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  1. Love my Road Blasters cabinet, but wouldn’t mind another just to switch out Indiana and Marble Madness. Such great memories with this game, from the music, to the digitized speech, and the chance to be Indy... wow.
  2. Marble Madness, Road Runner, Peter Packrat, Road Blasters and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom all were Atari System 1 cabinet games. Which one was your favorite? Another Live! Arcade play from your old pal BTB
  3. Hey there! Glad you found the article here as this information is spread out all over the place and I wanted to highlight the work I was attempting to do, and keep it all on one sight. As for your questions. - Leave out the V & H Sync solder the rest just like in the pic. - old monitor plugs wont be needed -re wire the NEW power converter as stated on the front lable, it gets the power from another converter on the board. And the monitor s its own power supply, plunging the cabinet and monitor into one cable - I believe its a 19” dell any 19” or 20” 4X3 monitor will work - I used some cheap metal strips from Home Depot to make the bracket, most monitors have screw holes in the back for the stand or mounting, just use those, with a few washers you should be set. Good luck! Bring your machine back from the brink and give it some life. I will try to find some time to post some more pice soon.
  4. Rick this is awesome news! Welcome to the club - 2 player challenges coming soon!
  5. Thank you Kid A! Merry Christmas to you and I will most definitely put this to good use in the game room!
  6. Thinking of you brother. Looking forward to 2019, and hoping it brings you all the best.
  7. Yeah its pretty cool. As you can see I’m very close, excited to get it all buttoned up. Jonnsing to play some Super Breakout.
  8. As promised - a little update. Thanks for helping gang, I’m coming in the home stretch and want to get this done before the big New Years party coming soon.
  9. Awesome advice Rick. Back up for sure and if you can get me the information on the dueling Stellas that would be perfect. I will be doing a video of my progress today, so I can share with you all how far I’ve come. Thanks again
  10. Alright gang - guess what? It worked... kind of. So I have the spinners working BUT only on games that are running out of MAME 2003 and 2010. I have a bunch of other games that are running through Final Burn Alpha - which does NOT support the spinners. On another note I have a bunch of Atari 2600 paddle games I want to play but here is another problem. Apparently ther are two Atari emulators in Retropie. One is Stella and the other is IR Stella. I have a full set of IR Stella, and thats cool... BUT it does not support a mouse. If i had just regular Stella it would be no problem, which I don’t. So now I need to figure out how to load in new ROMs for Only mame and then figure out how to load regular Stella... I’m very close thank to you super sleuths. Thanks for the help, now hoping you can give me some more advice on loading up the few loose ends.
  11. btbfilms76

    MAME Help

    Im wondering if the mini PC that im using is causing problems? Im seeing more and more problems with windows 10... I winder if I put win 7 on it instead my problems would go away?
  12. I will try using Pointer instead of "mouse" I have a turbo twist 2 and the way it works is player one is X and player two is Y
  13. Merry Christmas Kid A! Be looking in the mail for your card and I hope to see you in Pixel Vault Games soon!
  14. Yes Ive seen this and will try it again. If it still wont work, not sure what is the next step. Hell I'll even ship it out if someone has an answer.
  15. Yes, gonna try again and see if I can get anything worked out.
  16. Its the mouse input. Basically The turbo twist is a mouse input. One knob is the X axis and the other is the Y. Its registered as a mouse. If I can get Retro Arch, Mame and Atari 2600 to recognize a mouse Im in business. I'd ship it out if anyone can help. How ever I can't ship the Turbo twist - just note it's only a mouse.
  17. btbfilms76

    MAME Help

    Yes I did. How ever what it seams like to me - being a novice on the Retro Pie, it's almost like its built on a few different layers, and I have to write some code on a text doc. That being said it seams like Im doing something wrong, or the build I have is not setup for it.
  18. btbfilms76

    MAME Help

    Reaching out to the community here for some help. Im trying to get my Pong Cabinet in a perfect state - right now its not. Imagine a beautiful sports car with a Pinto engine. Im not happy with my Mame set up, so I switched to a retro pie - thats not perfect either because I cant get the turbo twits to work, the whole point of the cabinet. Can anyone help me with either getting a solid Mame interface - thats guest friendly (meaning I don't have to babysit the cabinet) when people are over. Or get my Retro Pie to read the turbo twist working. Im hoping the Atari.io McPeeps can help me out.
  19. Rick I need some help getting my turbo twist to be recognized. Im having trouble getting my "mouse" function to work, so Ive got no control with the turbo twist. I would love some help with this. let me know.
  20. Not that it's not going too well - It just needs to be perfect, and easy for my guests to use.
  21. Trying to rack my brain on what I could possibly need. The one thing that come to mind is my pong cabinet is not perfect, and I’d like to fix that. The micro computer I was using as the MAME interface was not stable - not good for guests to navigate around. I switched over to a retro pie and I can’t get the dang thing to recognize my spinners. Im at a loss and would love some help trying to get the perfect set up dialed in.
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