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  1. So, I find myself in the market for a Sega Master System. Hoping I can find a cheap one online before 2019 is over.

    1. Justin


      2019 might be the year I look for a nice Sega Master System too! It's one of my favorite systems. I had a minty fresh one in the box that was stolen out of a storage locker along with many other items from my collection. My best friend had a Master System when we were in elementary school, and when I started retro collecting in middle school I was able to find a Master System II for $19 brand new at Kay-Bee toys with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in. But I always wanted a nice original Master System for my collection. Sega Master System along with TurboGrafx-16 round out the "unique" 8/16 bit systems with great graphics and sound that I love to play. I'll take a Master System over a PS4 or Xbox any day!