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  1. I bought a 3d printer!



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    2. RickR


      Harry:  Please do send me those files.  I would love those for my shelf.

      More importantly, I need some help.  I have no idea what I'm doing.  My first question:  what software do you use at school to create the model files?  

      One issue I've had so far is this:  I printed the bottom half of a Vectrex cart shell as shown above, and it came out perfect.  I think I may need to bump up the amount of filament used, but otherwise, very good for a first try.  But then, the top of the shell didn't work at all.  Why?  Because the Thingiverse file had the model upside down (flat side up).  I thought my printer software would automatically flip it, but it didn't.  And I tried to figure out how to flip it myself, but no go.  

      Of course, no obligation.  Maybe others here have some knowledge to share too.  I'm having fun learning something new.  


    3. HDN


      I'm new to it myself too, so maybe another member can help you with your Vectrex cart issue.

      In school, we've been using this site called tinkercad. It's kind of a beginner's 3D modeling tool aimed for teaching it in schools, so there are others that are much more robust. But if you're first starting out, I highly recommend it. It's user friendly, easy to work with, all online, and most importantly free (to my knowledge). Might be worth a try-out. 

      PM me an email address you'd like me to use and I'll share those 3D print files with you.

    4. RickR


      I will try TinkerCAD.  Thanks!


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