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  1. It works very well! I was playing around with it tonight.
  2. Awesome finds. Boxed too. Really nice. I also collect DS and PSP. Those two systems are a ton of fun, and I've found they are really nice to take with you on vacation.
  3. Marketing samples sounds right. Perhaps pre-release copies provided to magazines for review. It's a shame we can't read more of those labels. Really cool thing to see, and I'll bet they are super rare.
  4. A sound card! My son said "What is it, 1999?" when I showed him this. Ha ha. I bought it because I listen to music on my garage Frankenstein desktop PC. The onboard sound works fine, but the speaker jacks have always been wonky. If the computer gets nudged, they stop working. So I decided to go high end and get a Sound Blaster Titanium.
  5. Thank you. That was on my list of things to consider. I may have to save up for one of those, but it sure looks like it's worth it.
  6. I started with the #1 table, which has a circus theme. The game is fun, but the circus visuals and sounds are a little too creepy to me. I'll go with the Stones n Bones one next. Thanks!
  7. OMG, this sounds like a Twilight Zone story.
  8. That dental machine is pretty wild. Someone on the engineering team must have been a video game fan.
  9. FINALLY! I've wanted one of these for a loooooong time. Check it out! It came with the Pinball Fantasies game and two controllers (I already had Cybermorph). Isn't she a beaut? If anyone has carts to sale or trade, please let me know!
  10. I got a PS3!  


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    2. socrates63


      PSN account is free and needed if you want to buy stuff from the store. PS Plus is what you need for online gaming, and that's a paid subscription.

      GTA is a highly regarded series. I haven't played any of the GTA games.

    3. RickR


      I initially thought GTA 4 would be too violent for my taste...but the story kind of sucks you in.  It feels like our hero is "reluctantly" violent.  That gives it depth that I wasn't expecting. 

    4. Atari 5200 Guy

      Atari 5200 Guy

      GTA IV is actually more "tamed" than 3 was.  I haven't beat it but what I have played of it I enjoyed.  If you like GTA then definitely keep an eye out for any Saint's Row games.  3, 4, and Gat out of Hell are the better ones in the series.  And I would recommend GTA 5 if you liked 4.  

      Of course, if you like driving games, there's some sort of law that says you can't have a PlayStation without picking up Gran Turismo.  I had GT5 and was blown away!  I have ModNation Racers.  It's kind of along the lines of Mario Kart except you can build your own race tracks.  You use to be able to share your creations online but I think Sony shut those servers down.  I had a blast with that one as well.

      I tried a demo to Uncharted once.  It was fun but I never had a PS3 long enough to get those. I wanted to try The Last of Us because it looked like it would be good but I missed it.  Yep...the PS3 when I had one was a great console.  I only went with XBOX 360 because when I tried to get another PS3 (while they were still in production) no one had one locally.  All I could find was a 360.


  11. A PS3 that I got for free. It's beat up, but seems to work fine.
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