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  1. After nearly a decade, Nintendo has finally officially discontinued the 3DS.

    "Goodnight, Sweet Prince..."

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RickR


      I have one -- purple -- that I got used.  It's a great console.


    3. HDN


      Farewell, best handheld. You will be missed. So many memories.

    4. RickR


      It's not all bad news.  There are literally millions of consoles and games out there (both new and used) to buy and enjoy. 

      My favorite handheld is the good old DS-Lite, and I find games for that all the time. 

  2. If I do have Chopper Command already, then I'm interested in Centipede instead.
  3. Will do. First I gotta check to make sure I don't already have Chopper Command, because I'm not sure anymore.
  4. Is Othello, Keystone Kapers, Chopper Command, and that Star Raiders with Touchpad still available?
  5. Seconding. Definitely get a 3DS. The system is on its way out, prices are dropping, games are plentiful, and this is probably the best time ever to start collecting for it. It's my favorite Nintendo handheld.
  6. We survived a hurricane yesterday. Winds up to 70MPH here.

    1. HDN


      Jeez! As if 2020 couldn't have gotten worse Hurricane Laura comes.

  7. @Justin The person who sent me the box of Atari games and the 2600 Jr. was @Scott Stilphen. He sent it back in December.
  8. I'll take a look at the thread I posted last year about the fire. It was one of the commenters there that sent the 2600 Jr. and games.
  9. Slightly clearer picture since the first one is a bit blurry and washed out.
  10. I got a more updated view to share. I finally got a new AV switcher, and a newer HDMI switcher, so now I've currently got 11 separate consoles all hooked up to the TV at once, something I've been wanting to do for years.
  11. Definitely get a Wii U. It's a genuinely great console.
  12. I had a bunch of Atari catalogues and manuals before the fire. All destroyed.
  13. Yes, I have. A member of this site (name escapes me at the moment) sent me a box with 40 or so 2600 games and a new 2600 Jr., too.
  14. This is my shelf. I've picked up a few import items this time around I never owned before.
  15. Yeah, 95% of my collection was destroyed September 23rd of last year. Only my Switch and 3DS libraries were saved because I was able to easily grab them in time. I've only replaced about 65% so far.
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