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    RickR reacted to Willie! in Arcade USA   
    Playin' some pinball on the Sega Master System!
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    RickR reacted to kamakazi20012 in The Wise Man   
    Wise man once said, "He who sits on thumbtack suddenly rises."
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    RickR got a reaction from kamakazi20012 in Hot Wheels - If You Could Choose Just One   
    Oooh, this is tough.  Most of my favorites are based on real cars.  For example, the Chevy Nomad Wagon.
    Given the limitations, I'd do with something like this.  It's gold and black and looks good.

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    RickR reacted to Arenafoot in Atari Golf Tourney 2020   
    I played my first try last night and got a 59... will try again before the deadline.
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    RickR reacted to TrekMD in The Mandalorian   
    Well, I think the goal for the finale was to move them out of the 23rd century, which they've done.  I believe once Picard ends its run, they will start to air season 3 of Discovery.
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    RickR reacted to Willie! in Arcade USA   
    What an awesome Vectrex emulator! Learned about this over at Vectrex fans unite!
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    RickR reacted to Willie! in Arcade USA   
    Time for a new Willie!'s Ramblin's N Pickups!
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    RickR reacted to TrekMD in The Mandalorian   
    I haven't read much in the posts to not get spoiled.    Just wait until the final two episodes of Discovery Season 2!  You're going to see something never before seen in any Star Trek show.  As for Picard, the first episode was really good.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow!
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    RickR got a reaction from greenween in Help!! 5200 needed.   
    I'm thinking about selling mine.  But the shipping would be really high since the 5200 is so dang big. 

    Is your old one gone for good?  Because I also have an extra one that has a bad power switch.  I can't quite figure out how that power switch worked, so if your old board is still there, maybe I could steal the power switch from it.
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    RickR reacted to kamakazi20012 in Trackmania (PC)   
    Hey Guys,
    I'm posting this here because I found a free racing game with online and party abilities called Trackmania.  I thought it would be neat to have a PC game I can play with Atari IO members.  You can also design tracks on the free version and it has solo play as well.
    Simply visit the page, scroll down to the Trackmania Forever banner and click on that.  At the bottom of the next page, on the right, you can get the FREE version or opt to buy the Universe version.  The Free one will be above the one to buy.
    PC Requirements are pretty low.
    Operating system: Windows XP SP2/Vista SP1/Windows 7 CPU: Pentium IV 1.6GHz / AMD Athlon XP1600+ RAM: 256 MB (XP) or 512 MB (Vista/7) 3D graphics card: 16 MB, 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound card: 16 bit DirectX compatible Hard drive: 1.7 GB free disk space Check it out and I hope to see you guys on the tracks!
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    RickR got a reaction from Atari Creep in What games do you want to see in High Score Squad for 2020?   
    Dragster for 2600.  It's quick to play, hard to master, and I think the competition would be stiff. 
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    RickR got a reaction from greenween in What games do you want to see in High Score Squad for 2020?   
    Dragster for 2600.  It's quick to play, hard to master, and I think the competition would be stiff. 
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    RickR got a reaction from Justin in What games do you want to see in High Score Squad for 2020?   
    Dragster for 2600.  It's quick to play, hard to master, and I think the competition would be stiff. 
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    RickR got a reaction from Justin in Squad Challenge - 2019 F-ZERO Christmas Challenge (Super Nintendo)   

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    RickR reacted to kamakazi20012 in Old VCRs and copy protection.   
    Believe it or not, VHS did see a short-lived HD addition to the format...but it was very costly.
    LD was the better of the analog video formats...it just was a more expensive way of obtaining movies and playing them.  I had three movies decades ago on LD before I gave up on the format.  Those were Independence Day in a nice, double album-like cover.  Gorgeous artwork.  Heavy Metal was in a chrome cover with a plan, ordinary, clear plastic sleeve. And I had one more movie I can't remember the name of now.  But I do have to hand it to laserdisc for bringing over what people liked about vinyl audio LPs over to LD.  There simply isn't another physical format that allows you to enjoy the packaging as well as the movie contained on the disc.
    The only thing VHS allowed for was recording your favorite shows from their TV broadcasts...something the other formats didn't do for consumers.  There were LD recorders but those were mostly used by stations and such.  If you use VHS on a standard definition TV they really are not all that bad.  Laserdiscs are great for those widescreen presentations but, again, play best on cathode-ray TVs...and there are a few of those that were widescreen models.  I know for a fact Sanyo made one with a crap load of connectors on it that eventually became popular choices.
    Believe it or not, VHS was also used for multi-track audio recording. I knew someone in my home state that owned a 16-track recorder that used standard VHS tapes to record on.  Weird gadget but the sound was impressive.
    Space?  Yea, VHS takes up more space than DVD/BD for sure.  But take up far less space than those CEDs RCA came out with.  I don't how many CED movies my family owned but it was in the 1,000s total as I inherited those when they switched to VHS.  Hauling just the movies caused my friend's truck to sag on the backend and we had to make two trips simply because his truck couldn't tolerate the weight of those things.  Those things weigh a ton and just 10 movies alone can cause a weak shelf to bow.  We never stored those movies on shelving...they were best kept on closet floors.  A large tote full of VHS movies is light compared to those things.  But I still like the CED format.  Some rare movies not found on today's formats resides on that old format.
    Unlike you, RickR, hi-def stuff is nice but I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to movies and TV shows.  I don't mind having to flip a disc over or dealing with tape-eating machines.  I'm use to it.  Besides, even the earliest DVDs only put out 480.  As long as I have a decent stereo TV I will continue to enjoy VHS and LD.  They are nice to have.  LDs I only have about 10 movies, some my family and I could never find on VHS.  It's the only format I've been able to find The Glenn Miller Story, one of my favorites.  And no commercials!
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    RickR reacted to greenween in Squad Challenge - 2019 F-ZERO Christmas Challenge (Super Nintendo)   
    2' 27" 75 played on my SNES.
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    RickR reacted to RadioPoultry in Squad Challenge - 2019 F-ZERO Christmas Challenge (Super Nintendo)   
    I'm using the purple vehicle and saving my boosts for when I get to the rough. Avoid the jumps!

