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  1. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Buggy Boy (Atari ST)

    Got it running on an emulator (Hatari). There were one or two small annoyances. I can give the details of how I did it in a little while, in case anyone has trouble. My score was 66,440. Neat game!
  2. RadioPoultry

    Rocket League

    I bit the bullet and bought the game on Steam yesterday. I set the graphics settings to the lowest and it runs pretty smoothly. It's pretty fun, though I'm still getting used to the controls. (The game doesn't like my old USB controller, so I'm using keyboard.) I actually started scoring a few goals today though!
  3. RadioPoultry

    Rocket League

    Maybe I should give this game a try. It sounds like the system requirements aren't too high. (I really need a new video card.)
  4. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    Score: 198,500 Had to give it another try... Princess Daisy's not going to save herself, you know. (Though why doesn't she? That jet is sitting right there.)
  5. It took me a couple years, but I finally did it... I woke the Wind Fish!


  6. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    Score: 140,850 At the end I was standing on a pipe and a missile launcher popped up and pushed me into a projectile.
  7. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    Score: 94,880 I managed to beat the game after this! That ending music is as great as everyone says it is.
  8. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    As long as we're enjoying the game, here is some history behind it:
  9. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    Message sent!
  10. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

    I remember watching my cousin play Super Mario Land, but I'm not sure I've ever played it before. Here is my first attempt: Score: 29790 Emulator: VisualBoyAdvance I stopped by my local used game store, but they didn't have this one. So, for the time being, I'm using... alternative methods. EDIT: I was using this emulator months ago to make maps of Super Hunchback via screenshots, and I had set some the sprites to show up as different colors. It just occurred to me that it might, in theory, give me an unfair advantage, so next time I'll set it back to the default.
  11. RadioPoultry

    Thrift Store Finds

    Some of my finds over the last month or so: Picked up these GameCube games in a Pasco, WA Goodwill. I still need to find a GameCube memory card for my Wii, but I have a couple controllers, at least. Found these two Competion-Pro joysticks at a Goodwill in Hermiston, OR. Haven't tested them out yet. I assume they were designed for the 2600 and the two buttons serve the same function, but it would be nice if they supported the 7800's 2nd button. We'll see! And I found these at a Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store in Boise. (I discovered there's a lot of thrift stores in Boise. I only had time to stop by a couple, though.)
  12. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Beamrider (Intellivision)

    Score: 34,810 With the assistance of a 16 oz. can of Orange Fanta. I like how this game keeps adding new enemy types as you progress. Even about this far into the game, they reveal a new one: little spinning squares that zip across the screen and hunt you down.
  13. RadioPoultry

    Squad Challenge - Beamrider (Intellivision)

    Score: 12480 Emulator used: Nostalgia 5.0 Neat game. Kinda reminds me of Tempest.
  14. I just remembered another I was going to suggest: Superman (2600). It was published 40 years ago this year!
  15. If games for home computers are an option, then I would like to nominate Spare Change for Atari 8-bit/Apple II/C64. (It's possible to change difficulty settings with ctrl-Z.)