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  1. Well, that Scam "3DS" I ordered finally arrived in the mail.

    Inside the tiny, TINY envelope from China was a flimsy clear i-Phone case that I'd wager isn't worth even 10 cents.

    Yeah, I paid $108 dollars for that.

    Still haven't heard back from Paypal, though, but there is still an open dispute on the transaction.

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    2. MaximumRD


      Lee, you really need to start being more wary of the things you spend money on. Unless from a reputable dealer with lots of good feedback look elsewhere. Now, don't get me wrong, I have ordered many things in past from Aliexpress and similar sites but I know first it will take forever to arrive, I accept that but as for the item I read  every detail clearly and make sure the specific seller has a lot of good feedback and ratings before even considering placing the order. I hope everything gets resolved but please just remember the old advice BUYER BEWARE, I hate saying this but it has served me well, these days just assume everything is geared toward taking your money if you are not careful. Now, you have protection ordering from sites like Ebay or Amazon (though still only buy from well rated sellers with good feedback on there) but otherwise it's literally a jungle and we are the prey. 

    3. Justin


      Why are you ordering Nintendo DS systems off a Chinese scam site?

    4. LeeJ07


      Didn't look like a scam site. There was nothing that openly screamed "this is fake." It came from a Google ad, too, which I used to think were pretty well curated. I've bought lots of things from Google ads, they've always been legit in the past. There is a first time for everything, though.

      Anyway, I checked multiple pages of the site, looked at the prices, which were all right around proper retail prices for refurbished systems, checked their "About Us" page, and nothing raised a red flag.

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