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  1. Here's what I took:


    attachicon.gifjunk box 9 002.JPG

    • PSP games Killzone and Need For Speed Underground -- these made me say "oooooh!" as noted above.  I am super pumped to try these games out. 
    • PSP Hannah Montana movies.  Humor - I traded Rowsdower for most of his PSP stuff a while ago and said "I'll take it all EXCEPT Hannah Montana."  Well dang, I guess I have to take em now.  Now that I think about it...I need to take these on my next plane trip.  Imagine...a middle aged man watching Hannah Montana on a PSP.  Nothing creepy about that at all. 
    • SegaCD Mortal Kombat - comment from my son:  "I'll bet it takes an hour to load".  We shall see, son.  We shall see.
    • Devil May Cry for PS2 and Devil May Cry 3 for PC -- I have no idea what these are.  But the "M" rating appeals to me.  Since I'm so mature.  And also, I needed space for more junk in the box. 
    • Homer Simpson figure.  He's obviously doing a "WooHoo!"
    • Donald Duck slidey puzzle.  I may lose my temper trying to solve this.
    • "How to Win at Super Mario Bros" booklet.  I won't lie...this is probably my favorite item from the junk box. 
    • Combat cart.  Because that throne made out of Combat carts ain't gonna build itself.  I think I'm legally obligated to take any and all combat carts in junk boxes. 
    • Fantastic 4 plug and play.  I won't lie.  I didn't want this, but I couldn't fit it back in the box.  Rowsdower...if you wanted it, I'll send it separately or in our next trade.  I may just put it in Junk Box 10
    • And finally, Tomy handheld kissing game.  I think I know who put this in, and I'll bet he knew who would take it.  Frankly, I love these little Tomy mechanical games.  On my first try, it pretty much summed up my lifetime love life:

    attachicon.gifjunk box 9 005.JPG


    This was one sweet junk box.  Thank you guys very much.  I've packed it up with what I think is good junk and it will be off to Texas and home tomorrow. 

    I don't care anything about the F4 PnP, thanks though!


    Watch Hannah Montana with pride, sir!

  2. 19030493_910121852459190_419131670569021

    I didn't have much of a budget today, but it was all blown before 8am.

    Total Spent:  $29
    Total Value:  $91

    Not too shabby!

    EDIT:  Interesting note, most of this was one garage sale, they had 2 XBox 360 systems they wanted $125 each for, Xbox controllers for $15 each, and they wanted 7 bucks each for Xbox games.     But they had a Wii for $25 (I ran out of monies), and all the Wii games were $5 each, as were the DS games.
    Curious pricing to say the least.  I guess they mistakenly thought XBox > Nintendo in value.   

  3. OMG, thank you for posting Payday 2.  My kids and I played a ton of original Payday.  It will be fun to revisit the sequel. 

    I played the first one a few times, and its great too...but Payday 2 is an improvement in almost every way.   (As long as you don't count their somewhat cash grabby DLC practices)

  4. I got the junk box today, this what I took out:

    Xmen for sega genesis- cool game!

    Lion king sega genesis-I already had this one but this one is in better shape

    Warlock sega genesis-never heard of this one, so I decided to try this out, hopefully a good one.

    Xbox Star Wars knights 2-I've heard this is an awesome game, can't wait to play it!

    Space wars Atari 2600-another one to add to my collection

    Snafu for intellivision-another one I don't own yet, wonder why I didn't get this one sooner?

    Frogger Atari 8 bit- never played this version, but I know this should be a great game

    3D adapter for sega master system? Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this but definitely looks like something for master system.

    Tmnt movie- I already had this, but I can never have too much of ninja turtles lol

    Tmnt pez- Now I have 3 of them, only missing Leo...

    Finally this Pac man belt buckle (more like one of the ghosts) cool to have nevertheless.

    I'll repack this with more goodies and send it out to the next person in line, good junk so far!

    Apparently Warlock is based on that strange horror movie of the same name.  


    I always try to stuff as much TMNT in these boxes as I can, I know you, Justin, and NSG are fans :)

  5. Some really cool stuff this time in the box!  Always wanted that how to win at video games magazine and the tomy pac man bank!  Could not pass up a Mattel football II and Donkey kong 3.  Mechwarrior I kept because....Mechwarrior!  I love robot battle games!


    Love doing these boxes, so much fun!




    That Football II is tested and I think it works but it didn't have sound. :)

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