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  1. LTO Flash is so good! I was finally able to see the different versions of the Intellivsion Demo carts! And it corrects all Intellivision 2 compatibility issues. LTO Flash is not inexpensive (like UNO Cart), but it's also SO worth it. Enjoy!
  2. I don't know how you feel about multicarts - but the UNO Cart for the XL/XE computers is very inexpensive and so worth it. I had no idea they made a cartridge version. I have the original floppy disk version, which I purchased new from Toys R Us!
  3. The games that are ports, like Karateka and One on One -- I really believe they borrowed code. In One on One, the graphics are improved on the 7800, but the algorithms and how the players move and react is identical to the 800 version.
  4. RE: Karateka. I absolutely love the Atari 8-bit (and C64 and Apple) version. But guess what? The lag is there on those versions as well! I played the C64 version very recently, and there are moments in the game in which you have to project your moves in advance until the lag ends. No one ever mentions it. The thing is, the controls are so much better that it's easier to anticipate and control. That's the big difference. Keyboard controls are better. The thing to remember about this game is the incredible animation on the large characters. It can't use traditional "sprites". It reminds me a bit of Star Raiders and the lag you see when it has to draw several explosions at once. Heavy CPU usage I guess. Jordan Mechner was pushing the limits of the machines. Hopefully you guys will give one of the home computer versions a try. It is a classic. And you can finish a game in under an hour once you know all the secrets.
  5. Barnstorming? Is that your final answer? YES! Of course, it's Barnstorming. If I ever own a barn, I'm adding in brick posts to thwart crazy bi-plane drivers.
  6. That would have been too easy. Platform: 2600 Dang you birds! Move it! Does that building have any posts? That would hurt my time.
  7. I'm going to go with a wild guess of "WWF WrestleMania". Blonde hero = Hulk Hogan. Rich villain? The Iron Sheik? I have no idea about the crosses...but the giant is Andre the Giant.
  8. Wheel of Fortune! LOL. I'll let myself out.
  9. What's the name of the game with "Fabio" on the cover?
  10. That's it! They changed the name of the aliens to Krylons for the 2600 version! Why? It makes no sense. In any case, it's clear that the BSG Cylons were the inspiration for the alien fleet.
  11. I think that means I got it, right? <shrugs shoulders> Next one: Platform: Atari 5200, 8-bit, 2600 The Atarian fleet! Zylons or Krylons? Why change? They look like Cylons.
  12. If I get it, donate my point to socrates63 as a "get well" gift. :)
  13. I cheated by using google since I don't know these games. Link: The Faces of Evil.
  14. Weren't there two CDi Zelda games? I have never seen a CDi in person.
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