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  1. Hi Everyone, For those of you that missed the Kickstarter , the book is in limited supply due to the amount of copies that where produced during the kickstarter and the book can be purchased from the website linked in my signature and resumes in January 2020 for the remainder stock, if you need a reason to get this book, I've included a small video below. Have a great Xmas and new year everyone...lots more in the pipeline.
  2. Hi everyone, Hope you had a wonderful weekend..just wanted to pop by and mention that the -=Atari: a Visual History=- book I funded back in May of this year is now available on the Greyfox Books website : www.greyfoxbooks.com for €29.99 and comes as a full colour hardback only 420 pages book covering over 150 vintage third party Atari 8-bit games as well as interviews and software house profiles as well as other amazing content. This post is for those that missed the Kickstarter and stock is of a very small amount of books I have to sell if the book. It is getting great praise at the moment and has been delivered all over the world. So please head over to the website and check out the book and see what you all think? Have a good one. Darren.
  3. Hi Rick, that is correct it is all or nothing. If the book funds I get started straight away in get the book printed and shipped to all supporters asap. I took a massive risk of actually producing and finishing the book before hand, so its a case of simply delivering to all you awesome Atari Fans 👊
  4. Many thanks for the awesome support!!. Sorry I've not been about, I'm out campaigning for the project. Again you guys are awesome. Thank you so much! 😊
  5. We are now 50% funded and only 23days left. So if you haven't jumped on board..plesse do as I feel we need this book to make it out there, its a fun nostalgic trip through the gaming world of the Atari 8-bit and is a visual feast of what was the spirit of the Atari 8-bit now in book form. Please check us out and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Many thanks. I believe in Atari as the Worlds number 1 🍻
  7. A nice little electric 80's to kickstart your interest 🤩
  8. Many thanks, Scott, this was awesome to receive an acknowledgement like this, this book is one of a kind and something I feel very strongly about and relevant to the Atari communities as with other computers getting books made for their fanbase, why not the Atari 8-bit? Hope you sign up :). All the best
  9. Many thanks, Justin, truly appreciate the support the project has received so far, this needs to happen if we are to save humanity from dreaded Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum books appearing in the future, this is our last stand 🤣 we had this, this morning from an awesome Atari 8-bit legend. Very nice to see it!
  10. The Kickstarter project is now live, please head over to visit http://kck.st/2VWXiNo and let's make some magic!
  11. Hello everybody, It's been months in the making and now has come to big day, well tomorrow actually 😊. I am extremely proud to announce that the Kickstarter crowdfunding for the Atari: a Visual History start at 10am CET - 20th of April 2019I am extremely proud of the achievement and work on this first book under the "Greyfox Books" first debut publication and especially proud of this fantastic achievement and I will update this post tomorrow with the link to it's page and hopefully will have some of you along for the trip with me as I venture into the the world of bringing something special to all Atari fans around the world.Thank you guys 👍
  12. For those of you interested if you visit our website and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the holding page, you will be automatically be notified when this project goes live for funding with your help of course Please visit us @ www.greyfoxbooks.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/greyfoxbooks Twitter: @greyfoxbooks For updates as they happen. Thanks everyone for your support so far. Kind regards Darren.
  13. Hi everybody, with working like a horse on the book, I also take the time out to keep an eye on a great many things Atari and have come across a new unofficial product produced by a guy based in Wales in England. there website cover, not just this,m but pretty much anything you could want or if it's not there they can make it for you. I have mentioned their website in the starting thread of my Atari visual history book project and reached out to them in help get awareness for this new and exciting looking 2019 calendar. The Calendar is printed paper stock weight is 170 GSM with a carded back and silk finish, promoting the best quality with a gloss front cover, at present there is a limited supply of 50 to which I believe with about 22 or so left, they may get more done if they warrant enough orders for the Calendar. So how much and where? see below and you can order yours from www.rhayadercomputers.co.uk don't delay, I'd hate for you all to miss out on this. Kind regards Darren.