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    RickR got a reaction from MaximumRD in Old VCRs and copy protection.   
    I remember one of the secrets of the old internet was a DVD player that could be hacked (via a secret menu) to remove the copy protection so you could do this very thing...record a DVD on a VCR for a near-perfect copy.  Apex was the brand (a Chinese company), and I think the model was 2500a or something  I had one.  It didn't last long (cheap design that overheated).  Those were the days. 
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    RickR reacted to chas10e in Thrift Store Finds   
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    RickR reacted to peteym5 in Old VCRs and copy protection.   
    I know there are many people still around here that remember the good old VCRs and remember people taping shows from cable or copying tapes by attaching 2 VCRs together. Such fun days those were. From what I remember, there was a copy protection on some video cassettes that put bars above the frame that were high intensity black and white and sometimes changed from dark to white. Messing with VCR recording and screwed with the playback. Some brands of VCR still were able to copy without any issues. Anyone here ever play with This stuff.
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    RickR reacted to MaximumRD in Old VCRs and copy protection.   
    Indeed, I had a little black box with composite cable in and out, in from playback VCR and out to recording VCR (audio cable passed directly between machines) known as a Macro-eliminator it was pretty much plug and play and did exactly as described. i would rent all the latest hit movies and copy away. 😎Good times. It was just like the one pictured below.

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    RickR reacted to greenween in How is the weather in your neck of the Woods ?   
    I'm in NW Colorado by the way. We hit -18 F a couple weeks ago.
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    RickR reacted to kamakazi20012 in ZOTAC GT 210 1G DDR3 Performance   
    Hey Guys,
    To the point, I have been seeing what all this old PC graphics card can and can not do.  I've tried a few XBOX Game Pass games.  Out of the five I tried only two actually did anything...but those games are games also available on Steam.  The only difference is with being a Game Pass member I don't have to buy the games to play them IF I use the Game Pass service.  Those games were Mudrunner and Farm Simulator '17.  They played but there were some huge frame rate drops in spots which made the games difficult to control even on their lowest settings.
    The Steam games I have tried are American Truck Simulator (no surprise), Euro Truck Simulator 2, Car Mechanic Simulator 15, and Saint's Row 2.  All of these games have done well with CMS 15 being the one struggling the most.  Saint's Row 2 plays and looks like the 360 version...as long as I turn down it's settings to a mix of low to medium.  The only time these two games struggle are when there is a lot on the screen at once.  CMS 15 has issues if I have more than one car in the garage.  Visiting the testing tracks, no matter what the settings are, are unplayable.
    The truck simulators are where I was able to pull the most out of the GT 210 I am using.  I was able to set the scale to 50%, textures to max, vegetation to max, and the weather to ultra on both games...and all without making the game unplayable.  In fact it seemed like it didn't affect the game play at all.  Only when I turned on the shadow textures did I start to have issues.  I can have shadows set to low and no problems but I have to keep the texture of those shadows either off or very low.  But, for the most part, I am able to see these games in full glory for the first time.  Of course I took pics but only of ATS as it's my most played game right now as it is the one I'm concentrating on the most.
    There is one downfall.  OBS.  OBS is an open-source, completely free, desktop recording package.  I can capture anything my computer is doing and save for editing later or I can do live broadcasts using multiple camera angles (of which I'm still learning) without having to worry about anything.  Except video frame rates.  It's not the fault of the software or games I play...it's the simple fact that doing both at once is too much for the video card to handle.  It can do the games with decent settings really well, and I can record the desktop if it isn't doing much, but it can't handle both.  
    For that reason I'm thinking I will reschedule ATS YouTube series until I can pick up a GTX 750.  That's what the game recommends and I've seen its performance.  That's the one I am going to wait for.  Until then I am enjoying the games I'm playing in ways I couldn't before.  The GPU I am using does work and works well as long as I don't push it too hard and if the developers don't try to make medium graphics look like ultra graphics.

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