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  1. A quick review of the "Super Mario Bros Game & Watch".  One of my kids got one as a gift, and I've borrowed it while they weren't looking.

    Quick summary:  It's awesome.  Worth the price.

    My opinion is that Super Mario Bros on NES is a masterpiece.  The colors, the music, the level designs, the bright graphics.  All perfect.  And this little device captures all that.  At first, the controls seem a little slippery, but that's just because the screen is so small.  Once you get used to that, it's all good.  The screen is nice and bright.  The music sounds great.  It's so well done. 

    Bravo to Nintendo for doing nostalgia products with such high quality. 

    I've seen a lot of complaints about "no kickstand".  Really?  OK.  If that's all there is to complain about, I think it speaks highly about this product. 


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    2. RickR


      Thank you for the kind words.

      I feel like a lot of collectors are going to keep this thing in the original box anyway, which makes the kickstand even more pointless.  I do get that it's a feature missing that the original G&W had, but to me it's of no concern.  Hey, I'm also glad they skipped the LCD screen from the original design too! 

    3. Justin


      Haha good points Rick, and I agree! I get the collectability in this but I hope some owners unbox it and have fun, it looks really neat :nintendo_mario:

    4. HDN


      I'm of the thought that it would have been much, much cooler had they re-released the original Game and Watch Super Mario Brothers handheld. I have plenty of ways to play SMB on the go. At first I figured Nintendo was kind of phoning it in and releasing another Famiclone (and I still kind of do), but they seem to have added that usual Nintendo polish. I still think that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a waste of money if you already own the original games, though.

      @RickR, I agree with you that the original Super Mario Brothers is a masterpiece. Sure, Nintendo references this game a lot and it gets a lot of attention. It seems like every new Super Mario adventure is littered with 8-bit Mario sprites and World 1-1 recreations. However, if you play the game on an original NES with a real controller on an old-school CRT television, it's an amazing and refreshing experience. Emulation just doesn't do this game justice. I've used a great many NES emulators in my day; Switch Online, Wii Virtual Console, 3DS VC, NESDS, FCEUltraGX, et cetera. Nothing really captures the experience for this game in particular. I have yet to find a Nintendo emulator with the same amazing bass that the real hardware has.

      I very much enjoy Super Mario Brothers, and would even argue that it's a better game than the often-acclaimed Super Mario Brothers 3.

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