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    Sabertooth got a reaction from Justin in Friday the 13th safety mask cover   
    I missed this video @Atari Creep but this is a great video and so right on.  Well done and a lot of fun!  Stay safe!
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from Justin in Annex 002 - Rikki & Vikki (Atari 7800)   
    Two quick additional thoughts on this:
    (1) I recently picked up the UAV mod for a spare 7800 and Rikki & Vikki looks and sounds way better than on my LHE. It's really incredible how good the music is. 
    (2) I finally played two-player co-op for a few hours with my GF and its a different experience. Several co-op screens require team work to solve and really adds to the fun of the game!
    P.S. According to the thread at AA, there are fewer than 83 copies left so if you're on the fence, visit PenguiNet and treat yourself to a unique 7800 experience! 
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from RetroGameBoyz in Annex 001 - Robotron 2084 Controller for Atari 7800   
    @RetroGameBoyz  - Those improvements sound really interesting.  I think its great that you're taking feedback from users to incorporate into future revisions.  I'm still very happy with mine; it hasn't left my 7800 in a week! 
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    Sabertooth reacted to TrekMD in Annex 001 - Robotron 2084 Controller for Atari 7800   
    I agree, this is one excellent controller. 
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    Sabertooth reacted to RetroGameBoyz in Annex 001 - Robotron 2084 Controller for Atari 7800   
    Wow thank you! I really don't now what else to say. I greatly appreciate your review and thoroughness. 
    I am working on a new variant with a micro-switch that will allow you to switch button modes - so both buttons when pressed will act like port 2 button fire 1 - so you can use it to play spy hunter,  star gate and raiders of the lost ark - etc. there is an updated video here to show the example:
    Thanks again
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from Justin in Atari 7800 - Top 10 Games   
    Great post! You can't really go wrong with the core 7800 arcade conversions. All of them are fantastic in my opinion and make the 7800 worth owning.  I happen to really enjoy Joust, DK, DK Jr. & Mario Bros. in addition to the ones that you've named.
    Ballblazer is just amazing with a second player. It's stunning, really. It would definitely make the list. 
    These days many of my favorite 7800 games are homebrews. My top game on the system is probably either Jr. Pac-Man or b*nQ. I also really like DK PK, Space Invaders and Moon Cresta. I can't wait until Baby Pac-Man gets released. I missed the list. It looks great! 
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    Sabertooth reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in Atari 7800 - Top 10 Games   
    Thanks for the comments, guys.  It was hard for me to decide between a few of them for equal play time.  I have Ken Siders' Q*Bert 7800 port and it's a fantastic game!  But I tried to stick with official releases on this list.  I may do a homebrew one later once I get a few in my collection if I decide to get more.  And Ballblazer would have made the list easily taking the number 2 spot for it's fun and original play style but I don't own a copy of that one yet. 
    I have Donkey Kong Junior and One on One, neither of which I'm a huge fan of.  While I enjoy the game I just don't get into Donkey Kong arcade games much...but I enjoy Donkey Kong Country on the SNES.  I'll have to give One on One another go sometime.  At present time it is my very least played game along with Hat Trick. 
    I have Joust, Dig Dug, PP II and a few others as well but I played PP II so much in the past that it sort of became the 7800's "Combat" in my opinion.  Still a great game though.  Joust?  I prefer the 5200 version over the 7800 version.  Graphics are better on the 7800 but the sounds impress me more on the 5200.  Dig Dug?  The 7800 is spot on but...it's Dig Dug.  Sounds again I prefer on the 5200 version more.  Those games I play more on the 5200 than the 7800.
    I'm curious to see who else reads this and chimes in with their favorites that I made have missed.
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    Sabertooth reacted to RickR in Atari 7800 - Top 10 Games   
    Your list is great.  I'd put "Centipede" a bit higher for one reason:  the two player co-op mode.  Asteroids has this same feature, and it makes an awesome game even better.  
