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  1. 22,520. A slight improvement. I'm trying for the 30k+ club. One more day to go! Good luck everyone!
  2. Hahahah @HDN! I was wondering where this post went!
  3. 19,530. This is way better than I had been doing. Still hoping to get 30k before tomorrow. And, lest I forget; @btbfilms76 enter me to win! (Thank you!)
  4. Welcome to atari.io @1Littlebeast! I'm originally from the buckeye state! It's good to see another retro nerd from Ohio on the forums!
  5. I picked up a Samsung GX TV in working order and decent cosmetic condition. I remember when these came out and it's as ridiculous now as it was then!

    Pretty pumped on the sound and picture.



    1. RickR


      SWEET!  I've had my eye out for one of those, but never found one in the wild.  Nice pickup!


  6. Happy 21st birthday, Sega Dreamcast! The Dreamcast was the only proper console I ever bought on launch day (the other being the Jag CD add-on). I had rented an import system in the spring of 1999 and couldn't wait to have arcade quality games at home. Sega's epic last stand in the console wars ahead of its time and a truly great console. My go to games are an odd bunch of DC kart racers, including Looney Tunes Space Race, Pen Pen TriIcelon and Whacky Races. I'm not huge into kart racers but there is something about these that have me going back. Other than that, my favorites are Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, PowerStone and Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver. Then there are the arcade titles too numerous to name!
  7. I can't believe these amazing scores! I've yet to break 10,000. At least I have time to improve. I'm using this as an opportunity to get used to OBS. I won't post a score yet, but this is how Galaxian is making me feel! Also, does anyone else think the sprites in this version are more reminiscent of the sprites in Galaga than Galaxian? Compared to the arcade, A8 and 5200 versions - the shapes have a much more Galaga vibe to me.
  8. Thanks @Justin and everyone else who has contributed to making IO the great community that it is! Onward and upward!
  9. Growing up, I loved Ricky the Dragon Steamboat, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Jake the Snake Roberts. If I had to pick, I'll go with Roddy!
  10. This is easier to watch than to listen to! 😉 These subjective lists are always so interesting because of the broad range of opinion. For example, I was surprised Tomcat F-14 is so high on your list (13)! I'll have to give it another look.
  11. I gotta say this was one fun HSC. It was great to see everyone improve over time. Well done! Also, congrats @Justin on an epic high score!
  12. 64,830. About an hour left. So close to finishing the final lap. I'm trying it with music now.
  13. 63,400. So close to finishing the final lap but then crashed it. A few more days to improve!
  14. @Justin, I think it goes back to how I first experienced this game. The stock ProLine controller was just awkward and didn't offer the precision the game requires. At the time, I thought it was just ok and never put any real time into it. The HSC kinda gave me a motivation to stick with the game, try out different controllers and get better. It also helps me to appreciate what GCC pulled off here. The controls, sense of speed and sound are all pretty great. The game is demanding but, I think @RickR said this, it's fair. If you stick with it and build your skill, it rewards you. So, this is now up there on my list of 7800 arcade ports.
  15. I spent Atari Day evening organizing these 2600/7800 compatible joysticks. Gotta have the right tools for the right job! 😂🕹ī¸ Happy Atari Day everyone!
  16. @LeeJ07 it's great to see your collection coming along! That's a really nice setup!
  17. 53,290. A slight improvement using the Europad. I gotta say, this challenge has really changed my overall opinion of this game for the better. It's a really wonderful conversion.
  18. What do you all think of the Polymega? At it's core its another Linux-based multi-system emulation device. What set's it apart is the ability to play original physical media, both CDs and carts (via expansions). Current CD support is for Sega CD, Sega Saturn, TurboGrafx CD, Playstation 1 and Neo Geo CD. Cart expansion slots include Genesis/32x, NES, Super NES/Famicom, TurboGrafx 16. Other systems like 3DO, N64 and Dreamcast could be supported in the future. Apparently, they are currently shipping Beta and review units and the early impressions seem favorable. I'm somewhat interested due to space limitations. It would be nice to have "one ring to rule them all" and reduce the number of original consoles in my set-up. Also, you can dump your physical media to an onboard storage library and there seem to be a host of features for hacks, save states, etc. Plus, with the 20+ year old cd-drives beginning to fail, the idea of a new drive that works for multiple platforms is intriguing. That said, it seems pretty expensive. The pre-order for the US is $399 and the cart expansion packs are $80/ea. You'd get into PS5 territory pretty quick with the base unit and full expansion packs! Plus no Atari console support as of yet. 😉
  19. I missed this video @Atari Creep but this is a great video and so right on. Well done and a lot of fun! Stay safe!
  20. Love my PSVR. It really opens up a new dimension of gaming when well implemented.
  21. Having sat on it for a few days before re-watching with the GF, I still enjoyed it. The approach to the storytelling was interesting and entertaining. I didn't learn anything new and some of the history - particularly the N.A. crash and fall of Atari was over simplified - but a decent overview. The later episodes with the Nintendo Game Counselor, the high score kids and John Romero were great. I also liked the Argonaut/Star Fox story. Outside of how they handled the crash, it was a decent series and may open up interest in this era of gaming to potentially broader audiences. I think that's a good thing! Also, you can tell that HSW is embracing this ET thing and loving every minute of it. Good on him. It's not the cause of the crash, nor the worst game ever, but I like how he is wearing it, if that makes any sense. 😉
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