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  1. Sadly, I have no TV again, so no console gaming for the foreseeable future.

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    2. RickR


      I've also had really good luck on Craigslist, Lee.  A lot of people are still getting rid of CRT's and they'll give them away for free for less than $10.  They are heavy, but perfect for retro gaming. 

      I also found a really nice 20" analog LCD tv on Craigslist for $10, and that has become my main gaming TV. 


    3. Justin


      Great suggestion @RickR 👏

    4. kamakazi20012


      RickR is right.  If you do a search for your local area and nearby areas you can get to you might be surprised at what you will find.  In the Craigslist search bar type "Free TV" and see what you find.  If nothing comes up check back daily.  Also check local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.  From my understanding they no longer accept CRT TVs and any left stay outside for the garbage trucks to collect.  If you can get them for free grab a couple of those bad boys.  Keep your favorite for regular use, keep the other for back up.  For easy moving due to weight I try to stay in the 20" range.  Those don't require a crane.

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