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  1. Hi Shinto, I reviewed Super Burnout in a Member Blog post here at Atari.io some time ago. Here are my thoughts from that post. "Super Burnout is a solid if somewhat shallow racer. The game looks good, sounds good and controls well but it is otherwise very straightforward. Arcade-style time challenges, checkpoints and bike customization/upgrades may have done more to flesh out the game. As a technical achievement and an example of how the Jaguar handles 2D, Super Burnout is a showpiece. It's arguably the best racer on the system and is enjoyable in both single-player or versus mode. I hesitate to call it a "must-have" but if you like sport bikes and racing games, it's well worth your time." Thanks for reading!
  2. Still in Progress - 20,010,600 I got home from TG and put another 10M on the odometer. I think I'm going to call it. It takes about 2.5 "levels" to tick up 100K and about half an hour to get 5M. Apparently the game goes to just over 100M. I do not have 8 more hours of this in me. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. @RadioPoultry - I was hoping it would roll at 10M too! That's why I grabbed my phone to record. Lol! I'm happy to call it a draw if you are? @Justin, proposing a Level 125, 10M+ "winners tier." ๐Ÿ˜œ
  4. IN PROGRESS Paused at 10,017,500 Apparently, the last level is 125. I had a breakthrough in my play strategy so I'm going to see how far I can get. At this point, I'm not really dying so it's all stamina and not making stupid mistakes. I have no idea how many extra lives I have as it only displays the first 6. I'm hoping my 31 year old console and PSU hold out while paused for the holiday. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Here's a hastily set up vid of me crossing 10M. VID_20191128_074111108~3.mp4
  5. BTW - I'm playing this on the 16-in-1 Multicart put out in 2014 for the 30th Anniversary of the initial run of the 7800 ProSystem. It was a forums sign up that CPUWIZ did. They also did a second 8-in-1 and Bob Decrescenzo Collection (pictures). Anyone else here have these?
  6. 1,775,400 at level 76. Switched out to my Hyperkin Trooper joystick.
  7. Thanks, @Atari Creep - this was not in my radar either. The Amazon listing says that multiplayer is possible through an adapter. My guess is this is something similar to the adapter used for the Coleco Gemini controllers. I like the Hyperkin Trooper and the styling on this makes me think of Three's Company for some reason. Went ahead and place a pre-order for a set.
  8. atarilbc

    Free Stuff

    Glad they went to a good home @RickR! Enjoy!
  9. atarilbc

    Free Stuff

    Sorry, didn't see this. Sent them to @RickR
  10. 351,800 at Level 24. Played on a 7800 with the @RetroGameBoyz Robotron 2084 pad. @Justin this is a great choice! Glad that I made it to the forum this round!
  11. I just picked this up today. Going to get up bright and early to take it out and familiarize myself with it. #pumped


  12. Apparently Nintendo is filming a commercial on Saturday in our building. Maybe this is my chance to be discovered?ย  Too obvious if I come decked out in a Zelda t-shirt? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. RickR


      If you're going to do it, make sure to OVERdo it.ย 

      nintendo suit.jpg

    2. kamakazi20012


      And carry in your hand the first edition of Nintendo Power!ย  That'll show 'em.

    3. atarilbc


      I could photobomb the shoot in a SEGA t-shirt. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

  13. So, a lot has changed with dating since I was last in the market (c.2003). This means dating apps, most of which I find abborrhent. I've decided that it's important to be honest about my nerdiness - may as well know what you're getting into, right? One app actually asked me to respond the prompt: "The retro game that defines me as a person is..." I think this question is hilarious. It is also an unusually challenging and thought provoking question to answer. Even in a non-dating app context... So I put it to you all: What retro game defines you as a person and why?
  14. Work socks.ย 



  15. Happy Atari Day! Playing some Jaguar exclusives in between icing my face. If you're going to have oral surgery, Atari Day is a good time to do it! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  16. Recovering from oral surgery & playing 90s "B" and "C" list platformers in between icing my face.

    Rayman, Bug!, Clockwork Knight, Gex, Busy & Zool are all getting some playtime.ย  What are some of your favorite second and third tier platform games?ย 


    1. Justin


      I loved Gex on 3DO, Rayman on Atari Jaguar, and Clockwork Knight on Sega Saturn. I always thought Clockwork Knight had a lot of potential for Sega to do more with it. Knights was amazing.

