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  1. Many thanks, Justin, truly appreciate the support the project has received so far, this needs to happen if we are to save humanity from dreaded Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum books appearing in the future, this is our last stand 🤣 we had this, this morning from an awesome Atari 8-bit legend. Very nice to see it!
  2. The Kickstarter project is now live, please head over to visit http://kck.st/2VWXiNo and let's make some magic!
  3. Hello everybody, It's been months in the making and now has come to big day, well tomorrow actually 😊. I am extremely proud to announce that the Kickstarter crowdfunding for the Atari: a Visual History start at 10am CET - 20th of April 2019I am extremely proud of the achievement and work on this first book under the "Greyfox Books" first debut publication and especially proud of this fantastic achievement and I will update this post tomorrow with the link to it's page and hopefully will have some of you along for the trip with me as I venture into the the world of bringing something special to all Atari fans around the world.Thank you guys 👍
  4. Hello everybody, Many of you may know me and many of you may not, I was the creator of a couple of Atari digital publications a few years back. The Atari Gamer Magazine and the Atari ST Gamer Series found over @ http://www.Atarigamer.co.uk and the AtariCrypt Atari ST Magazine which can be found for free here: https://ataricrypt.b...t-magazine.html I had decided that I had given the Atari community some great product to enjoy and decided I wouldn't produce anymore Atari conent in the near future, but reecently had seen some products that completely fit the bill in a direction I wanted to go in for quite some time and have returned and began work on a new book pubication I am very passionate about and just knew this had to be done due to the complete lack of the Atari 8-bit computer range and its incredible software, so with that I present to you all a new Atari pubication in the works. The Sales Pitch The books premise will be to cover a huge majority of classic third-party Atari 8-bit software from such amazing software houses, like Datasoft, Broderbund, First Star Software, English Software and a selection of commercial homebrew games plus many more for the first time giving these games the exposure in a visual compendium never seen in a format of this type before. The Book will also deliver a selection of Interviews with Game designers who worked on the Atari 8-bit computers and other unannounced additions to the book that you will see when released. I will also be profiling three Atari 8-bit machines the Atari 800 - Atari 800XL and the Atari 130XE home computers with additional photography of these computers throughout the book as well as a choice selection of Atari related Peripherals. With the completed publication completed, I will be taking the product to a crowdfunding platform in order to allow this publication to become a physical book for all Atari 8-bit fans and vintage computer enthusiasts that share an interest in the Atari 8-bit Home computer. Also to help the project meet its goal I will be working very closely with http://www.rhayadercomputers.co.uk in order to create some very unique and fantastic perks to add to the book that will not be available anywhere else so there is a lot of stuff in the works for this project. The Book Previews When creating something like this I am all about the visuals of a product and want to give the best experience in seeing these wonderful pieces of art and code and gameplay become one, so with that each game covered in the book with include on the left a remastered image of the Box or cassette inlay art work with a 200 word write about the game and a single screen shot of the games in action, I have chosen not include any Offical Atari branded games in the book due to facing a possible Cease and Desist violation order against the book that could prevent the book being released and will be going through under fair usage and investigative journlism allowing this to be successful as an Unoffical Visual History of the Atari 8-bit. This was something I decided I would do after what Atari had placed against Marc Oberhäuser and his Atari related publication. So please enjoy the previews of the some of the games that will be included in the book. How can YOU help? With this project been a very serious undertaking, I decided who better to make this truly happen then the Atari community itself? I am looking for contributors to the book, whether it be a contributing game review of 200 words for games that will be included in the finished book and have your name credited and mentioned in the contributors section of the book, as well as an seasoned photographers with Atari hardware that would be willing to contribute photography of physical Atari hardware to be included throughout the book with full accreditation given for all imagery used. I wanted to open end this project to my fellow Atarians to help produce the best Atari 8-bit publication ever created, I'm also on the look-out for exclusive interviewees willing to share their thoughts and experiences creating for the Atari 8-bit platform, I have a few leads at the present, but the more the merrier for inclusion in the book. I wish to personally thank you all for your time here, and hopefully we can make history with this book, I truly wish to go all out in a blaze of glory with it and with your help we can, so please get in touch with me via PM here @ Atari IO or support@atarigamer.co.uk if you can help with this project, all will be included within the book as the main contributor. Thanks everyone for your time Kind regards Darren. Creator of the Atari Gamer Magazine Series www.AtariGamer.co.uk Please support the magazine today!
  5. Got my vote too Rob, best of luck, your a lot popular than you think ehh?
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