    Another of my favorite 7800 games is the Dr J/Larry Bird One on One.  I absolutely LOVED this game on the Atari 8-bit computers and played it to death.  It's amazing the control the designers gave each player using only a stick and one button -- spins, dunks, jumpers, steals, jumps, checks.  The 7800 version plays exactly the same, but has much better graphics.  From your list, it's hard to find any game I'd replace with One on One, but I'd probably choose Choplifter.  Just because the 7800 Choplifter is worse than some of the earlier versions.  
    I really love Food Fight, and the 7800 version is absolutely the best home version of that great game.  
    I'd say the games that really show off the ability of the 7800 to move LOTS of sprites quickly are Asteroids and Food Fight.
    Great post, K -- I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.  Thanks!
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from Justin in The Many Faces of....Pac Man   
    @RickR- I know that you didn't include homebrews, but if you have a Harmony cart or Stella, try PacMan 8K by Dintari on the 2600. Its become my favorite home version of the game. I even like it better than PacManPlus' 7800 collection (which is also excellent).
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    Sabertooth reacted to dgrubb in 009 - Syndicate   
    This was one of my favourite games on the Amiga, the mix of cyberpunk-theme and depth of the world building won me over, but even then I found the control scheme a little awkward. I can't imagine how frustrating the experience must be with a controller but, to be fair, if there were any console controller with the best chance to make it work it'd be the Jaguar's and its ten-key.
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    Sabertooth reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in 009 - Syndicate   
    I bought mine new in 1995 and I want to say that it did but my memory is failing me and I could be getting it mixed up with overlays on other Jaguar games.  I want to say it was a black with red used on most games but I could be mistaken.  One sure way to know is to read the instruction manual to the game.  If an overlay was officially included the instruction manual should have a page with a b/w photocopy of the game's overlay that can be cut out and used should the original get lost.  It was common practice on Jaguar games.
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from Atari 5200 Guy in 009 - Syndicate   
    @kamakazi - Thanks for the counter viewpoint! As a third party title, did this ever come with an official overlay? I know some people have made their own.
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    Sabertooth reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in 009 - Syndicate   
    Despite your verdict of the game, Syndicate was my second most played game on the Jaguar only out played by Tempest 2000.  It remains one of my favorites on the Jaguar.  I did it backwards, though...I played the Jaguar version before I could even locate a PC version of this game.  
    Granted it doesn't push the Jaguar to its limits and the frame rate is not the best it is still a solid game for a cartridge.  Controls do take some getting use to and some of the levels can push your skills to the max but I'd recommend this game to any one that has a Jaguar console.  Just make certain the copy you find has the overlay or you will get frustrated.  
    For some laughs, set everyone on fire using the flamethrower.
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    Sabertooth reacted to RickR in Reader's Choice - You Name The Game   
    Doom would be great.  It would be interesting to compare to the PS1 and N64 versions, or even the 32X. 
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from RickR in Reader's Choice - You Name The Game   
    @rick - The FPS games on the Jaguar were Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Alien Vs. Predator. I'll put Doom in the hat unless you would rather see a write up of one of the other two.
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    Sabertooth reacted to The Professor in Reader's Choice - You Name The Game   
    @atarilbc Three suggestions for you to throw into the hat:
    - Ultra Vortek
    - Raiden
    - Pitfall
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from The Professor in Reader's Choice - You Name The Game   
    @rick - The FPS games on the Jaguar were Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Alien Vs. Predator. I'll put Doom in the hat unless you would rather see a write up of one of the other two.
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    Sabertooth reacted to RickR in Reader's Choice - You Name The Game   
    I don't have any suggestions because I'm not familiar at all with the Jaguar line-up.  Are there games that also were made for the other systems of the day?  Like Doom or Quake?  If yes, I vote for one of those. 
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    Sabertooth got a reaction from Justin in 008 - Zoop!   
    Thanks, Rick! Zoop is fun. My understanding is that all of the console versions are pretty similar. It may be worth checking if you like this type of game.
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    Sabertooth reacted to RickR in 008 - Zoop!   
    I've never heard of Zoop.  It looks like fun to me.  Thanks for your excellent review. 
