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  1. These Evercade Lynx collections are fantastic. Aside from the lack of a Comlynx port, the games play flawlessly and look great. The screen is big and bright and they included some real heavy hitters, including California Games, Checkered Flag, Blue Lightning and Chip's Challenge. At a fraction of the cost of a McWill modded Lynx and 25 carts this is great way to experience these games! 


    1. socrates63


      Good to know! I'd like a McWill Lynx but the price is 😮 Maybe I'll dabble in Evercade and its Lynx games instead.

    2. Sabertooth


      I've really enjoyed the Evercade. The collections so far have been pretty good, the screen is nice and HDMI out is a great touch. Also, having the collections on carts is fun and unique for an emulation system. I'm hoping they do a console version that takes the same software. 

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