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  1. I almost beat Blue Lightning for Jaguar CD in a single sitting.  As it happened, I lost my last plane crashing into an iceberg - pilot error.  I'll never understand why that game gets so much hate.  For me, it looks and plays as well as Total Eclipse/Solar Eclipse on 3DO/Saturn and other games like that.  Also, can we talk about the ripping heavy/hard rock soundtrack?  Its not a very deep game but its a great way to blow through a couple of hours.  

  2. @RetroGameBoyz - Those improvements sound really interesting. I think its great that you're taking feedback from users to incorporate into future revisions. I'm still very happy with mine; it hasn't left my 7800 in a week!
  3. Looking at motorcycles to complete the midlife crisis look. 😂😂😂

    1. Justin


      I'm thinking @Clint Thompson might be somebody good to talk to 🏍️

    2. RickR


      I know a guy at work that has an electric motorcycle, which he says is faster than most.  Pretty cool. 

      Be safe, man.  Get yourself the proper gear to wear while riding. 

  4. @RetroGameBoyz - I received my controller yesterday and was able to put some time on it today. I'm really impressed. This is a terrific controller. To other users - if you're interested and are sitting on the fence, go for it. I also shared my impressions in a blog post here. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
  5. Welcome to the first "annex" entry into the gaming notebook. I'll post reviews of homebrews, community projects, and other goodies here. First up, my review of the Robotron 2084 controller for the Atari 7800 by Mike @RetroGameBoyz I ordered my controller last week after reading about it on the forums and received it on Friday. It was shipped in a plastic mailer with plenty of bubble-wrap for protection. As many of you know, the Atari 7800 version of Robotron can be played with either one or two controllers. With one controller, you can only shoot in the direction in which you are moving. Using a two controller configuration, the first controls the direction of movement and the second controls the direction of fire. Honestly, this is the best way to play Robotron 2084 and closely mirrors the experience of the arcade version. That said, as you can imagine, without a coupler, using two unsecured joysticks or gamepads can be difficult. This is where Mike's gamepad comes in. Using a 3D printed gamepad, modern style pad holder, dual d-pads and two 9-pin cables, the RetroGameBoyz Robotron 2084 controller allows you to play the game in the way that it's meant to be played. First impressions: The game pad itself is just about the size of an NES pad. In the optional holder, it's just a little larger than a Dual Shock 4 and is pretty comfortable. At first, I was worried that the square-ish shape of the holder would feel clunky. I'm happy to report that it actually feels quite nice and I don't anticipate taking the pad out of the holder. The parts have that "ridged" look that is typical of things made with a 3D printer. However, this isn't to say that it doesn't feel substantial. The build quality is legit and the controller responds nicely in all directions. I really like the custom sticker; it's a nice finishing touch. The two 9-pin cables are extra long, measuring 9 feet! No extension cables needed! Let's see how it plays: I really love the 7800 version of Robotron 2084, although I'm not that great at it. On the default "intermediate" setting, I can generally get up to wave 8 before giving up the ghost. Playing with one controller requires you to play in a defensive way. With the dual pad, I was able to get to wave 12 and score over 170,000 points. Being able to have independent directional control over both movement and fire allows you to play much more aggressively. Simply put, it's an entirely different - and better - game. The controller also includes independent fire buttons for use in other 7800 games. Its important to note, this works with the left pad only; the right pad isn't used outside of Robotron. I played Xevious, Choplifter, Centipede, Ms. PacMan and Food Fight to put the controller though its paces. I found it to be light, comfortable and responsive. The buttons seem to work correctly. The d-pads hit all of the directions accurately. After a solid two hours of gameplay, I didn't feel the least bit of fatigue in my hands. Compared to the Atari 7800 europad, this controller was at least as good if not better in most every respect. Final thoughts: The dual-pad Robotron 2084 controller for the Atari 7800 is a winner. It looks cool, plays great, can be used for more than just Robotron and - for $49 - is just about the best damn controller you can get for the 7800. I really like it and can see this becoming my goto for the 7800, 2600 and A8 although Mike has a single pad variant on offer via eBay. If you want more information on this controller, check out the original thread or visit Mike's eBay link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/retrogameboyz/m.html
  6. The Lynx is a good example. Looking at the games list, in my view, three decent original Lynx titles were developed by Atari; Checkered Flag, Super Asteroids/Missile Command and Warbirds. Internal teams did handle various conversions like Rampage, Pac-Land and Rampart...but those were licensed titles. Most other games seem to have been developed by other companies and published by Atari. The Jaguar fared similarly, with only Club Drive, Fight for Life, Hoverstrike and Trevor McFur developed internally. There were some games - like Scrapyard Dog, Desert Falcon, Missile Command 3D, Ninja Golf, Planet Smashers, Tempest 2000 - for which Atari owns the IP but the games were developed by outside companies. I know that Atari Corp had talented people who were heavily involved in developer support, production and testing roles. But where was their Yu Suzuki, Miyamoto, Ed Logg or HSW?
  7. A recent IG post from Justin got me thinking about original IP from Atari Corp. As we all know, Atari Inc. licensed titles but also had original IP from it's Consumer Division like Yars Revenge and tremendous output from the Arcade Division, whose games were frequently ported to the company's consoles and computers. Atari was a real creative software powerhouse at it's peak. After the Consumer Division was sold to Tramiel, it seems like the new Atari Corp. didn't put out a lot of great new IP. Sure, Atari Games kept producing hits like Gauntlet, Roadblasters, Primal Rage, STUN Runner, XYBOTS, but Atari Corp? Tramiel was more hardware focused, preferring to outsource software development to the lowest bidder. This stands in contrast to the internal teams at Sega and Nintendo. Can you think of any Atari Corp. IP that you really love? Bonus points if it was internally developed by Atari.
  8. Thanks, Justin. I dusted off the tunic when I moved but the fit was off. 10 years is a long time ago in terms of clothing! 😂😂😂
  9. I really like Enterprise. Its actually the only Trek series that I have on physical media and is probably my favorite after TOS. With the exception of the finale, I think that the fourth season is great with the various multi-episode story arcs, the Mirror Universe episodes and the beginnings of the Federation. I imagine that a fifth season would have got into the war with the Romulans.
  10. I went to the touring museum (2008) and I'm trying to find a picture of my standing in the mouth of The Guardian of Forever. I'm happy as a Klingon targ. They also had this green screen video kareoke where you acted in a scene and got a DVD. Wish I could find those. Instead, here's a bad digital photo of me doing my best Kirk in 2009. I still have my command gold TOS tunic. I have no idea who I'm trying to contact on that communicator. It's all about the passion!
  11. Listed the house the other day. The market is crazy here in coastal SoCal so we already have a few offers. This whole process started almost a year ago and the house sale marks it's completion. I have a lot of "feels" as the kids might say but I'm definitely optimistic about what the future holds. Also, I get some time back! Bring on the gaming!
  12. Every year or so I bust Rayman out to see if I get any better. It's probably the strongest 3rd party title on the Jaguar and arguably the best version of the game. Wish me luck! 


