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  1. This is my list which I put in the box, I had some pictures but I deleted them by mistake. Terminator 2 genesis Cyborg justice genesis Baseball nes Fat Albert Atari 2600 Midway collection PS2 Gravitrex for vectrex Tmnt DVD season 5 Thanks to everyone who participated.
  2. Have shipped the box today to Chase, ready to go! I added a few things to make it interesting
  3. Here's another one that wouldn't fit back, I'll check this out
  4. Ok my mistake I'll contact him instead, thanks!
  5. I received it today, I had to take out more that I wanted to, other the stuff I put it wouldn't fit back in the box, see attached picture, I'll contact Rick for this address so I can ship the box in Monday, thanks.
  6. Really impressed! I'll wait when it's out on Atari age store to purchase
  7. Was a little busy at work, sorry! I just sent you my address, looking forward to get the box, thanks!
  8. Interested! Is it too late to enter, please let me know, thanks to Rick for letting me know.
  9. Would be an actual cartridge of this game?
  10. Im glad I was able to help, enjoy!!! Also thanks to Justin for letting me participate at the last minute
  11. Btw I received my secret Santa!!! Thanks! Hope my gift gets to the lucky one by tomorrow
  12. I shipped mine on Saturday but it looks like it got delayed by the snowstorm that hit NC and VA yesterday, and I was trying to get away when I moved from NY....lol
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