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  1. The original Sony PlayStation wasn't the only gaming hardware to see a September '95 North American release...

    Happy 25th to the Atari Jaguar CD!  Only 11 official titles were released on the platform and a meager 20,000 units are reported to have been produced. 

    Celebrate the launch of the doomed Atari Jaguar peripheral with this montage of the 11 official releases, Virtual Light Machine and more! 


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    2. DegasElite


      Can you still get the ROM version of Iron Soldier 2 on cartridge? It would be sought after for sure.

    3. DegasElite


      Never mind. Songbird has both CD and cartridge versions. Cool.

    4. Sabertooth


      Yeah @DegasElite, all of the Telegames releases are still available from legit sources for decent prices. The cart of IS3 version doesn't have cutscenes or music but is the same otherwise. 

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