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  1. A pretty nice bundle of games arrived today.  "Revenge of the Gator Pinball" is one I've never heard of, and it's really fun.  The label is terrible, so I made my own for the back.  In addition to these, there were several duplicates that will go into the next junk box.

    ebay games 001.JPG

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    2. HDN


      ROTG pinball is excellent. I only have it on the 3DS so far. For my GB pinball fix, I play Kirbys Pinball Land, made by the same people.

    3. RadioPoultry


      Cool! I found a Revenge of the Gator cart at a pawn shop during a trip to Idaho last month. Addictive little game. I love the intro screen. I posted my high score a few days ago on the forum scoreboard. (Using an SP, yes I admit. 🙂) Maybe one of you can beat my score!

    4. HDN


      The intro screen on that game is FANTASTIC! It seems that Revenge of the Gator has become a bit of an Atari I/O trend. I'd love to get my hands on the physical cartridge someday, as it's pretty cheap and I'd definitely get my money's worth.

      I have been getting back into Game Boy stuff recently. So far, I only have the Advance and Super Game Boys, not the "brick". I like my standard GBA better than the SP for a few reasons. For one, I can use AA batteries. I bought a few rechargable ones last year with a gift card and have been using those. I always have one pair in the system and one pair charged/charging and ready to go. With the AA batteries, I never have to wait for the the thing to charge and if I don't have my rechargable batteries laying around, I can use any kind of AA battery in a pinch. The second reason I like it more is that it has a headphone jack. I love listening to my games with headphones and getting that sweet stereo sound. I imagine it'd be decently hard to find the GBASP headphone adapter these days. Thirdly, the GBA is more compatible with games. The SP,. when using a gyroscope game like Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble, will have the controls reversed.

      Sure, the lack of a backlight is a problem, especially these days when it gets dark outside so soon. But I have found ways to work around it. When using Game Boy or Game Boy Color carts on the GBA, the games stick out about an inch from the slot. This makes the thing harder to fit in your pocket, but it also makes it so I can clamp a reading light to the cartridge and be able to play my games easily. GBA exclusive games are a bit harder to light, so I mostly avoid them. This works, but it is inconvenient and mostly falls off. I'm hoping that I get a Worm Light for Christmas that will make my life a lot easier.

      For those of you who don't know what that is, here's a picture from the web. It plugs in to the Link Cable port.

      Nintendo Other | Game Boy Advance With Worm Light And Game | Poshmark

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