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  1. The Kung Fu cart for Commodore 64 arrived this week, and it works really nicely. This is the product I've been wanting for a long time -- just load game images of any type onto a micro-SD, turn on the C64, and choose them from a menu. No typing, minimal waiting. It's so awesome.

    And also a view of my home-made "safe" C64 power adapter.  I soldered in modern 5V and 9V bricks into a 5-pin DIN plug, and add in a Ray Carlson safety device just for full safeness. 


    c64 kung fu 004.JPG

    c64 kung fu 005.JPG

    c64 kung fu 002.JPG

    1. Marco1019


      Wow, that's a neat setup! What's the price for that cart?

    2. RickR
    3. RickR


      Notes so far after playing with it for a few days.

      • CRT/PRG files work fine and load FAST.
      • D64 support is spotty.  Some work, some don't. 
      • I expect firmware updates will address some issues
      • The "reset" and "menu" buttons are really super nice.  Great features.
      • Overall, huge thumbs up for this product.  I'm so happy to have it.  SD2EIC is nice, but a lot more difficult to use.  I prefer this by a factor of 100.  Just because it's so much easier to use. 


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