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  1. Im glad I was able to help, enjoy!!! Also thanks to Justin for letting me participate at the last minute
  2. Btw I received my secret Santa!!! Thanks! Hope my gift gets to the lucky one by tomorrow
  3. I shipped mine on Saturday but it looks like it got delayed by the snowstorm that hit NC and VA yesterday, and I was trying to get away when I moved from NY....lol
  4. My wish list Bump n jump colecovision Shinobi sega master system Defender II atari 2600 Taz atari 2600
  5. I really lost track on this would've like to join this secret Santa if its possible to still join would be great, if not that's ok too
  6. correagonzalez

    IMG 0956snuck Out

    I think you did a good job cause I had a very hard time opening this box, and putting it back together was another chore but we'll worth it
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