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  1. Good fun everyone, great to play a game that not many are talking about. I thought it played really well.
  2. You got this Rick! About to go for another ride this weekend. Keep them scores coming.
  3. I remember buying a Mastersystem in High school from a friend for 20 bucks. I still own this black and red futuristic beauty. Not soon after that I took advantage of Sears selling these games for like 9 bucks a piece, and getting that converter for my Game Gear too. Looking forward to playing this once again.
  4. 5300. I keep having to remind myself this isn’t berserk, and it’s OK to touch the walls LOL
  5. Looking forward to playing this later tonight.
  6. So let’s talk about the mods. I replaced the Haptic feedback with a pair of Dayton Audio DAEX25 exciters and a new amp to Cary the load. With these exciters I can feel the ball roll down the table and every Target and bumper is felt inside the cabinet. In doing so I had to move the accelerometer into the center of the table because the new exciters triggered the tilt too much. The cabinet bumps and thumps now and feels alive. The placement of the new exciter‘s are right under the flipper buttons, that way I could feel every jump and bump, The new amp is installed underneath the table.
  7. I was able to score wave 6 and have been loving the new table for a week now... and I’ve already done two mods, probably some of the most important mods to do right off the bat. I’ll explain after I show it off. The screens are amazing, everything looks sharp and the tables don’t disappoint. If you can get one, don’t hesitate, get it.
  8. You can download the Zaccaria pinball game on any of the modern platforms and look at the tables and even play them for free. I have seen a lot of pinball in my lifetime and these are all new to me, and they are all excellent tables. My son and I would go to the Arcade Expo every year with at least 500 pin tables available, we would play them all... but not once did I see any Zaccaria tables. They look amazing, highlights Time Machine and Farfallia
  9. I’ve got my sights set on this product, anyone else? As an owner and early adapter of the Toyshock Haunted House pinball cab, I can give an honest review on that table... it was cool, was being the optimal word. Everything that I wanted that table to be and do it seams like this Legends Pinball cab does. Right now they are hard to come by, but I will get my hands on one. 22 built in titles with the option to download over 100 Zaccaria tables... I’m sold. What do you all think? Sound off. https://www.atgames.net/arcades/legends-pinball/
  10. Luck. I was almost on the verge of loosing it all every stage, then I’d get an extra man. I was ready to throw in the towel several times but I was in the zone I guess.
  11. 653,490 Playing on the PC Engine mini, with the 8bitdo game pad.
  12. It’s been a long time gang and I can’t believe we’re talking about it once again. UK Mike did a phenomenal job on this book. I could not put it down this weekend. If you want to know the full story on the dreaded Coleco Chamaeleon this is it. Yours truly is in the book, along with the usual suspects and many more. There were so many things I learned while reading the book, stuff that no one was talking about. Wonderful job UK Mike unpacking this crazy tale. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. https://gumroad.com/l/smokemirrors
  13. Yes! Let’s get it on!! don’t forget to make some Kahlúa this holiday season as well gang.
  14. Ok gang, let’s talk about two different Batman Returns - The tale of two Batmen on this weeks episode of Lynx Lounge.
  15. Batman Returns Lynx Lounge review 


  16. Sounds good! Let us know how they handle and again, congrats and have some fun with them.
  17. Congratulations on the big win... Now the big question is, what do you plan on playing first once you get these fine looking controllers?
  18. Those two game I knew nothing about back in the day, so playing Switchblade II vs Switchblade I I was like... whatever this is. Its wasn't until later I understood the bridge between Amiga / Atari St and how those systems were used to port games over to the Lynx and Jaguar.
  19. Im gonna cover Switchblade II as well, but good eye on the Wonderboy similarities, its very close but Im guessing there is just so much stripped from the original game.
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