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  1. I'm honestly excited that you've decided to create a blog. I know it'll be great and I'm excited to see where this goes. Grunge.com posted this awful post on Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales, they don't seem to think too highly of the Jaguar: http://www.grunge.com/14463/failed-attempts-to-make-video-game-mascots-as-iconic-as-mario/s/bubsy/
  2. I really like K.C. Munchkin and I think it's the best of the "Pac-Man clones" if you can call it that. I agree with what RickR said that it's "a nice twist on Pac-Man" because there's enough different about it to make it a different game, even though its still a maze game with a ball gobbling dots. Two memories stand out to me about K.C. Munchkin: 1. I remember thinking K.C. Munchkin was the reason I wanted to get an Odyssey. It's the only reason I can remember. Guess that qualifies as a killer app. 2. I remember playing K.C. Munchkin at J.C. Pennys and thinking the next version of Pac-Man would have to use some of these ideas of a changing maze, pellets that open and close things and so on. I've never played the 7800 version of K.C. Munchkin but PacManPlus does awesome work with everything. I can't think of anything he's made that's been a disappointment. K.C. Munchkin is on my list to pick up, It looks like a faithful port with some nice improvements and looks better than the Odyssey version in all the right ways. My gripe isn't with the game at all, it's that I wish more were being done with 7800 that could best the NES rather than the Odyssey. NES-quality games are needed on the 7800, but that's a different topic all together.
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  19. Happy Birthday Justin! Hope every year is better than the last
  20. Man o man that looks almost like it came from the factory that way! That bezel artwork looks right for the period too. You can tell so much detail went into this. I wonder if he will make more or if he'll publish tutorial materials.
  21. Steak and Shake is one of my favorites. When I was a kid I worked at a movie theater that had a Steak and Shake outside next to the parking lot. A few times a week I'd walk over there with my friends and get food. It was always fresh and better than McDonald's and their milkshakes were worth every calorie.
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  24. I like when you make "adventure" videos of your vacations and trips to the dentist. Good to have you back Maximum RD
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