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  1. First go, 2491.

    Atari Pac-Man is what it is. We all know that it could have been so much better for all of the reasons mentioned above. As I kid, I didn't much care. Had I been a little older at the time, it may have been more of a disappointment. As it was, I gratefully played the heck out of it. I also played on a B&W TV set so the colors didn't matter much to me.


    I agree! I was very young when we got it and it was because of this game that I played all the time that made me love PAC-Man as a kid! I was so young that I played this first before the arcade one. In my mind I thought they made it that way to be harder so it was more of a challenge. Lol Was not till I got older that understood. I was just amazing to be able to play these kind of games at home back then!

  2. My first time joining finally!!! Yay! My first and second try. With my old joystick that still sticks at times lol Playing old school. I was reminded very quickly of the cramping in the hand playing this. I remember as a kid I use to think if I just played it all the time I would build up the muscles in my hand and it would eventually not hurt when I played. Yeah that never happened. Lol



  3. I am actually excited for it! I will not sell my first born for one but I would really like to have it. I did get the NES one but I was not the one who went hunting for it, my step daughter did so my husband could give it to me for Christmas. So if that happen again this year I will be just as overly excited like last year. Atari was my fist come system and SNES was my second. My dad did not fall for the NES hype so I only got to play it when I was at friend's houses. But when I got the SNES (years after it first came out) I was in love with that thing. So yeah even though I have a handful of the games on it I still would really like to have one.

  4. Thanks for the info and link!!



    I guess I'm bad about trying to breath life into original parts. All I did was take my 72-pin connector off, cut cardboard to the width, or smaller than, the opening of the connector. I then wrap masking tape around one end so it can be used to clean the pins. Sometimes I've used emery boards, too, and used canned air to blow away any particles. Last ditch efforts have been using pliers to gently bend the pins back in place by applying slight pressure on the top and bottom plastics of the connector end the cart goes into. So far my NES has been flicker free for 5 years now doing those and is still using the original pins it came with.


    If you don't find what you are looking for on ebay or are not comfortable with that site there is an online game store that sells them. And with free shipping on order of $25 or more you might could get some games you are missing along the way to save on shipping costs ;) Link to the pins I found below. Nice game room!!



  5. We definitely have lots of plans. One being tv on back of bar. We had one but right now it is in our camper. The older tvs will not fit, I tried. We are going to be having outlets put in so we can hookup stuff on the bar. Only thing I had hooked up to the TV that was on the bar was my C64.

  6. Yeah I have seen the videos on replacing it and does not look hard at all. Just need to make the time oh and order the part. Lol. ....... My oldest is 14 and she likes the room as a game room. She lost interest in toys at about 10-11 so hoping by then the 4 year old will be a gamer like the rest of us. Lol Fingers crossed ????

  7. I lived in Texas as a young child and we had Show Biz and Chuck E Cheese. We always went to Show Biz, it was so much cooler! I still to this day can vividly remember how it looked and the felling I had being there! When I was 9 we moved to NJ which had no Show Biz, only Chuck E Cheese. It was not long after that Show Biz was bought and then crushed. I still have a Show Biz watch I got as a prize, the only thing I have left of those great childhood memories.

  8. I like them all and still trying to complete my collection of all! Still working on completing the 2600 which I think at this point I just need the heavy sixer and the othe Jr. (I do believe there was two designs of the Jr.) Of course I would like to get my hands on 2800 but think that would be almost a impossible. The 2600 will always be my favorite, it is where my love for video games started!

  9. After the Retro VGS, I'd be leery of any crowdfunding deal that required significant cash.
    Also, I'm curious if Sega could challenge the case design. Looks pretty Genesisy to me.
    It's already funded, so it seems the best bet would be to wait until it officially came out and eliminate any risk of getting burned.


    Yes I agree with not risking it now and waiting for it to officially come out. It reached it's mark and then some. Though I will wonder if it will ever be able to be official over any kind of licensing.


    It even says on the site that they do not guarantee the product like if the company that is producing them could go out of business or whatever so invest at your own risk. I still like the idea of it but of course nothing is as good as the real thing!!

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