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  1. R.I.P. Fry's Electronics. 

    Fry's closed all locations on Wednesday with no forewarning. It was one of the last places I could still buy electronics components in-person. Need a 7805 regulator for that ailing 2600? How about a few resistors for that AV mod? Replacements for a leaky cap? They had me covered without the wait of an online order. 

    It was a quirky, hodgepodge type store with a lot of "As seen on TV" products along side computer, electronics and stereo equipment. It shall be missed. 


    1. RickR


      I agree.  I'm going to miss them. 

      There's a lot of hate on-line about Fry's that I don't quite get.  A lot of people lost jobs.  And I'm really going to miss being able to go and actually see and touch the items I need.  Sometimes, you need that ability to help decide how to solve a particular problem. 

      Fry's.  R.I.P.  You will be missed. 

    2. AtariSphinx


      One of the only stores I would just go to just to browse/walk around.   

      Each store, perhaps a bit outdated, had a decore and even store exterior around a theme with my favorites being the Aztec and ancient Egypt.  For example in the Egypt theme store had some computer display desks where supported by large black ancient cats rather than desk legs and hieroglyphics on the walls.

      Will also miss going there to find cables that other stores don't stock in store.

      For the year prior the pandemic could tell it was going down hill fast as the shelves were half empty and with poor online solution could tell they were not going to make it long when the pandemic hit.

    3. DegasElite


      Have you tried Console5? They might have what you are looking for. :O)


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