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  1. My local Gamestop has a pre-owned WiiU that I've had my eyes on for several weeks now, so I've decided to save up enough to buy it. I've got almost half the asking price of $129.99 now, and hope to have the other half by March. 

    I really want to get into the WiiU Virtual Console before Ninty eventually pulls the plug on it.

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    2. LeeJ07


      Oh, I already have a Switch, lol. I bought it on sale from Toys R Us last year when it was going out of business. 

      It was only 5% off, unfortunately, but hey, a discount is a discount.

    3. kamakazi20012


      To my understanding, the Wii U no longer has online support including the virtual console.  Any prepurchased content, even by a previous owner, is no longer downloadable.  Nintendo turned off their servers for the DS/DSi/Wii/Wii U consoles at the end of last month.  However, I'm not sure about the Wii U (I've thought about one, too) but there are some software modifications that can be done to a Wii to get it back online.

      I got lucky with my used Wii as it mysteriously came with two digital games...Tetris Party and Super Mario World (SNES).  I still have them and they still work, just no online support.  I was using Netflix on my Wii on a SDTV but even Netflix said it would no longer work once Nintendo pulled the plug.

    4. LeeJ07


      WiiU is still online as of now. In fact, they released a NEW game on the WiiU Eshop just last week. Shocking, I know.

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