  14. Hello everyone, Hope all is very well with you all and that you are relaxing in the sunshine of the Atari 8-bit scene, I firstly want to apologise for my lack on inactivity here at Atari IO, to which I have from time to time popped in to see what has been happening, but with that I have been working tirelessly every day I am off work to continue to engage with the Atari Visual History book and have had an incredible journey with it so far, I have managed to secure some exclusive interviews in the book with some revelations I was personally stunned by. I have also created a total of over 140 game spreads that with be going into the book while trying to write up the reviews for them has been if I'm honest a big dagger in my side because it's reducing my creative flair in the process and was the reasoning why I reach out to you all here in helping me and to be a part of this project with forthcoming contributors from Atari IO, I am now reaching out to you all in relation to review write-ups. I have a vast majority of games yet to have words attached to them for inclusion in the book, therefore will truly help the project become a reality far quicker than if I have to construct the reviews which could take a further 3 months before I could consider running the crowdfunding on this project. If this is something that you would be now committed too to contributing too, please, please get in touch with me via PM, I will gladly assign a selection of games to review or even if it is just one, your name goes in the book as a contributor The reviews as quite simply, a 200-210 word count, who created the game and what the games are about and your personal homage to the game. I also wish to mention that the Software company profiles I wish to include in the book are also available at this time too. These consist of "Datasoft", "English Software", "Broderbund Software" and "Synapse Software" profiles taking up about 4 pages each to consist of roughly 2,000 to 2,500 words again time is not playing well on my side at the moment and would very much love to have you guys internally involved with this project so that the planned crowdfunding stages can be set in place in March 2019 timeframe. Thanks again guys Darren. p.s. I have a collection of the original programmers of some classic Atari 8-bit title reviewing their own games within the book as something special, to say the least, as well as one of them actually proofreading the content for me as they are now technical manual writers. lol. P.s.s. @Scott, I will be in touch with you very soon now.
  15. Many thanks for reply and yes I am scouring all third party titles from across the waters and in Europe they will be all included in the book. Something I forgot to mention in this press release is than I may need some exclusive atari game box art or cassette covers scanned for contribution to the game reviews, so far I've been very lucky with the artwork. Also to answer your question in relation to the XEGS coverage it will be probably be additional photography rather than a feature on the machine, I may do, but at the moment it will be unlikely. Many thanks Trek, I was be showcasing this in many other places soon, I just wanted to post this in the local Atari domains
  16. Hello everybody, Many of you may know me and many of you may not, I was the creator of a couple of Atari digital publications a few years back. The Atari Gamer Magazine and the Atari ST Gamer Series found over @ http://www.Atarigamer.co.uk and the AtariCrypt Atari ST Magazine which can be found for free here: https://ataricrypt.b...t-magazine.html I had decided that I had given the Atari community some great product to enjoy and decided I wouldn't produce any more Atari content in the near future, but recently had seen some products that completely fit the bill in a direction I wanted to go in for quite some time and have returned and began work on a new book publication I am very passionate about and just knew this had to be done due to the complete lack of the Atari 8-bit computer range and its incredible software, so with that I present to you all a new Atari publication in the works. Please support us today! : http://kck.st/2VWXiNo The Book Previews When creating something like this I am all about the visuals of a product and want to give the best experience in seeing these wonderful pieces of art and code and gameplay become one, so with that each game covered in the book with include on the left a remastered image of the Box or cassette inlay artwork with a 200 word write about the game and a single screenshot of the games in action, I have chosen not to include any Offical Atari-branded games in the book due to facing a possible Cease and Desist violation order against the book that could prevent the book being released and will be going through under fair usage and investigative journalism allowing this to be successful as an Unofficial Visual History of the Atari 8-bit. This was something I decided I would do after what Atari had placed against Marc Oberhäuser and his Atari related publication. So please enjoy the previews of the some of the games that will be included in the book. Thanks, everyone for your time Kind regards Darren. Creator of the Atari Gamer Magazine Series www.AtariGamer.co.uk Please support the magazine today!
  17. This is a wonderful looking project only being hampered by its presentation as regards to its book cover which is undeserving considering the content within , I'm sure it's going to do well or hope it does, simple marketing corrections should see this through and a front cover redesign..also I've a little concern over the pricing of the book too? Very expensive for a gallery book with stats.
