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  1. Here's the ROM file if anyone is looking for it. It's an interesting platformer. For me, the controls are just a little clunky and the hit detection a bit unforgiving. It's definitely not as refined as Super Mario Bros. but has a colorful and fun look. I'm not ready to post but I'm going to keep trying though! Good luck everyone! Alex Kidd in Miracle World (USA, Europe).sms
  2. Congrats, @Atari Creep. I tend to agree with @RickR, they really are two different games in terms of difficulty. The 2600 port is objectively more challenging. (Just look at my score difference. 😬) It was still a fun change up to have a cross-platform challenge! What other games might work for something like this? BTW - I posted a peak score of 81k on the Inty version. The low score above was my attempt at the 2600.
  3. Two quick additional thoughts on this: (1) I recently picked up the UAV mod for a spare 7800 and Rikki & Vikki looks and sounds way better than on my LHE. It's really incredible how good the music is. (2) I finally played two-player co-op for a few hours with my GF and its a different experience. Several co-op screens require team work to solve and really adds to the fun of the game! P.S. According to the thread at AA, there are fewer than 83 copies left so if you're on the fence, visit PenguiNet and treat yourself to a unique 7800 experience!
  4. Mail call: Titanfall 2 on PS4 courtesy of @Atari Creep!

    Check out that sweet "Creep it Real" sticker. Going to try it out over the long weekend.  Thanks Chris! 


  5. COBRA!!!! 


    1. BlackCatz40


      That brings back memories of my watching GI:Joe. I might want to play Cobra Strike on my Atari later! :O)

    2. kamakazi20012


      Yep.  Watched those GI Joe cartoons followed with Transformer cartoons.  Ah the good ol' days.  Now a days people see that, Tom & Jerry, and Looney Tunes and it's all, "That's offensive and violent."  Blah.  What ever happened to good old slapstick comedy?  Oh dear...please don't let modern society see the 3 Stooges...someone might get a knot in their drawers.

  6. Interesting that it has so many buttons for an Atari collection. Do they function as the select, reset, B&W and difficulty switch buttons?
  7. My original Atari Pro-Controller is great. In my view it's the best available for the Jag. I personally never noticed a ton of difference between the black button and grey button standard pads. I bought the reproduction controller (2x) on release but both had issues. The pins were misaligned and completely bent on one and the other doesn't function well - issues with option button. Because of personal circumstances they sat in a box for months before I tried them out so I never followed up. I hear most people like them. 🤷‍♂️
  8. The Evercade Premium Pack came with 36 games included on 3 carts. All I can do is play Boogerman! 


    1. RickR


      Looks good.  I like the large screen.  Looks clear and crisp.


    2. atarilbc


      Yeah, I'm pretty impressed so far. 

    3. kamakazi20012


      Ah man! I spent a lot of hours on Boogerman BITD.  I loved how it was like a comic book.  Not the most hygienic of games but it was fun and comical.  One of my favorite Genny games.  I like watching what he does when he is left alone for a bit.

  9. Works great! I really like both the Ranger and the Trooper. I don't think they got the paddle right on the Ranger but as a thumb pad it's pretty nice!
  10. Not an entry, but if you really like this game I recommend Meteor Shower for the 7800 by Bob Decrescenzo. Its personally my favorite version of the game and is nicely updated in terms of graphics and sound. Check it out over on AtariAge.
  11. 4415. Took a stab at Astroblast on my modded Sears Video Arcade. Wow, this is objectively more difficult than Astrosmash on the Inty! The starting speed feels like 4x on the Intellivision.
  12. 80,860 final on an Intellivision Flashback console. (81,410 Peak Score) Damn my wrist is sore using the Inty controller.
  13. I had a DS Lite that I picked up in '06 or so. I got really into the Castlevania games and Etrian Odyssey series. In terms of "burnout", Elder Scrolls Oblivion comes to mind. I really like RPGs but I prefer them to be slightly more linear/guided and story driven. At first I was really excited by Oblivion but by the end, I was over it. When Skyrim came out, I picked it up anyway (hype machine) and couldn't spend more than a few hours on it. The memory of Oblivion just made it taxing. Hope you have fun getting reacquainted with the DS. A lot of great titles for sure!
  14. Trying out my just arrived Blaze Evercade. Look for hardware and cart impressions on blog in the next few days. Pumped! 


    1. Justin


      I'm looking forward to these blog posts Arlen! I've seen more and more stuff about the Evercade but haven't checked one out in person yet. Really curious to see if this holds water with you or not.

    2. Atari Creep

      Atari Creep


    3. atarilbc


      I haven't put it through it's paces yet but so far the Evercade been really nice. Here it is pictured next to a Lynx II for reference. 


  15. 53,125. Done for the night. This game is brutal!
  16. 29,895 via emulation on a Logitech controller. Its a start. 😉
  17. Congratulations on meeting your goal. I just donated. Let's see how high we can get this thing!!!
  18. It looks BOGUS. That said, I know that I'm still going to see it. Wyld Stallions Rule!
  19. Damn, I forgot how hard this game is. It's hard to tell which plane the enemies are on in relation to the player character. I feel like I'm missing all of them! 😂
  20. @RickR It seems to be shipping in the UK and delayed Stateside. Apparently, their release was scheduled in May but set back because of supply chain issues due to COVID-19. The company has been posting updates about stock. Here's more info on the console. https://www.evercade.co.uk/
  21. The Evercade is a new, cartridge-based retro gaming handheld from Blaze (UK). Apparently, the emulators are on the carts and not the machine itself. Each cart has from 2 to 20 games. The idea here is that the carts provide curated collections add an element of collectability to an emulation handheld. Personally, I'm somewhat interested. I like the look of it. Early reviews are generally positive and it has HDMI out. Also, I agree with the premise that it's easy for good games to get lost in a sea of rom files on sd cards and hard drives, so curated collections are welcome. So far these collections are a bit underwhelming but two Lynx carts are planned, one of which includes a Songbird release. A few collections also contain modern homebrew for retro consoles. Prices range from $80 - $100 for the console. Carts are $20 each. The $100 bundle comes with 3 carts including collections from Atari, Data East and Interplay. That seems to be the best value. Is anyone here jumping in on the Evercade? Other thoughts?
  22. @Justin - amazing score! You're right about the layers here.
  23. 986,200 at level 11. I was pretty close but a little too worried about capturing the rollover.
  24. @RickR then it wouldn't be a secret! 😂😂😂😂 I do recommend watching the Creep's video from last week. He says something that helped me figure it out.
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