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  1. Welcome to the club @nosweargamer! That's a steal for a premium pack. I ended up grabbing one last Summer and have all carts currently available. The Lynx collections alone are worth the price of entry for those that do not have a Lynx.
  2. @Justin Sesame Street's Pinball Number Count will be in my head for the rest of the day! Thanks... 😐 Seriously though, I always loved that one as a kid! Apparently the Pointer Sisters did the vocals.
  3. Incredible score @HDN and a well fought battle for the top spot! This was one of the most suspenseful High Score Squad Challenge finishes that I can recall. It was just fun to watch the back and forth the last few days. Well done everyone!
  4. 2' 20" 80 Don't know if I can break the 2' 20" barrier. I might be able to. Had a bad 4th lap.
  5. 2' 23" 46 A very slight improvement. 🤷‍♂ī¸
  6. 2' 23" 84 This is probably my last run before tomorrow. I'm so impressed by not only the times being posted but also the improvement folks have made. Well done everyone!
  7. Rikki & Vikki is now sold out on the 7800 but its still available on Steam.  Currently its on sale for just $1.99.  If you were ever curious now is the time; you can't beat that price!  I can't recommend the game enough.  

  8. I picked this up a while ago on PS4 and finally gave it some real play time. The visuals can be very distracting/overwhelming at times. It definitely took some getting used to but it's good, solid fun. if you're a fan of T2K or the arcade original, it's well worth a look.
  9. 2' 27" 57 Pre-coffee run. I messed up the last lap with the thought of catching 2' 25" and young master HDN. 🤷‍♂ī¸đŸ˜‚đŸ•šī¸đŸŽī¸
  10. One thing I have been doing is to select "Give Up" in the final lap if I'm not beating my own time. As long as you have a ship left, you can retry the race.
  11. I don't think so @RickR. Once you place, it continues to the next level. I just kept hitting reset. Getting really good at Mute City!
  12. 2' 35"11 Last one for the day. What car is everyone using? I've gone through them all. This was with the "Fire Stingray."
  13. 2' 40"72. First game via emulation. I don't think I've played this since the early 90s on my cousin's SNES (Pronounced S-N-E-S, never "Snez"). 😂 This is a fairly technical track. A lot of fun! It will be a challenge to shave of 15 seconds and catch @HDN!
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