  18. I'm not Atari Jaguar fan if I'm being honest here, but regardless of a console I took no interest in these reveals of discovery about the machine truly piece allot of missing links to the possible downfall of a machine that truly wasn't market correctly as well as given the games it possibly deserved from reading this stuff and other posts here at Atari IO. All I will say is this Kieren Hawkens the free lance writer if that's what you've to think he is..where the hell was your research while this was in existence? , how was it that you couldn't retrieve the missing links of information which now appear to turn your Imagintec article for Retro Gamer into a pamphlet piece? Compared to what has being uncovered here? Is that supposed to be what a retro gaming article journalist job is to uncover everything associated with an article your writing and being paid for? For your sake I truly hope none of your employers see stuff like this posted as in a way this makes you look like money for old rope here fella, no offence but putting a story together or article works best and informative to the reader when it's 100% researched not 60% or less I'm sorry you can't reply to this post Kieren as with you being banned here, but if you read this. This is not a sucker punch to you in any way, rather than a polite advice to you and your work that to be shown up countless times on information you've uncovered yourself as missed when lost dragon clearly has found even more information in relation to what you've being paid for as the WHOLE STORY when it isn't, well it's a let down to be honest, so as I read many articles you've written to be very good I can't but help think is this the full story here or is there more? When I read posts like this.. @Lost Dragon, commendations again to you and source for these informative and hole filling posts to companies profiles and happening others simply failed to obtain and with that you've made a majority of us experts on the subject including Mr.Hawkens hopefully thank you.
  19. They are my friend. They ship world wide the pricing up there covers the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  20. Many thanks for the comments my friend very much appreciate your feedback This mouse mats can her varied in design I could turn it into a full time job lol. I also love the Star Raiders, if you check out the website there are many more other than the Atari Stuff.
  21. Hello everybody, Firstly I couldn't let this pass on the opportunity to share with you all a very special collection of Selective and fantastic collection of Atari related merchandise and one in which I have had an honour and collaboration in helping to design an exclusive set of vintage atari mouse mats I guarantee you simply will not find anywhere else other than from Rhayader Computers. All previews were rendered by Rhayader Computers and composited into the previews below by Darren Doyle a.k.a. (Greyfox™). So it's with great pleasure I present to you all here the....... First up in the Atari 8-bit range Collection One These Mouse mats are printed on the highest quality of Mouse mat Fabric-covered rubber backed 5mm thick 250x190 print is 300dpi dye sub and not on a plastic laminate mouse mat to you find on the likes of eBay, James Grayson founder and owner of Rhayader Computers has vast knowledge & experience over many years in perfecting very high-quality products of this nature and guarantees 100% quality on all his mouse mats and even has a personal customisation service if there is something you haven't seen on their website it can be made for you. This collection of Mouse mats were exclusively created by James and myself for the Atari Community as we felt that Atari vintage branding deserved to be showcased in the manner from my painstakingly Atari 400 keyboard layout mat design as created from scratch and exclusively only available at Rhayader Computers and nowhere else on the internet these can only be got from us. The Atari 8-bit range Collection Two Again as you can see from these reviews to which does not do the Mouse mats justice in real life, James has perfected his art in both creating these designs and bringing them into reality for those who love the Atari Brand and what it stood for back in the 1970's to the 1980's & 90's. As you can see we both have recreated the likes of the box art of the Atari 130xe and an informative Atari 800xl spec mouse mat to liven up your desktop, So do yourself a favour and get on board today!. The Atari 16-bit range Collection One As you would expect a natural progression to the wonderful Atari 16 bit era, covering the Atari ST range of machines for those that owned one from my design of the actual Atari 1040ST box art the computer came in including strips and all . to the Atari Ste computer and beyond, these are very nice to look at and even better to have in physical form, we spend a lot of time planning these mouse mat designs out and making them a reality for all Atari fans to own and enjoy only at Rhayader Computers. The Atari 16-bit and Fuji range Collection Two If it is a case to where you simply love the original and wonderful iconic Atari Fuji logo we have you covered with more designs presently in production and will be added to the website as they are created. but wait this is not all we have to offer, did I mention that Rhayader Computers also do many different formats other than Atari? or that we also produce video game