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  1. 76,300. Retiring my thumb for the evening!
  2. Congrats, Rick! I drove a LEAF for 8 years and would still be driving today had it not been totaled. They are great cars.
  3. 51,200. Justin is right; this is one HARD game. Loving it!
  4. I set my phone to stay unlocked for 50 minutes. Then I was able to grab my phone quickly enough to take a picture. My score isn't worth posting yet. Killer game!
  5. This happened to me too. I die (quickly), cannot pause and then it plays a jingle and asks whether I want to continue. I had no time to grab my phone and take a shot. I'm playing via Mednafen.
  6. Is this the OG Pac4K by Dennis Debro? I believe that's the one in the AA store. Different from DINTAR816's 4K but also great effort!
  7. Ok, I give up. I came within a few points of my last score and gave up the ghost👻. Time for a break! I recalled another attempt at Pac-Man 8K. This was a hack by AA member Nukey Shay using Tod's original code, kernel, ghost AI and maze layout but with improved control, speed, colors and sound. Here's the bin file. This still feels very 2600 but it's interesting nonetheless. Pacman8k.bin
  8. I think that I'll give this another shot. 🍹
  9. 41,790 On a 4-switch Woody VCS via Harmony using a Coleco Gemini controller.
  10. This is a fantastic port of the game and, by far, the best version on the 2600. FYI - Dintar816 is actually on version 8 of the build. The link to the most recent build is here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/229152-new-pacman-for-atari-2600/?p=4131166 It improves corning and plays even more closely to the arcade. Also, note: If you're playing on a console, the right difficulty switch controls normal and fast modes. Assuming we're playing in the "normal" mode that starts slow? The interview with Tod Frye clearly shows why he was the wrong person to handle an arcade conversion. The deadlines he was dealing with notwithstanding, if you don't get why exits at the top, maze layouts and color schemes are a big deal, you shouldn't be handling an arcade game. I say this as someone who grew up with 2600 Pac-Man and really enjoys that game.
  11. I'll take some photos when I bring them over here and get them sorted. There are a few four switch Woody consoles, a Vader or two, a Jr. and maybe a light sixer. Probably eight in total. I would happily send one for the site.
  12. My main goal for 2019 is to repair and sell/gift several 2600s in the garage. I'm moving them from my house - which is being sold as part of my divorce - to my apartment and I just don't have the room. Other than that, I want to try and play through a game a month after everything settles.
  13. Happy St. Patrick's Day atari.io!

    Unsurprisingly, this is my only green shirt. ☘️☘️☘️


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