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    Inufuto Games

    Neat. Thanks!
  2. Probably the best use of 3DS I've found yet. Virtual Boy emulation. It works really well! The name of the emulator is "Red Viper", available here: https://github.com/skyfloogle/red-viper Requires a modded 3DS, for which there are guides on-line.
  3. Conversely, I wasn't using mine, and it had no real nostalgia factor for me...so I sold it. Good news -- it went to someone exploring the MIDI/music aspect of the system, so perfect.
  4. Oh wow, this one looks great. With POKEY sound too! @sramirez2008, THANK YOU so much for continuing to post these, as I don't often see these come up over at AA. And very special thanks to Atarius Maximus over at AtariAge forums for creating this and making it available. Great work.
  5. Yes it is available in the US (at least here in Portland). I agree it is great. And I like the Tony's chocolate too.
  6. Isn't it weird that a forecast like this makes you think "Ahhhhh, relief" after 5 days over 100? Still too hot IMO.
  7. Wow, that PowerBase Mini is really cool. I had no idea this existed. Nice.
  8. Postimages is a good place to host your images if anyone chooses to go that route. It is pretty easy to use, and they provide simple links that can be used in the forums. https://postimages.org/
  9. I don't think enhancement is necessary...Images that are posted directly on the forums get downgraded to save bandwidth/cost. I highly encourage people to use a third party site to host images for anything detailed you'd like to share. But downgraded images seem fine in this thread.
  10. Yes. Yes you should. 🙂 I find it is a lot easier to get a good night's sleep with the AC going when it is super hot like this. I've also found our solar panels pretty much make AC free. Win/win.
  11. I think it is a lot of fun. A game like that would have sold well back in the 80's.
  12. My library hold for season 1 came in, so I'll rewatch that.
  13. Looks good. How did you get the ball all sparkly?
  14. The secret to keeping the house cool in this area is to open up windows in the early morning and close them up before it gets warm around 11am. And we rarely have humidity at all.
  15. Yes, I saw the instructions and printed that forum post as a PDF file. I'd love to see if you put together a nicer version.
  16. Yes, I got it too. I'm not sure what number I have...how do you tell?
  17. Almost the same forecast here. It is interesting (not in a good way) when mild Portland has the same heat forecast as sunny Miami!
  18. I'll check this out later. Looks pretty neat. Thanks
  19. Here's ours and it is miserable. They say the next 4 days are all expected to hit record highs. Stay cool, my friends.
  20. I'm playing with Modern, and I chose the static camera since it reminds me of the orig Sprint games.
  21. 60690 This is a really fun one. It is kind of unique to make an orig version of a game Atari made themselves. Both versions are super impressive! I'm playing on the PlusCart, and the version I have shows a 2009 date on the opening credit screen. I hope that's the right one! Oh yeah, and that opening credit screen is really nice too.
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