.
  6. Ahh but the colors are all wrong and the video is not as nice, what to do....................................
  7. I think rgt 85's video may have swayed me to the Hyperkin because of the switchable aspect ratio (which I would not be able to change on my projector), but still interested in your guys thoughts.
  8. Hey guys I just ordered a 100 inch screen for my mirror projector and the goal is to play some retro games larger than life! I bought a hdmi upscaler, which I thought would do the trick so I can go from rca (all my stuff is modded) to hdmi. But there seems to be a lag (which is no fun). Ok so I will be getting the retron77 as soon as it comes out, but what about NES? I don't think I want the retron5 (it's expensive and I don't really play those newer systems) I saw the retroN 1 hd, seems like a good deal at 40 bucks, but do any of you have any others? Or anyone have any good ideas on projecting games? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok so here is my fairchild, odyssey 2 and a pong going into the genesis switch box that goes into the master system switch box then into the 5200 switchbox which has the converter to go to coax going into my antenna input on my tv. Which ever one is turned on works.
  10. I use rca splitters only one has a rca to coax going to the tv, the rest just have the rf cable going into an rca. I have at least 6 systems hooked up at once to the single coax input.
  11. Ok. After much debate here is what I took out. Rock n Ball for the nes Popeye for the Colecovision Space Invaders for the Snes Tomy Bumble Boxing Mario bank? A few 2600 manuals
  12. It's getting close........ I'm headed to N.H. this weekend to go to Funspot! Has anyone been there before? http://www.funspotnh.com/
  13. Now does anyone make a multi cart for the 7800? What good 7800 emulator is there?
  14. Just finished eating breakfast on our cape cod vacation and saw an interesting store (Greg's used books), figured I'd kill some time while my wife went into a shoe store. Place was very cool, other than used books they had some records, movies, board games and best of all games. Picked up these carts, all pretty rare. It's not often I find carts I dont have in the wild, especially this many. Owner was very cool also.
  15. MUST HAVE SHARK SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Ok, here is what I took out. Nice and easy junk box (no huge things) and it only took me 2 tries to get everything back in! It's off to NSG tomorrow. Yoshi (my daughter made me take this for her) Mr T. Pin!!! Checkers for the Intellivision (playing this feels very lonely) Mortal Combat II for the Genesis (I only played the snes version back in the day, this one is way better) Tomb Raider II and Vice City for the playstation (These are both games that stole lots of my life when they were new, no longer have them kinda psyched to lose some more of my life again) Intellivision II owners manual Desert strike for the snes (tried it out quick, seems kinda fun.)
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