related mouse mats across a range of computer platforms and consoles? well, we all love our vintage games, don't we? well, what about something like this our very own exclusive mouse mat? Now that you have seen a very small selection of this wonderful reto gaming related mouse mats..comes the dreaded part of how much do these cost? does this include free shipping? do you ship around the world etc?, Are these guys reliable and trustworthy?. Well to make it easy all round the below graphic should answer all your question in this regard. Now the trustworthy part...I myself have gained the respect of the Atari community after producing many Atari related stuff like the Atari Gamer magazine series which can be seen over at www.atarigamer.co.uk and have a great following on many Atari related and retro gaming related facebook pages and groups, I'm also resident designer over at www.retrovideogamer.co.uk which I help support many great products and projects from all walks of the retro gaming community and with this being no exception in helping create awareness to Atari fans and retro gaming fans in general about Rhayader Computers and their great products and also the ones they have planned later in the year which are simply going to blow people away..believe me..I've seen some of it and it is simply awesome. James service is fast, effective and professional in delivering high-quality merchandise to YOU the fans, so I hope you show some interest in these. Disclaimer : As these mouse mats are being sold with Atari branding in mind from a vintage period, it is important that James Grayson, Rhayader Computers acknowledge the copyright ownership of Atari Inc.whom hold the right to the Atari fuji logo™ and generalisation of the Atari™ brand, therefore, the mouse mats are sold under the pretence of "mouse mat blanks" to which you the customer are purchasing, the imagery contained on the mouse mat is given freely and not a chargeable item. With these mouse mats being handcraft and printed we urge people interested in purchasing a favorite mouse mat of their choice not simply claim they will order one and not follow through, these items have now become high demand items on an order basis and we please ask that no TIME WASTERS initially commit and then don't follow through with their order..thank you all for your understanding. Please Visit Rhayader Computers over at. http://contact5514.wixsite.com/mysite/mouse-mats
  22. Lol..love it...fella you've definitely nailed it on the head here..to cause and effect, couldn't have being presented better than what you've just mentioned here. Atari seems to have made more blunders that commodore did with the Amiga lol. So much potential both machine had for a long time they actually didn't capitalise on or screw up on...classic
  23. A great read this thread. .I also agreed with Lost Dragon has brought to the table as I myself experienced thing in Ireland as far as Atari awareness goes and they had their European HQ here. I found the majority of software produced in Europe was rivaled ten fold from the USA in the 8-BIT era especially, you tale example what Datasoft, Synapse, Access Software done compared to English Software or Mastertronic done there is no comparsion in quality and programing acumen and orginally which was far and few between. Atari never promoted this in its own territories in the manner they should have. Even with the ST arrival to which I attended with my father their opening event Atari Expo did not set the world on fire either, yet you had to have it, but due to mismanagement or lack of insight they would be very much a big brand now rather than a mobile casino app maker clinging on to crumps to make ends meet..shambolic. I remember the build quality of the accessories like LD mention, tape deck buttons going, the rubber bands snapping within the tape deck, the buttons on the joystick circuit board fading and the likes, but never had an issue with the 1050 disk drives, they were very solid. The ST CPU dislodging itself from the board due to over heating , or through RF socket solder breaking rending the ST unable to connect to your television. Or the mouse buttons breaking etc...a lot of things started out great that burned out in a flash when it came to Atari products which I find amazing considering how they took a culture by storm and ended up in the gutter WTF? It's also very hard to say if they took this route or another than things would have been different who knows, but the blunders they did make I believe helped others avoid this, or management was truly out of sync with the Atari brand was back in the late 70's and early 80s, I know times change but they did not change with them hence why all these consoles and handheld appear in a majority of long term failures , the lynx was awesome but got f'all coverage compare to the Sega game gear or game boy made no sense that? In the defense of the Atari jaguar over here it did get forefronted with sega and Nintendo so at least over here it wasn't all Sega and the big N , they actaully did push it here, especially AvP as a possible Golden Eye beater .lol..fun times
  24. Many thanks for the feedback guys it's again something, I would to produce for the Atari scene, the production values are the easy part, it's the excution of getting the photography, boxart, publisher and logistics...And of course the free time to take it to reality
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