    2. Justin


      I hope your surgery went well!ย ๐Ÿฆท

    1. RickR


      It's you.ย  We know it's you!ย  ๐Ÿ˜…

  17. You're welcome @Atari Creep. I'm glad that I could contribute. As I already have the awesome Robotron 2084 controller, I'm good to pass on the giveaway. I already know how awesome the RetroGameBoyz controllers are and want someone else to win!
  18. The house closed on 7/31. We got 9 offers in a weekend and ended up selling to a friend. She wasn't the highest, but she was ballpark and considering this is a divorce sale, we both wanted the house to go to someone we care about. It was super stressful prepping everything and my ex-wife's move was way more chaotic than it needed to be. But we made it! The house was the last big thing between my ex-wife and I to put a period on the divorce. We'll always have our daughter but she's (fortunately) grown so with the exception of college graduations, weddings and funerals, I imagine contact will be fairly limited. 15 years is a long time and its amazing to me how much time and energy it takes to unwind the legal entanglement that is marriage. Its been over a year since everything started unraveling. It will definitely be a consideration for relationships moving forward. I've spent the last year largely on self improvement and work. I've dropped 50lbs and I'm back to what I call my rock n' roll weight - a number that hasn't been seen since 2004! I've started exercising regularly, cook almost everything, cut back on drinking and limited eating out. I've also simplified my life and got rid of a lot of "stuff." I've been playing music with friends again and we rent a "lock-out" studio in an industrial space to practice. Maybe we'll actually get to a point where we want to gig... Anyway, this will probably wrap this whole thread. I appreciate all of the support from my fellow atari.io forum folks. This stuff is tough and sharing it has really helped! Thanks to all who commented or sent messages of support. To infinity and beyond! By Grapthar's Hammar... Live long and prosper.
  19. @Atari Creep - Just donated to your walk to end Alzheimer's campaign. Both of my great aunts (maternal) suffered and eventually died from the disease. Best of luck in hitting your fundraising goal. I'll watch for this in the years ahead. Thanks!
  20. Annex 002 is up with my impressions on Rikki & Vikki for the Atari 7800!ย  Who else owns this terrific game?


  21. Welcome to the second "annex" entry of the Gaming Notebook. In this entry, I'll discuss the PenguiNet game Rikki & Vikki for the Atari 7800. Rikki & Vikki was a surprise release on Steam (12/2018) and the 7800 in February 2019 from PenguiNet. Some of you may be familiar with PenguiNet for their amazing work on Zaku for the Lynx; arguably one of the best original titles on the platform. Zaku really pushed the Lynx and stands as a tremendously fun, graphically stunning and amazing sounding game. For Rikki & Vikki, PenguiNet continues in that tradition, delivering an original gaming experience on a classic console that largely exceeds Atari published efforts in key areas of gameplay, graphics and sound. Make no mistake - this is not a homebrew. This is a professionally developed game with a high level of production value and a stellar physical product. Now for some impressions & observations! Gameplay: Rikki & Vikki is a sort of puzzle platformer. The goal of the game is to save your two children - Mary & Sam - from Misery the Inconvenient. Misery has kidnapped your children and taken them to the six cavern Miseryland Themepark - "a downward spiral of inconvenience." On each level, use Rikki or Vikki to collect all of the keys within the time allotted to progress to the next level. Collecting keys isn't always easy. You have to move cubes, navigate enemies, spikes and other hazards to get to the keys. Some puzzles are more obvious than others and don't be surprised if you run out of time before solving a puzzle. Rikki & Vikki requires a 7800 compatible controller with independent fire buttons. This means that you can't use a standard 2600 controller or a Genesis gamepad for the game. The left button is used to "interact" with the cubes and the right button is used to jump. When you grab a cube you can throw it at an enemy or stick it to the floor or wall in order to gain access to an otherwise unreachable area of the play field. Falling into a void will cause you to re-emerge from the top - this is sometimes necessary to solve a puzzle. Each area of the Park - called "caverns" - consists of several levels and culminates in a boss battle. Gameplay modes come in three flavors: co-op with Rikki & Vikki, solo Rikki, and solo Vikki. I have not yet played co-op mode and from what I can tell, the solo experiences are the same whether playing as Rikki or Vikki. This is a hard game. You will die. You will run out of time. You will make stupid mistakes. You will get stuck. While you can continue, doing so forces a restart at the beginning of the cavern. Fortunately, after a few continues, a character named "Dut", a large penguin and "salesman" of you unlimited continues in exchange for your points. You will no longer get points in game - so no high score - but you will get to keep problem solving. This makes it a little less arduous to develop your skills and improve your puzzle solving strategies. Graphics: Rikki & Vikki boast what are possibly the best graphics on the 7800. The character animations, level-design, character and enemy sprites all look amazing. Add to that, the game runs in the 7800's 320 mode - a higher resolution mode that few games have taken advantage of. I struggle to think of a single game published for the 7800 that looks better. It looks first-party NES/SMS good folks. The animations are not just good, they're thoughtful and add depth to the game. The levels look great with coherent themes throughout. Its clear the people at PenguiNet are getting all they can out of the 7800. Sound: Like the graphics, PenguiNet went all in with the sound here. Apparently, they developed a custom chip for sound that allowed for NES level music. The TIA is still there and - at least on my 7800 - the harsh crashes are a bit louder than the music. However, that's my LHE mod and not the game. The music here is absolutely fantastic. Packaging: The packaging on this game is beautiful folks. Everything from the cart, to the box to the manual screams professional. The game comes on a custom transparent orange cart shell with a wrap around full color label. It fit my 7800 perfectly. The box is likewise full color and is in the same size and style as original run 7800 games - just missing "Atari." The instructions are full color and come as a "Miser Land Official Tour Guide" fold out with gameplay and character info. The package even comes with a warranty card, two passes to Misery Land and a PenguiNet sticker. Top notch all the way! Final Thoughts: This is 7800 gaming at its best. It has game design, graphics, sound and amazing packaging. If you own a 7800, I urge you to support the developer and grab a copy today. For $59.99 plus shipping, the package is well worth the price of entry. Even if you don't own a 7800 or don't have the $$, the game is also available on Steam for $9.99. For that price, you could hardly find a more fun and complete game play experience. Have you played Rikki & Vikki? What are your thoughts on the game? How does it stack up to other games on the 7800? PenguiNet Rikki & Vikki Trailer:
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