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  1. Got my room mostly cleaned out now. It looks like I dodged a bullet and most of my videogame collection was unscathed. A lot of my Wii and PC games boxes need to dry out, though.

  2. Well, the tree has finally been removed from the house. What a week.

    1. Rowsdower70


      Hurricane Rita dropped a huge pine tree on our house. It was a lot of work from us pulling up wet carpet and padding before the contractors ever got there.

  3. A tree has fallen on our house. I believe my entire videogame collection may have been destroyed.

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    2. kamakazi20012


      The consoles that got wet might be OK. Give them time to dry out. Might take a month or two but they might still work. Glad you guys are alright.

    3. LeeJ07


      Things are settling down a bit. The tree is being removed today. In better news, I managed to ascertain that my games are all apparently fine, aside from several cases getting wet. My Wii and PS2 are sitting out to dry. Sadly, my two VCS's had water literally pouring out of them. Hopefully they weren't destroyed, but 40 year old electronics? It probably isn't too good.

    4. kamakazi20012


      VCS systems are built like tanks! But you could help them out. Remove the screws and pull the mainboard out. Use compressed air of some kind or a blow dryer to dry off the board. At least try to dry off the cart slot...it would most likely rust before other components.

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  4. A tree has fallen on our house. I believe my entire videogame collection may have been destroyed.

  5. It seems my Dreamcast has died.

  6. May the Fourth be with you.

    1. Rowsdower70


      And also with you.

      (Methodist Jedi)

  7. The NES Classic Edition is discontinued? HOW AM I GONNA GET ONE NOW?

  8. First, I got the Game Boy Camera. Now, I have the e-Reader. My next conquest must be the Game Boy Printer. Then my Game Boy Advance shall be appeased.

    1. Gemini Gamer

      Gemini Gamer

      Can you still get paper for that printer?

  9. Well, it looks like my recently acquired copy of Chrono Cross is defective. It completely freezes up for no apparent reason.

    1. The Professor

      The Professor

      Try having the disc resurfaced. Any local used game store could probably do this for you if you ask nicely.

  10. I seem to be on a Playstation RPG kick lately; first Final Fantasy VIII, and now Chrono Cross. So many RPGs, so little time...

    1. kamakazi20012


      Some of the best RPGs are on that system. If you can splurge for it Final Fantasy IX is solid. There's tons on that system!

    2. Rowsdower70


      Final Fantasy Tactics is also great for PS1.

    3. greenween


      I love FF, but just never could get into FF8. FF 9 is my personal fave for the PS1. Tactics is very solid!

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  11. Been getting more Playstation games lately. Not found any Atari in awhile.

    1. greenween


      I took out my PS1 this morning. Gonna spend the day with Metal Gear Solid! :)

  12. Got myself a Game Boy Camera yesterday.

    1. atarilbc


      These were really great. I remember using one for band photos BITD.

    2. Justin


      When those first came out our mall was covered in Game Boy Camera sticky photos that people had put all over the mall. Haha that was a great time :)

    3. Gemini Gamer
  13. Oh my gosh, Steve Woita just wished me a happy birthday on Facebook!!! :o

  14. My birthday is next Monday.

  15. My 3DS is back from Nintendo!!!

  16. We are surviving the rains and floods here. No major flooding my area, thankfully.

    1. Rowsdower70


      Glad to hear that, Lee!

    2. atarifan95


      Where was this flood? I've been hearing about it, but haven't heard where it was.


      I thought I was pretty bad off over here in Michigan (we had tornadoes for awhile), but once I heard about this flood, I changed my mind and decided that the tornadoes weren't too bad (they didn't last very long).

    3. Rowsdower70


      It was in Louisiana AF95.

  17. It would seem that my still rather new 3DS has just died. :(

    1. Rowsdower70
    2. LeeJ07


      I still have warranty... Hoping it can be fixed.

    3. kamakazi20012


      wow. they don't make things like they use to.

  18. Just bought my first ever Dreamcast game: ChuChu Rocket!

    1. kamakazi20012


      That's a fun title! Weird but fun.

  19. Pokemon Go is the wildest thing, ever.

  20. AMAZING haul at Goodwill today, will update later.

    1. RickR


      Oh boy! Can't wait to read about it.


  21. By next week, I will FINALLY be able to connect my Dreamcast to a TV. Next Mission: Obtain a Dreamcast game.

    1. leolinden


      Good luck with that

    2. RickR


      Look in the CD section of Goodwill. And do not be afraid to buy the 2K sports games that came with the console. They are great.

    3. atarifan95


      Ever thought about getting Spider-Man for the Dreamcast? I really like that game, which you can also find for the PC, PS1, and N64. I don't know if the Dreamcast version has the weird glitches that the PC version has though, so you might want to look into that. I've never played Dreamcast, so I don't know much about it.

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  22. May the 4th be with you.

  23. I want to connect my Dreamcast to the Internet. It's Still Thinking...

    1. leolinden


      You have to use dial up.. sadly

    2. MaximumRD


      It was a fun gimmick back in the day but honestly it wears off quick, for what it would take to do so you'd be better off focusing on other accessories. Whatever means you are using to web browse etc is surely better.