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  1. I haven't played Bad Dudes yet, but does this list of moves from this FAQ help? Special Moves ----------------------- Pick Up Items Controls: Hold down and press A while on top of the item Description: If an item or weapon is on the ground, this is the only way that you can pick it up. Extremely useful. High Jump Controls: Hold Up and press B Description: Allows you to jump extraordinarily (or some would say ridiculously) high off the ground. Use this to avoid certain enemies if necessary, or to jump up to a higher platform. Low Jump Controls: Hold Down and press B Description: Allows you to jump down to a lower platform. That's about all it's good for. High Punch Controls: Hold Down and press A Description: This causes you to punch up above your head. It's absolutely useless, or at least I haven't found a place where it comes in handy. Low Kick Controls: Hold Down and press A Description: Kicks low to the ground if an enemy is nearby. If no enemy is around, you will simply punch air. This move is critical when taking down the smaller enemies. If you have a weapon, you will swing that weapon instead. Note that swinging a weapon while kneeling is about twice as fast as swinging a weapon while standing up. High Kick Controls: Push A and B at once Description: Jumps and high kicks. This is not as effective as the Spin Kick (see below). Spin Kick Controls: Hold Left/Right and press A and B at once Description: Causes you to leap forward a little bit and perform a very long and powerful kick that does a lot of damage to the enemy. Flaming Punch Controls: Hold A for several seconds to start flashing, then release A to punch. Description: The awesomely powerful punch will down any regular enemy in a single hit. It can even take down more than one ninja at a time if they are standing close to each other. The only downside is that it takes awhile to charge it up.
  2. So I was in the game and I spoke with the developer (his player name is "ro"). Apparently the time shown for the scheduled games is adjusted automatically for your time-zone.
  3. Someone's scheduled some games for this weekend, but they didn't say which time-zone. I may check in on occasion if I have time.
  4. 28,400 This score's from a few days ago, but I haven't been able to do any better since. My advice is to keep the bats from being replaced by robots as long as you can by: 1. Focusing your attacks on the robot And 2. Make sure if the robot shoots at you, it won't hit one of the bats when you dodge out of the way.
  5. There was as many as 4 of us in the lobby when they put the game up a few hours ago, but now I think we might need to schedule a game if we want to find other players.
  6. The game is back up. I just tried it out. It almost feels like Adventure was made for this!
  7. 17,900. Hope I wasn't sounding too negative... I am enjoying the game, I'm just not used to the controllers and how they function. I tried the two-controller method and it worked pretty well at first, but my controllers aren't in the best condition, and i eventually found the odds that my guy would move and shoot erratically increased a lot. I went back to using one controller for this score.
  8. 16,200, using my Intellivision II. The controls really do leave a lot to be desired. My strategy is it shoot exclusively bats until just before I get 5,000, then I switch to only destroying the shooting enemy and the spider.
  9. 182,900. I know I'm getting better, but I still haven't been able this score of mine from a few days ago. I was watching a video of the arcade game, and I actually prefer the rendition of the music in the TG16 version! Only small weakness as a port is a bit of flicker in a few places. Also, a high score table would have been nice. And maybe a difficulty select? Because it occurs to me--WHY IS THIS GAME SO HARD, MAKE IT STOP 😭 Fun though.
  10. I have indeed been using the super-charged shots here. If I time it correctly to hit when the mouth is open, it only takes two shots.
  11. When I used to see the 4th stage (with all the pellets) in the arcade demo, it always reminded me of this Metroid II commercial:
  12. 132,300 That third level... I've only gotten past it once. That was by managing to keep my diagonal lasers from the previous level.
  13. Can we submit a score that was achieved after the use of a continue, or is the intention that we start from the beginning each time?
  14. 103,100. Got to the third level this time! Fun game, but it's so painful to lose all your amazing power-ups after losing a single life. Reminds me of the several days I spent with Abadox for NES. I managed to finish that one, but only because of the unlimited continues.
  15. My dad bought a Leaf a few years ago and loves it. He installed a level 2 charger at his house to charge it more quickly. I've driven it a little, and it is pretty great. He always drives it in economy mode to get the most miles out of a charge. There's apparently a setting to just charge up the batteries to 80% so they last longer, which my dad normally uses.
  16. They used to have this game at the roller skating rink in the town where I grew up, along with Snow Bros., Afterburner II, and Gauntlet. I only played it a couple times, though. I realized how quickly this game would eat up your quarters! EDIT: Oh yeah, they had Ms. Pac-man too.
  17. Ok, I found a method that works OK with the emulator I'm using (Ootake). When I lose my last ship, I quickly click on the emulator window, and that pauses everything (the run button only lets me pause at times when I can control the ship). 73,800
  18. I guess what I can do, aside from recording a video, is just pause the game when I have a satisfactorily high enough score and take a picture, then, if I get much farther, take another.
  19. Is there a way to see my high score? I think I got 71,700, but as soon as I lost my last ship, I couldn't see my score anymore.
  20. $704,000 Long time since I played this one. I forgot most of the rules. Hardest part is telling pink from green. (Did I ever mention I'm color blind?)
  21. 47,560. Blinky is really out for blood in this one. Amazing port!
  22. Another Pac-Man-type game I used to play on Apple II was Jawbreaker. (Though I think I enjoyed Snack Attack more because it wasn't as hard, had multiple mazes [as far as I know, Jawbreaker only had one], and the characters had more personality.) The Atari 2600 version is quite different.
  23. As a kid, I used to play (or watch my mom play) a clone of Pac-Man for Apple II called "Snack Attack". The version we had was a bit different from the video below. Ours was probably cracked and only had 2 mazes, and I think the character graphics may have been changed to look more like the actual Pac-Man.
  24. Improved my score a little more! 88,680. I discovered a trick: if you gather flags while they are flashing, they add up to your next sequence of flags no matter what color they are. I've added up four flags in a row this way before the flashing ended. In theory, you could really add up points this way.
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