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  1. WINNER: RadioPoultry Ms. Pac-Man Atari 7800 March 27, 2020 ROUND 1: @RadioPoultry ROUND 2: @Justin ROUND 3: @RadioPoultry It took us a little while to find a game we both had available, but we settled on Ms. Pac-Man, which might be my favorite game for the 7800. The top score of the battle was 55,310 on the final round. Thank you Justin, let's do this again soon! And if anyone else would like to challenge me to a game, just send me a message!
  2. Anyways, here's the last score I got with my copy from AtariAge: 1488
  3. I downloaded the version I used from AtariAge because I was having trouble getting the ROM file as well. I didn't really think about there being different versions. Hopefully mine is the same, but I can try getting the file from here again some other way.
  4. To answer your question, it seems to be set to beginner by default. I definitely started as the tiniest fish.
  5. Score 937 I like the inertia when you move around, and how the music changes if you get far enough.
  6. 2'07"59 I'm using the purple vehicle and saving my boosts for when I get to the rough. Avoid the jumps!
  7. 2'18"54 It's been a year since I played this. I forgot how good the controls are!
  8. Wow, I'm impressed by your dedication! This is no draw, you've definitely earned the win! Has anyone figured out a pattern for the instant replays? I hardly saw any later on in the game, but maybe they don't trigger if you finish a level too quickly.
  9. LOL! I got 10,005,100, but I decided to stop there when I saw the score didn't wrap at that point! I had about 20 lives.
  10. 1,108,100 at level 47. Sorry the picture is a little blurry.
  11. Score: Flower-0467 (10,467) The bonus rounds really are the way to go. I got 1500 points each from the last couple before the game ended.
  12. Score: 5875. I completed the first bonus round to get 500 points, well worth the effort! I got as far as stage 16.
  13. 3625 The first time I ever played this game I was able to complete the first couple bonus rounds, but I haven't since then. Gotten close though!
  14. I like how you can speed up or slow down the paddle with the A or B buttons. The Game Boy port of Super Breakout would have been greatly improved if it had a similar feature. Score: 2079
  15. Battlezone (from Super Breakout/Battlezone) Game Boy Difficulty: None High Score: 617,000 October 24, 2019
  16. 48,330 EDIT: Decided to clean my monitor after posting this.
  17. I should actually be able to be in the chat today!

  18. 20190815_165947.thumb.jpg.bd41a3946c21824e02b7d71f5f72dff3.jpg

    1. RickR


      How'd you do that?  I have a everdrive too!


    2. RadioPoultry


      Cool! I just bought my Everdrive GB recently. Neat little device!

      I've been studying Game Boy programming lately. I used RGBDS for my assembler, Notepad++ to edit my code, and the BGB emulator to test my ROM before moving it to my Everdrive. (BGB has some fantastic debugging tools, BTW.) I used this code as a starting point: https://eldred.fr/gb-asm-tutorial/hello-world.html. To create the tiles for the Atari logo, I used "Gameboy Tile Designer", a program that's starting show it's age, but it's still useful.

      If anyone is interesting in learning Game Boy programming or understanding some of the technical details of the Game Boy, I recommend this video: https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8029-the_ultimate_game_boy_talk


  19. Been a long time since I saw Jake the Alligator Man! Looking good!
  20. As to why I kept bothering with the gold key around the 2:17 mark in the video above... I had forgotten which castle was mine. Oops.
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