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  1. Thinking I might have got scammed out of over $100 dollars with that replacement 3DS I ordered two weeks ago.

    Started getting concerned because it hasn't arrived in the mail, so I checked the store and it doesn't exist anymore, which is the biggest red flag.

    It looked completely legit, and the prices weren't ridiculously cheap, so it didn't raise any alarms to me, but it looks like it may have a very well-crafted scam site. I'll give it another week just to be sure, but then I'll contact Paypal for a refund.

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    2. LeeJ07


      The only reason I was in the market for a new 3DS was because the painted decoration on the front of my original model was bubbling up and flaking off.

      But, my 3DS is a limited edition, and identical replacements could go for up to $400 bucks on eBay. That's why I originally decided to get a different model that was cheaper.

      Got lucky and found a working version of the same limited edition as mine from Canada for the equivalent if $195 USD, though, and I consider that reasonable enough that I bought it.

    3. LeeJ07


      When I transfer my data over, it'll be like I'm still using the exact same 3DS, which means a lot to me.

    4. HDN


      I felt the same way. I transferred my data from my old, broken 3DS XL to my, at the time, shiny New 3DS XL.

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