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  1. If you've ever ordered from Best, this article will resonate. There are also some quotes from @Video 61.


    1. RickR


      Great article.  I love BEST.  I do feel that twinge to "be careful" when I do order, but actually speaking to Bradley is always a pleasant experience for me. 

    2. socrates63


      I've ordered two or three times from both Best and V61. I never knew about getting banned from Best 😆. I always followed the instructions and things went smoothly.

      My last purchase had a minor hiccup because of a comment I made on the phone. Since he didn't take paypal, I called in to give him my credit card number. Well, I mistakenly called during non-business hours, and naturally, no one answered. I got a hold of Bradley on a later call and made the mistake of mentioning that I had called once previously and no one picked up. He seemed slightly annoyed 😄

      Lance, on the other hand, has been much more cordial and easier to buy from 😄

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