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  1. Awesome find, Arenafoot! This will give me something to listen to while at work.
  2. Through the years I have found my own copies of the Wish Book are not just wonderful for trips down memory lane but for finding choice items to share over at the Retroist. Like the Sears Executive Pony?! You might think the image is made up or something but it actually was in the 1984 Wish Book. Ha, ha. http://www.retroist.com/2015/09/21/did-you-know-about-the-sears-1984-executive-pony/
  3. Some of this I had never heard before, thank you very much for sharing it Arenafoot!
  4. Very glad you liked it, StormSurge...and thanks you again for suggesting it! I think Ezra went on to become a Director of some classic TV shows like the Munsters and Lost in Space and even the TV Aldrich Family series...which had to be very surreal.
  5. Well, to be fair it was my co-host on the Saturday Frights Podcast that posted Killdozer. I find it's better to let him have some amount of control or the Projectionist gets very, very testy.
  6. Thanks for the review, RP! This is a game that I admit I have always wanted to own. My love of everything Jim Henson demands that I now do what I must to pick up this cartridge!
  7. Friends, the latest Retro Radio Memories podcast is up for your listening pleasure, this week we offer an 1939 episode of the teenage situational comedy The Aldrich Family. This is something of a special episode as it was requested by none other than Storm Surge! http://www.retroist.com/2015/09/20/retro-radio-memories-podcast-episode-034-the-aldrich-family/
  8. StormSurge, We've got you covered with this week with The Aldrich radio series on Retro Radio Memories. It should be up on Sunday, I'll be sure to post a link. Thanks for the heads up, my friend.
  9. Are you ready for a little blast of awesomeness? Check out a post I did on the Retroist focusing on a little known made for TV movie entitled "The Body Electric" from back in 1985, which just so happened to be handled by some folks that did the Harry Canyon and B-17 segments from the Heavy Metal film. As if that wasn't awesome enough how about using the music from Rush? http://www.retroist.com/2015/09/10/the-body-electric-rush/
  10. RadioPoultry...we are ALL still trying to get used to that voice for Popeye.
  11. StormSurge, sorry about the very late reply...just not enough time in the day it would seem. Ha, ha. I didn't know about this radio show myself but the Projectionist does! Let me see if we can't get an episode scheduled for next week? Do you mind if we mention your connection to the radio show?
  12. This is just awesome! Atari Adventure Square said it better than I could but it really does warm the heart to this still in operation.
  13. I certainly know it's not the typical Old Time Radio programs that we share but I hope everyone enjoyed the fun of Asteroids.
  14. For myself, I certainly do love the achievement or trophy system. I can't help but feel it's basically like those glorious days of the Activision patches. Having said that...in a game when I've survived a Herculean attempt from the A.I. at ending my game, laid low legions of my foes and hear the Xbox ding and then see that I received a mere 5 points? That makes me upset.
  15. Oh, you can be certain I will be doing a post for Howard Scott Warshaw day! Thanks a million for heads up.
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