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  1. Managed to get one. My local Walmart had 7 in stock.


  2. Planning to get that new Game & Watch Super Mario Bros with my birthday money, but it looks like a repeat of the NES Classic from a couple years ago. Everyone is sold out. But, I will prevail. Just gotta wait till Walmart restocks...any day now.

    1. RickR


      Best of luck.  They look pretty neat.


    2. HDN


      I was afraid that might happen...

      Best of luck to you, Lee!

    3. Justin


      Don't order one from a skeevy Chinese scam site.

  3. Really, Atari is like a guy that went out and shot another, more famous person, then took his name and pretended to be the real deal, somehow fooling thousands of people in the process. I'd call Atari a shambling, walking dead version of itself, but it's not even that. It's actually a shambling, walking dead version of Infogrames, I believe.
  4. Happy Halloween to all!

  5. Same. I've said for a long time that I'm gonna get a Gamecube someday, but my Wii has perfect backwards compatibility with 'Cube games, so I've never actually needed one. If I ever get one, it'll mostly just be to say I have one. That said, that Game Boy Player is pretty darn cool, and I wouldn't mind being able to play GB, GBC, and GBA games on tv.
  6. Eeeh, I was off by 8. 133 games for INTV in total. 118 carts for the Master Component, 6 for the ECS, and 8 cassettes and 1 cart for the fabled and much delayed Keyboard Component, which is naturally ridiculously rare these days. At any rate, 118, thereabouts, is a pretty attainable goal, but some of those later games are pushing three digits.
  7. Whoa, wait, $86? Seriously? I knew it was a late release, but never realized it was that expensive. Then again, I've not yet got into 7800 collecting. Still on my list of long term plans, though, but yeesh. Ninja Golf will go a long time waiting. I know how you feel about about wanting the full collection, though. A couple years ago I made it my plan to get all 125 commercial releases for the Intellivision. That plan was set back quite badly with the fire, but that's a goal I still have. But yeah, some of those late INTV releases are likewise eye-wateringly expensive. It's always the late releases in a console's library that'll get you in the end.
  8. @HDN As an aside, have you played Ninja Golf yet? Forgive the question if you have and mentioned it in this thread already, I haven't checked all the posts. Such a weird game concept, though, not that that's a bad thing, mind. It's a shame we never got a proper Ninja Golf franchise.
  9. Man, things were so wild in the '70s that companies literally WERE advertising games everywhere. I'm not sure whose idea it was to advertise video games on album covers, but that's really quite an inspired idea for the 1970s. That said, not Chuck Norris Super-Kicks, surely they could have advertised ANYTHING else, lol.
  10. Seriously, even though Sega had to bow out of the hardware market (which still sucks sooo much), at least they went out on the highest note possible. PS2 may have won the numbers, but Dreamcast won our hearts.
  11. The 21st Anniversary, and NOBODY mentioned Phantasy Star Online. For shame. Phantasy Star is such an underrated series, one of my favorites, though. Phantasy Star 4 was the first JRPG I ever beat, on my PSP. Anywho. PSO is a radical departure from the first four games, but it's also pretty fun. Pour one out for probably never getting a regular Phantasy Star again, though.
  12. Coming back around to this post now after awhile, and now I do have a pretty valuable game, that was gifted to me by a good friend I know from theater. A game I'd been wanting to play for years, too, because it's one of the best games on the Gamecube, and for that reason, as well as being gifted from a good friend, there's no reason I'll part from it. Sentimental value trumps money any day.
  13. LeeJ07

    Favorite Zelda game?

    This is such a loaded question. So many of those games are legit masterpieces. I could never give just one favorite, but a list should suffice. 1. Windwaker definitely, even if I HAVE had to start that darn game three times. Someday, I will beat it. SOMEDAY. 2. Ocarina of Time, even if I did get stuck in the darn Forest Temple. Again, someday, man... SOMEDAY. 3. A Link to the Past, because OMG it's just about perfect. 4. Majora's Mask, the weirdest one of all, And 5. Link's Awakening. It's a beautiful dream. Did I forget to mention Breath of the Wild? Dude, that game is gorgeous.
  14. I seriously gotta pick up a 7800 someday. Absolute pinnacle of what Atari could do, a shame it came out so late that the NES completely steamrolled it. Didn't know a version of Robotron came out on it, though. Pretty ambitious, considering the dual-joystick setup that game requires. (Didn't know there was a N64 port of Robotron, either. I'll have to look that up.)
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