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    2. atarilbc


      Looks like it's 100 percent compatible on Phoenix and Virtual Jaguar so hoping people will participate.  I'm really looking forward to SainT's SD cart.  That will make Jag gaming much more accessible! 

    3. Justin


      I completely agree! I'm interested to see if it creates a lot more interest in the Jaguar

    4. atarilbc


      RE: Rayman, I realize playing it now that it doesn't really have a score, per se. We would have to do something creative like percent complete without continues. 

      For raw scores, Tempest 2K, Defender 2K, Missile Command 3D, Zero5 and Raiden would be good. Also, the GOOD racing games for best times/time trial. 

  13. I really enjoyed watching/listening to these. Spot on analysis of the retail issue post-crash. Also, I agree that as kids we had no idea anything was going on. You could get awesome games for cheap! There was so much going on at Atari in '83-84. I'm not sure if the History Channel's program touched on it, but Atari's last president under Warner - James J. Morgan - had only been there for less than a year and had an aggressive plan to turn Atari around. With GCC's involvement, the quality of 2600 and 5200 games went way up in '83-84 and the 7800 was primed to correct past missteps. Also, the arcade division was killing it! It's a shame that Warner didn't give Jim Morgan the opportunity to fully realize his plan. I really like some of the Tramiel-era products but their takeover was really a death knell for the once great Atari. Here's a link to the archived NYT article on Warner selling the farm. It's an interesting read. https://www.nytimes.com/1984/07/03/business/warner-sells-atari-to-tramiel.html
  14. Also, one casino had a 4-player competition Pac-Man setup for gambling. I wish I had a pic of us playing that. I'm not really a gambler but that was FUN. Here is a photo of me playing "the World's Largest Pac-Man." I think it was at LINQ. It was a fun novelty but it played more like Ms. Pac-Man. Also, I think that I could go a lot bigger with my 7800 and a projector!
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