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    Sabertooth reacted to Justin in 007 - Super Burnout   
    Great review atarilbc. I've always liked racing games on Atari systems and when I first saw the Jaguar in magazines before it was released I was so excited for games like Checkered Flag and Club Drive. I thought they'd be 10x better than Virtua Racing. Ultimately they were disappointments. Super Burnout I thought was quite good for what it is. To me it almost felt like a Neo-Geo game that you'd find in an arcade, and I always thought the Jaguar would've done quite well in that arena with some impressive 2D games.
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    Sabertooth reacted to DegasElite in 005 - Robinson's Requiem   
    Yes. I have heard of Carl Forhan and Songbird Productions. He is based in Rochester, Minnesota, approximately 100 miles from where I live. He has done impressive work, especially with "Robinson's Requiem." I really wish, but no one would know where to begin on it, someone could complete "Black ICE/White Noise." Unfortunately, no one knows really where the original source code or master video sources in standard definition are. For all we know, they could have been lost forever. Some mook from Atari could have carelessly thrown them away! Anyway, one can dream. I am glad that we have what we have acquired so far for the Atari Jaguar, CDs and cartridges alike. I think that the Jaguar was underrated and, of course, under-marketed. Ah, what could have been…
    Thanks for letting me share.
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    Sabertooth reacted to DegasElite in 006 - White Men Can't Jump   
    When I saw WMCJ on a YouTube video for the first time, I was not so impressed. That was until I bought it. Sure, your players get knocked down so easily all of the time, and that bores me,  it does seem at times very intuitive to play to a certain degree. That is, at least if you select an easier difficulty level. I agree that it is so bad it is good. At least, it isn't horrible. But, it could be better. I do enjoy the Team Tap, though. That thing is mint. I wish I could get another one for potential eight-player gameplay, but I do not think that there is a Jaguar game that is eight-player. However, I can't remember if there was anyway. Whatever, that's irrelevant. I have NBA Jam: TE also, but never played it at this writing yet. However, I do plan to. I can share my feelings on that later.
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    Sabertooth reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in 005 - Robinson's Requiem   
    The Jaguar was caught in the middle of a video game era when everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was hype on doing CD development containing digital videos on game consoles and within games.  Most of those games were not even worth the plastic they were printed on.  The only game I found worthy of the FMV sequences was Sonic CD on the Sega CD.  The animation was not much but opened and closed the story of the game successfully.  It left the true heart of the game for the game play aspects that Sonic was well known for.  That is the reason it was more successful than others.
    If you were to take a look at other early CD games from the same time frame as the Jaguar you will discover piles of crap games.  Night Trap (while cool actors and actresses were involved the game play blew), Sewer Shark, Road Avenger (OK...this one was sort of cool), and even the Sherlock Holmes series, really went overkill on the CD video stuff and left very little for interactive game play.  Hell...I think the RCA CED players could have done a better game to be honest.  The only other games that even came close to Sonic CD, for me, were the Wing Commander 3 and Wing Commander 4 games on the PlayStation and computers.  I looked forward to the video sequences to move an interesting story line and plot along.  Final Fantasy 7 stepped this up a notch as did FF 8 and 9.  Only when the in-game graphics could be on par with the videos did the videos actually become important to the game play.  But that took years to overcome.  
    So, sadly, while the Jaguar was a cool console in every aspect, it did not completely avoid the plague of FMV drenched CD based games, and this game was one of them.  I guess the developers had to learn the hard way.
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    Sabertooth reacted to Atari 5200 Guy in 004 - Cybermorph   
    Cybermorph came with my Jaguar along with Iron Soldier.  Cybermorph fought Iron Soldier for game time in my house.  While I loved Iron Soldier's arcade-style action I would put in Cybermorph for a more relaxed interaction.  I think the game was done well although some of the levels could have been better planned as far as finding Pods are concerned.  I eventually beat the game and would gladly do it again.  I like the fact that I don't have a timer going against me...I can explore the game at my own pace.  That is what made me like Cybermorph and I hope to run across its sequel someday.  This is one of my top Jaguar picks.  
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