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  1. So the divorce was finalized last month. The last few weeks I've been spending my off hours getting ready to list our house. I haven't lived there for six months and there are some things that need to be addressed before the listing. I'm hoping for a quick sale so that I can close the book on this chapter. Onward and upward!
  2. Is it too early to call this challenge? Epic score!
  3. In terms of the home market, I think that the Atari of 1989 should have stuck with the 7800; enhancing games through the carts and releasing the game pad that was available in Europe to U.S. customers. Splitting their marketing and development dollars between the 2600 Jr., 7800 and XEGS made little sense. Outside of sound, the 7800 was superior to the A8 and held it's own compared to the NES and SMS. In 1989, the A8 tech was more than a decade old. It was not something that should have been invested in. In terms of the XEGS - while that would have been great in 1982 - by the time they released it and the budget XE line - it wasn't compelling. And I say this as a kid who got one at 10 years old and has a lot of love for the system. Had Atari Corps been savvy, they might have consolized the ST and beat Sega and Nintendo to 16-bit; complete with a library of incredible games. That's something I could get behind.
  4. #LunchtimeUnwind. I didn't get as far but I did better in the bonus rounds. New score: 157,450
  5. New score: 154,000 I played a pretty good game until I got to Black Turtle. Once there, I had no idea what strategy to employ. I definitely got past it when I was 12! πŸ™ƒ
  6. Must quit playing. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜πŸ™ƒ New score: 142,050
  7. I can't remember if it was Shinobi, Rampage or Space Harrier that I played first. I just recall being very impressed when I first played an SMS in 1989. At the time I had an XEGS so you can imagine how much better the SMS looked and played compared to Atari's repackaged A8. New score: 131,500
  8. A slight improvement thanks to the bonus stage. I couldn't activate my magic so I lost Ken Oh. 61,400
  9. Great pick for the squad challenge! This is my first time playing this version of Shinobi since at least 1991! My childhood best friend had an SMS and I loved this game. First time out: 54,900 on Mednaffe with a USB controller.
  10. Supercross 3D! I'm sure that this will get a lot of "trash" ratings. It's generally mentioned as one of the worst games in the Jaguar's library. I remember first reading about Supercross 3D in a preview in '95 and it looked promising. Once released, the actual reviews were far less favorable. I ended up buying it at Electronics Boutique when stores started liquidating Jaguar stock in the summer of '96. On the positive side, control is simple and precise and the track layouts are well-designed and varied. Graphically, the riders, onlookers and tracks look pretty good when you're not moving. The jumbotron following the action is a great touch. I'm also impressed by the dirt being kicked up by the tires. There's even a brief replay of both accidents and finishes. It's all very "next-gen" for 1995 and it's clear that a lot of thought went into these aspects of the game. Unfortunately, the graphical touches, particularly the use of texture mapping, are likely the cause of game breaking slow down. In "Race" mode, the frame rate is incredibly slow and the graphics are so choppy that the game is practically unplayable. This is most noticeable at points in a race where several riders are on the screen at once. The choppiness is distracting to the point that it can cause a wreck and the loss of several places. It's truly frustrating, especially in "Tournament" where the goal is to finish in the top three. Then there is the unforgiving collision detection where any contact with the flat-shaded areas just off the track cause your bike to wreck. It really becomes an issue in tight cornering. And what fun is racing when you can't hug corners? In "Practice" mode, Supercross 3D is almost enjoyable. With only one bike on the screen, the frame rate issues are a lot less distracting. You actually get a sense of speed. It's no surprise that "Practice" mode is what's displayed as the attract screen. Had Atari and Tiertex managed to hold "Race" mode to the same frame rate as in "Practice", they may have had a decent racer on their hands. As it is, the game is hard to recommend unless you're a Jaguar enthusiast. I will say that there is something fun about trying to get through tournament mode despite the game's flaws. Supercross 3D challenges you to overcome it's frame rate and collision detection issues. That said, fun shouldn't come from fighting through performance and design issues. I really want to like Supercross 3D but ultimately it was poorly implemented. The frame rate issues and collision detection combine to to make Supercross 3D much less fun than it should be. While there is fun to be had in "Practice" mode and in simply overcoming the game breaking problems, these aren't enough to salvage the game. I won't call it trash but it's a solid "Meh." Thanks for reading and keep up the great work Shinto!
  11. I broke out my Intellivision Flashback console for this one. It hasn't seen a lot of play because I'm not a big Intellivision fan. Trying the two controller approach suggested by @RickR. This could be fun with a dual stick controller but with the disk on one hand and the buttons on the other, it's not a lot of fun. Maybe if you could use just the disks - something akin to dual stick Robotron - it would fare better. 5,600 to get on the board.
  12. 76,300. Retiring my thumb for the evening!
  13. Congrats, Rick! I drove a LEAF for 8 years and would still be driving today had it not been totaled. They are great cars.
  14. 51,200. Justin is right; this is one HARD game. Loving it!
  15. I set my phone to stay unlocked for 50 minutes. Then I was able to grab my phone quickly enough to take a picture. My score isn't worth posting yet. Killer game!
  16. This happened to me too. I die (quickly), cannot pause and then it plays a jingle and asks whether I want to continue. I had no time to grab my phone and take a shot. I'm playing via Mednafen.
  17. Is this the OG Pac4K by Dennis Debro? I believe that's the one in the AA store. Different from DINTAR816's 4K but also great effort!
  18. Ok, I give up. I came within a few points of my last score and gave up the ghostπŸ‘». Time for a break! I recalled another attempt at Pac-Man 8K. This was a hack by AA member Nukey Shay using Tod's original code, kernel, ghost AI and maze layout but with improved control, speed, colors and sound. Here's the bin file. This still feels very 2600 but it's interesting nonetheless. Pacman8k.bin
  19. I think that I'll give this another shot. 🍹
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