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  1. Every year or so I bust Rayman out to see if I get any better. It's probably the strongest 3rd party title on the Jaguar and arguably the best version of the game. Wish me luck! 


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    2. atarilbc


      Looks like it's 100 percent compatible on Phoenix and Virtual Jaguar so hoping people will participate.  I'm really looking forward to SainT's SD cart.  That will make Jag gaming much more accessible! 

    3. Justin


      I completely agree! I'm interested to see if it creates a lot more interest in the Jaguar

    4. atarilbc


      RE: Rayman, I realize playing it now that it doesn't really have a score, per se. We would have to do something creative like percent complete without continues. 

      For raw scores, Tempest 2K, Defender 2K, Missile Command 3D, Zero5 and Raiden would be good. Also, the GOOD racing games for best times/time trial. 

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