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  1. I just discovered this show (Star Fleet) via YouTube.
  2. I remember the LCD Paperboy 2 being pretty fun. For a Tiger handheld, I mean. I think I still have Tiger's Megaman 3 somewhere.... it wasn't that great.
  3. 36,400. This is the first time I've gotten to Venom.
  4. Question: How do you see your score when the game ends? And does using a continue reset your score?
  5. I own three SNES games. This is one of them! If I can find the time I'll definitely join in on this one. I don't have an original SNES, but it works with my RetroDuo.
  6. It's actually from the inside front cover of Marvel Team-Up #142, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. I would not be the least bit surprised if this ad was in DC Comics too!
  7. Great competition, everyone! This was a really close one! I was reminded of an ad in one of my brother's comic books. Here's a picture:
  8. 51,580. Managed to get through the first course without losing any lives! Then quickly lost them when I got to a couple tricky spots I wasn't very experienced with. I used to play the Apple II version of this game pretty often many, many years ago. The one signicant feature of that version that is absent here were the moon plant obstacles. This version is smoother, though. I'm surprised by just how much activity can occur on the screen at once!
  9. The way that sometimes works for me is I move to the right side and jump the very moment I see the car start to move. It takes really precise timing. At my best, I've been able to jump it about half the time.
  10. 35,200. Got all the way to the beginning of the second course.
  11. Difficulty A appears to actually provide you with 3 speeds, with B providing 2. From what I can tell with only 2 speeds on B, you travel at the same fastest speed on the right and middle, and slow down to the left. Difficulty A retains these 2 speeds, but adds a third "in-between" speed for when you are in the middle. Having 3 speeds might make the game easier in some circumstances, but probably also makes it harder to get bonus points since you are travelling a bit slower on average. Score-wise, I figure it evens out.
  12. Lost in Space (Season 3) Stargate SG-1 End Credits theme
  13. With the strategy I'm using for this game, it's more like "Desert Chicken", but here's my score: 211,094
  14. I tried using a single-button controller, and it may not be ideal, but it was playable enough. 62,244 It's been years since I played Desert Falcon, but I don't think I ever got this far before! I got to the third level.
  15. I have this one, but it looks like the game needs two buttons, and my 7800 controllers need some repair, so I may use an emulator.
  16. I didn't realize you can kick the slipice while they are melting! It appears you get more points for that than when you bump them from underneath, and it generates coins wafers afterwards as well!
  17. The way I got my highest scores so far is to stay on level 9 as long as possible and keep getting the "slipice" enemies. I thought at first that the slipice spawned endlessly, but it turns out they stop after a long while (I'm guessing after disposing of 255 of them, but I haven't actually kept count). That's gotten me to about 200,000, but judging by the higher scores there are clearly more strategies.
  18. I think I'm starting to get this game figured out. 198,400
  19. Finally broke 2000: 2378 Something I hadn't noticed before before is how the change in direction of the ball works. I had always assumed when the ball moved faster horizontally, it was because I had hit it on the very edge of the paddle. Instead, it happens automatically after you hit the ball the first 8 times with a new paddle, and resumes normal movement after another 8 hits. The arcade game seems to work the same way. Kind of disappointing, honestly. The player really doesn't have that much control over the ball. Still, I remember playing a DOS clone of Breakout where you had no control of the ball's direction at all, so it's better than that, at least!
  20. Score: 1401 It's been ages since I played a game with paddles. I had to clean up my paddles, too. I never really noticed how the game scores before, but you definitely get more points for having multiple balls bouncing at once.
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