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  1. Shipping prices have gone way up as you mention.  It's even worse on bigger/heavier items. 


    We've got to figure out how to attract more people to buy/sell/trade here on the forums.  No fees.  Some pretty good self-policing. 

    Attracting more forum members in general would be key.   Now that I have our new art, it can't hurt for us to set up something however!  It's a matter of cataloging our stock.

  2. I often wonder how some people make any money off of selling single commons like that.   It never seemed worth the effort to me, but I figured you had a system.

    What I do with Atari is bundle up the games and keep them where I can still ship First Class, so usually 4 game lots.   I try to put in one uncommon or at least highly desired common in each lot.   My starting price is generally the price of the most expensive game in the lot's normal ebay sold listing price.   (So if its Pitfall II, starting bid $15)

    I have moved several lots like this, but I usually don't get lots of bids.  

    The same would apply for me selling PS2, XBox360, Wii, or any type other than Nintendo when I get overloaded with commons.

  3. My comments from YouTube

    The Dunjonquest series would be my first pick. The Apshai games were legendary and there hasn't been a game for them since 1985. My next pick would be the Alternate Reality series. Another abandoned, very innovative RPG series. Third would be Ogre Battle. Why that one got abandoned after Tactics Ogre is beyond me. Lastly, there's no excuse for Nintendo to have abandoned Kid Icarus. Such a fun, short lived series.

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