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  1. This is actually really cool. Love the arduino.
  2. Ooh gonna have to put this one on my "to watch" list.
  3. http://ataribox.com/ The name change smells familiar... *cough* Coleco Chameleon *cough* Also, the most confusing new console name since the Xbox One. And again, no information AT ALL. There's no new developments other than "THE NAME IS NOT THE ATARI BOX NOW GUYZ!"
  4. It's just a raspberry pi with a fancy case and i/o ports. You could make that without too much computer knowledge for $120, some Legos, and some time. It's pretty cool though.
  5. I just watched that movie recently. I liked it. I love John Hughes' movies.
  6. It depends on what you are doing, really. My family never set ours correctly so all the dates are wrong all the time
  7. Look at YouTube's beautiful motion correction...
  8. I love this piece of software! The pro version was on Humble Bundle for $6. It is easy, uses a very easy programming language, and you can pick it up fast! So many great games were made with this software. If any of you want a good start in modern game development, this is where to go! I'll post my creations when they are being worked on http://www.yoyogames.com/studio
  9. For me, because I'm younger, the first game that I really remember playing was pinball for the Windows XP. Then I remember playing Diablo with my Dad when I was younger. Then as I got older, I got into Toontown Online. Then I got into a game called FusionFall. Then Minecraft. Then Team Fortress 2. Then Half Life. I was getting tired of the noncollectable feeling of games after Toontown closed and it took forever for the fan project to surface. I decided to go back to the time of the Atari and Nintendo. I was looking for an NES at first, but now from being on this forum, I started with the basics, the 2600.
  10. I saw Pirates of Silicon Valley! I loved it! I need to watch it again, but it was great!
  11. Wasn't sure where to put this, but http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1243923/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 It says documentary and drama. Is it about Atari the company or something else... LET THE SPECULATION BEGIN!!! EDIT Found a description: Biopic about godfather of the video game industry, Nolan Bushnell and his transition from fixing broken pinball machines, to launching his own manufacturer in the early '70s.
  12. Looks like a slightly improved version of 2600 pacman.
  13. Someone on the forums gave me a good idea. To make a video of what I have so far in my Batari BASIC game. Then it dawned on me. Make a whole series documenting my progress. So I can get help and help others. I thought it was a good idea. Here's the first video http://youtu.be/Ab2vVLXqaJQ
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